[Guest Review by DemacianSentry] Walk Wit Me by Hiroki Ugawa

walk with me yuri manga


Walk Wit Me is a harrowing tale of how the lives passed down to children, from those who are responsible for giving them life, sometimes do nothing to actually allow them to have a fuller, richer life. So they find it better to do so themselves.

Author: Hiroki Ugawa
Length: 2 Chapters
Status: Completed
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
Genre: Drama, Yuri
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Story: 9.5/10

During the late 1950’s, in a slowly dying coalmine town, at the foot of a mountain, somewhere remote within the United States, two girls struggling to grasp the purpose that their parents have given them, find greater purpose in one another. From an encounter in their early childhood to the setting of the story itself, they spend every possible moment together they can find. Surrounded by stubborn townsfolk that continue to believe in the old glory of the mine when it was young, their lives are shadows of those very same people that raised them. What’s worse is that as the ones who call themselves their parents continue to press that idea down upon them, they have already been convinced that they will die in the coalmine town in much the same way everyone else will. Continue reading

Yuri Artist Review: Itou Hachi

itou hachiItou Hachi, or Hachishiro, is a doujin artist mostly known for their slice of life fantasy stories involving girls with features like animal ears of various kinds.

The name hasn’t been around for too long and probably formed about two years ago, rising quickly in popularity in a really short amount of time.

The most popular works for us non-Japanese readers are undoubtedly titles like Legally Married Yuri Couple Book, that features the above mentioned animal ear girls, or Another Yuritopia, a series featuring side stories to the popular yuri Visual Novel Kindred Spirits on the Roof.

The biggest selling point for these stories are probably the oh so cute display of the girls, with big round faces, and in some cases, the adorable animal ears that boost the cuteness of the girls by at least 99%, if only in my eyes~

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YuriReviews News Update – FLOWERS Now Available For Download And Much More

It seems like there is a lot going on when it comes to our favorite genre right now, which is really nice~

As always, we tried to list the most recent pieces of information for you:

flowers visual novelStarting off, how about some news about FLOWERS?  As sudden as it might seem, after so much waiting, the Visual Novel just got released in English today! This news is so surprising that I first didn’t even believe it, though it is true, as you can already download the digital Version over at JAST USA.

If you’re waiting for the Steam version, depending on your location you might not be able to download it just yet, but they’ll surely solve the problem in no time. So click here to download the game/demo on steam whenever it’ll be available in your location.

comic yuri himeNext up we have some news that might sound familiar. As already announced a year ago, this time it might really come true, the Comic Yuri Hime will finally be released monthly starting next year. I sure hope it will actually happen this time. Find more Information regarding this by clicking here.

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A Kiss For the Petals: The New Generation Coming to the West

I still have my hopes up for Maidens of St. Michael, but this is awesome news as well~

The Yuri Nation

A Kiss For The Petals New Generation.jpg

The title speaks for itself. My reaction: I’LL FINALLY GET TO SEE THE TWINS’ LOVE STORY IN ENGLISH WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS! Doesn’t feel the same watching Youtube translations. Oh and this announcement was made during Mangagamer’s Otakon 2016 panel.

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Let’s Talk About Things We Need to See More Of

yuri edition.pngWhen it comes to Yuri Manga in particular, there are some themes that have always been more popular, or let’s just say more often used than others.

For example, the amount of high school yuri stories might be so vast that it probably outnumbers all other yuri stories combined. I actually have no idea why this setting seems to be so appealing to Japanese artists, though it seems to be something like an unwritten rule to start out your career with some high school yuri setting, and possibly even stay right there for as long as possible, only rarely straying off that path.

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