My Doujinshi Arrived

A few weeks ago, I came across an internet service which allows you to purchase items from Japanese stores and have it delivered outside of Japan. Most people that tried buying stuff from Japanese online stores surely already know just how hard it can be to find ones that actually deliver their items internationally. I’ll tell you how I exactly got that to work in one of my next posts.

yuri doujinshi
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What you can see here (left to right) is the Pixiv girls collection 2012, isya (434 Not Found) – 2 Become 1 doujin, Vivit Gray – Flaxen Twilight doujin and the EastNewSound album Blaze Out.

The thing I wanna point out here is that I bought these even though I already have the translated versions of the doujinshi and even all the songs from the album on my laptop. Even if I can’t read nor understand Japanese, I thought that I should at least support my favorite artists like this.

Reading these doujinshi online might be easier, and of course it’s free, but that just doesn’t support the artist behind these works at all. Besides, isn’t it very nice to not only have the things you like as files on your computer, but as actual books or CDs?

2 thoughts on “My Doujinshi Arrived

  1. The 1 comment on here almost fooled me, but it was no match for my curiosity! 😀

    I don't really like having physical versions of things. It just means I'll have more of a mess lying around, and I already have enough of that. I'll need your help when I finally get around to buying some doujinshi in a year or three. 😛

    I'm off to check for more posts with 1 comment that may have been deleted. Tschüss!


  2. Oh I deleted a comment and still left it there?
    Must have happened during my time as a freshly made blogger 😛
    Guess that comment has to go, so you're first again 😛


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