Sono Hanabira News: New Visual Novel and a Chance to License the Games

Please note that this post will contain pictures with sexual content, so if you are easily offended or simply under the age of 18, don’t read this post.

Okay, I said it, even though no one cares. But don’t tell me I didn’t warned you afterwards!

Well, calling this “news” might be a little misleading, but since I never mentioned this on my blog before, I think it’s okay to go with that title. What I’m going to talk about in this post will be 2 things concerning the Sono Hanabira visual novels. So let’s get to it.

First things first. After the release of Michael no Otome-tachi last November, YurinYurin announced yet another Sono Hanabira visual novel called Atorie no Koibito-tachi, which literally means “Lovers of the Atelier”. This time, the focus will be solely on the relationship of Miya and Risa, the protagonists of the last game, Michael no Otome-tachi.

Its official release will be on March 29, 2013; and the price will be 2,625 Yen. You can preorder this game, and to do so, click this link YurinYurin. For more information on the new Sono Hanabira game, visit YurinYurin’s Official Website (in Japanese).

And for everyone that can’t read/understand Japanese click here and get redirected to Petals’ Garden, where you’ll get the important information in English. And to get you all excited, I’ll show you some CG examples.

sono hanabira yuri visual novel
sono hanabira yuri visual novel
sono hanabira yuri visual novel

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the possibility of Sono Hanabira getting licensed, which means official English translations for all the games, or at least for the new ones, Michael no Otome-tachi and Atorie no Koibito-tachi. Now this is only a possibility and is not fact. So what can we do to support this idea?

Follow yurinyurin_soft on Twitter and use the hashtag #その花 frequently to demonstrate overseas demand for their products. Share this post, and raise awareness of these plans as widely as possible. Source: Petals’ Garden

Read the whole article on this matter by clicking this link.

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