Visual Novel Review: Lonely Yuri

lonely yuri yuri visual novel
Just a few days ago, as I was looking through the internet checking the translation statuses of some yuri visual novels, I came across a title that I have never read before.

Lonely Yuri is a title that tells you its genre without even having to go through the description to find out. I was more than surprised that I have never heard of this before, especially when there is an English translated version out there. As you can see, this title is still very unknown, which is why I hope my review will get some of you to look it up.

The visual novel was developed by Yuro no Hitsuji and released on June 19th, 2012. It received an English translation just a few month after its release. Click here, to get redirected to the developer’s homepage.


First with a kiss… the girl is etched in the protagonist’s mind.

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer. Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri. Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart gradually opened… Awkwardly, the two girls gave each other a hug, joined hands, and looked into their eyes. They learned a comfort of being with and touching someone they love, and wanted to know more about each other… (Source: Yuro no Hitsuji)

This story starts with Fusa, a first-year high school girl requested by her teacher to deliver a few handouts to one of her classmates, and a girl named Seri, who has yet to come to school. After school, when she gets to Seri’s home, Fusa is asked to wait for her in the living room. While doing so, she falls asleep, only to be awoken by a sweet kiss on the lips.

This story is really light, but the fact that the playtime is roughly about two hours doesn’t really allow it to go any deeper to begin with. Yet, within the two hours that you’ll need to spend to play this game, the story feels really natural, and the development of the relationship between the two girls doesn’t feel as rushed as I expected it to be in the beginning. In the end, what we get here is a cute but predominantly bittersweet love story between two girls that slowly learn how wonderful togetherness can be.

Art: 7/10

I knew from the beginning that I couldn’t expect much from such a short game, but I was rather surprised at the amount of artwork, and of course, the quality of said art. While we have quite a few event CGs, all of them look rather simple, but oh so cute. There hasn’t been one that didn’t receive an “aww” from me when first seeing it.

The character design is also very well done, in my opinion. The only thing that I didn’t like was probably the backgrounds. It looks like they took a photo and used some filters to make it look blurry, which in my opinion doesn’t really go well with drawn characters, so I think it makes them stand out unnaturally.

lonely yuri yuri visual novel
Fusa (left) and Seri (right)

lonely yuri yuri visual novel
This pose is just too cute~

Sound: 7/10

First of all, I have to mention that there is no voice acting involved, which is totally fine for such a short visual novel, even though I would have loved to have heard what they were saying, rather than only read it. In Lonely Yuri, there is not much music used. We only have some sound effects, like bickering rain and some piano music.

I think that the decisive factor that drives the atmosphere in this visual novel is definitely the music, or in particular, the piano music. I can’t even describe how strange the atmosphere sometimes felt due to the usage of the music. Even in situations in which the two girls had a light conversation or even laughed together, the music gave a very odd touch to those scenes, adding a bittersweet tone to basically the whole game.

Yuri: 10/10

The focus is set fully on the growing relationship of the two girls.

Total Enjoyment: 8/10

I think you can’t really compare this visual novel to other yuri titles like Sono Hanabira or Katahane, because this game is different from those on so many levels. And even though the quality of this game is definitely not as high as the quality of the aforementioned visual novels, the overall enjoyment is just as high as in all the other games.

On a side note, I’d really like to raise the popularity of Lonely Yuri, since it’s a very nice visual novel, and on top of that, a pure yuri title as well. So if you have the time, please check it out~


9 thoughts on “Visual Novel Review: Lonely Yuri

  1. I remember “Preading” (Term I use when “reading and “playing” visual novels) this a while back. It was short and sweet. I turned the music off because there are times where I do not listen to VN music. I do not know why, I just choose to turn it off for some reason.

    Anyway, the shy Fusa and the energetic, yet lonely (and somewhat desperate, somewhat. Maybe it was due to her lack of social communication skills…or she was really hungry for Fusa flavored pie.) Seri definitely made for some interesting moments that, like you said, did not feel all that rushed. Good to know more people have played this one.


  2. Seri really did make some interesting moments, also some awkward ones but if I remember correctly, there was one specific scene at the end, I think they kind of used this to compensate for not putting any sex scenes in there. But in this one scene, Seri initiated something that I call, weirdly exciting.

    Well I hope that the ones that already played this game, know which one I mean, to give you a little hint, someone is wearing a maid outfit 😉


  3. Really i love this VN, the storyline is just amazing. I would like to see the continuation of this story! And maybe i would like to see this as an OVA or 1 season anime ? (I'm wishing too much). The ending of the VN is just doesn't really explain about what is happening in Seri's or Fusa's family, i want to see the developer to makr the sequel of this story. Oh and i like the “i'm home” scene the most >< and also (of course) the maid scene *grinnnn widely* Is there any doujin or any official manga about this vn?


  4. A continuation would indeed be really awesome~
    Thinking back on it now, I also think that some explanations were missing in some parts. Also, the story was quite short, so why not make a second part? 😉


  5. I only played this game last night, and ah man, It hit me hard. Your review is great, it sums it up really nicely!

    But yeah, seriously to anyone who hasn't played Lonely Yuri through, please do it, it's highly worth it.


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