Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira 8: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

Warning: Do not read this if you are under the age of 18

A little while ago, I already reviewed the Sono Hanabira series as a whole. If you wanna read it, click here. Now, I decided to make a short review about all the games and reviewing them in chronological order. But as you can see, I’m starting with the 8th one, because that’s basically my favorite one, and I just can’t get myself to start with anything other than this one. I’m not really consistent, or am I?

Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, literally means “dyed with an angel’s petals”. It’s the name of the 8th installment of the Sono Hanabira visual novel series, featuring a “new” couple, that is Kirishima Shizuku and Shitoge Eris, two 3rd year students of the all-girls school St. Michaels.

Story: 7/10

Kirishima Shizuku, a 3rd-year high school student loved and admired by all her classmates, has her world turned upside-down with the arrival of Shitoge Eris, a foreign exchange student, transferring to her class and snatching away all of her admirers and quickly becoming the class’ center of attention.

Not certain whether it’s Eris’ flirty way with the other students or the fact that her popularity abruptly dropped to almost zero, Shizuku can’t help but act weirdly around her new classmate, and putting her in her place whenever there is a chance to do so. But why is her heart beating so fast whenever Eris is around, and why does her jealousy drive her to act so hostile towards Eris? Is it possible that she has fallen in love?!

Like in all Sono Hanabira games, what you can expect is a romantic comedy with quite a lot of sexiness, and with sexiness, I mean sex scenes. Many of them.

Characters: 10/10

sono hanabira shizuku yuri visual novel
Kirishima Shizuku, best described as a “yamato nadeshiko” which literally means traditional Japanese woman, seeks perfection in everything she does. Being the daughter of a famous calligrapher, she has the most beautiful handwriting in all St. Michaels, and has admirers basically circling around her wherever she goes. However, Shizuku certainly doesn’t always act like the perfect lady she claims to be. With the arrival of Eris, her world gets turned upside down, which reveals another aspect of her personality. She is, despite her attempts to keep her composure, a flagship tsundere, acting all cold around the one she loves and getting all emotional whenever Eris breaks through her defensive wall.

Or you could just say that at times, Eris is just pushing the right buttons to unleash the cute and honest Shizuku.

sono hanabira eris yuri visual novel
Eris Shitoge is a half-Japanese, half-European exchange student that transfers to Shizuku’s class in their third year of high school. She is very flirty with the other students, which in addition to her foreign looks, gains her a lot of admirers. Despite being scolded many times by her classmate Shizuku, she starts feeling attracted towards her, showing her interest quite openly, and in contrast to Shizuku, handling her feelings with honesty. Eris is also very interested in Japanese culture, and is quite eager to learn more about it, which is probably one of the reasons why she is attracted to Shizuku in the first place.

Art: 15/10

I have said it before, and I will repeat myself as often as necessary: the artwork of basically all the Sono Hanabira games is beautifully stunning. I have never seen artwork in a visual novel that is so clean, so rich in detail, and so very beautiful. This is definitely one of the selling factors of this game, since I rarely see artwork as high in quality as in this one. You should definitely check out the CGs and see for yourself just how awesome those pictures are.

I know that the event CGs mostly depict sex scenes, but the few that don’t are just too cute to put into words (the ecchi ones are, of course, just as pretty). Here are some examples. Enjoy~

sono hanabira eris shizuku
So beautiful~

sono hanabira eris shizuku

Voices: 10/10

I have played a few visual novels so far that, in my opinion, all had some nice voice acting, but Tenshi no Hanabira Zome is probably the one that has the very best. I can’t put into words just how fitting those voices were for Shizuku and Eris. I’d almost say that they’re the perfect choices, but then again, they could have chosen a voice actress for Eris who could actually speak English as well as Japanese and doesn’t pronounce English words like “cute” in a typically Japanese way, and that is “cute-o”. But who cares about that anyways? All in all, I think you will agree with me that the voices are totally perfect for the characters.

Music: 7/10

I don’t really have much to say about the music. It’s decent, never annoying, and very fitting in most situations.

H-Scenes: 9/10

As mentioned above, there are many, many sex scenes presented in basically all of the Sono Hanabira games. I have to say that I’m usually not a fan of sex presented in visual novels, because it’s sometimes cheaply done, rape-ish, and has weird fetishes involved. But in Sono Hanabira, none of those factors are featured. What we see is pure yuri love, no sex toys, and no males, just some very sexy and cute love-making scenes. Maybe it’s the combination of that, as well as the fact that the artwork is so beautiful and the voices so very enjoyable that I am really a fan of the sex presented in these games.

sono hanabira eris shizuku
Now, move in a little closer and cuddle a little, or you could also…

sono hanabira eris shizuku sex scene

sono hanabira eris shizuku bath scene

Gameplay: 7/10

There is not much I can say about this, other than the fact that you have around 3 choices you can make. Then again, I’m really not sure whether choosing the wrong one will end the game halfway. But even if it does, the game is not very long (we get about 5 hours of play time), so even if it ends halfway, you can just skip through everything that you have already seen.

Total Enjoyment: 10/10

As I said before, I am in love with this game, primarily because of the gorgeous main characters and the ultra-cute story. You’ll probably grin throughout the whole thing, because their relationship is just so irresistibly adorable and very hilarious at times. Now honestly, go play this game, it’s fantastic!

Or as tsundere Shizuku would probably say…

sono hanabira shizuku tsundere
“You can go play the game if you want, b-b-but don’t misunderstand me, it’s not like I want you to play it or anything, you b-baka!”

Click here to get redirected to the developer’s homepage. You can find the English patch for this game by visiting Yuri Project or Petals’ Garden~


11 thoughts on “Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira 8: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

  1. Eris and Shizuku are gifts from yuri deities. Their greatness is indescribable. For Pete's sake, it is a Dutch vampire and a well educated Japanese beauty with a hidden temper. Add the fact that they are quite possibly one of the most attractive pair of video game lesbians in history and it is safe to say they are legendary. How could anyone NOT like these two, unless they are critics?


  2. I couldn't agree more with you, those two are in fact the most gorgeous lesbians in video games ever.
    And to answer your question, how anyone could dislike those two, I do in fact know someone. She loves Yuri but totally hates this game.
    She even gave me a whole list of things she didn't like and that just after playing the game for one hour…


  3. Everything in entertainment needs to have haters, I suppose. Oh well, that won't stop us from admiring, drooling and the like, for Eris and Shizuku. The wait for both the English Patch of Lily Platinum, Hanahira and episodes 11 and 12 is frustrating. Episode 9…they can take aaaaal the time in the world with that one. I am in no rush to pick that patch up.


  4. Haha you really seem to not like Runa and Takako, to be honest they are not my favourite couple as well, but somehow have their own charm.
    I'm still hoping for an official english translation for 11 and 12, but this would most likely be too good to come true.


  5. Eris eyes always put me in a trance and shizuku's tsundere side just makes my heart beat fast these two girls are truly a beautiful couple I can understand why Reo is Eris rival


  6. Wait what about in the first visual novel when Yuna makes Nanami pee in her hand, or when Sara says she has to go pee while she's having sex with Kaede, but Kaede says its okay if she pees? Those are some weird fetishes.


  7. These comments pretty much laid my thoughts out err say exposed my thoughts. The further I watched the more I was hooked, lined and sinkered (such a word?). Seeing clips Reo and Mai caught my attention then Eris and Shizuku so forth.

    Eris and Shizuku has officially moved back to first place bumping down Kaede and Sara.

    Yea the Yuuna and Nanami pee scene came to a disgust and had a very mixed feelings on Runa and Takako especially I got frustrated with Takako that I had to take a break from watching the rest of the series.

    Nice chiba when Shizuku gave Eris the bento box lunch.


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