Some Anime Suggestions

Well, as a yuri fan, it’s pretty obvious what types of anime I want to see more in the future, but let’s be a little more specific.

A short while ago, I came across this image. Before clicking on the picture, let me inform you that this is fake, so don’t get your hopes up when reading all the yuri titles.

2013 spring yuri anime list
I wish this was true~

When first seeing this and reading the first entry, I basically did a little dance of joy in my head. But the more I read, the more skeptical I got. A Sono Hanabira anime is one thing, but then another handful of pure yuri anime is not only more than my fragile yuri heart can take, but also more than enough to make me question the authenticity of this list.

But this got me thinking, what if there were new yuri anime, and what if those actually had yuri as the main theme? First thing that comes to my mind is a Sono Hanabira anime, a SFW one in this case. Wouldn’t it be great to have an anime series revolving around all six of the couples, a little like what we already saw in the 11th game, but showing how they all fall in love and get together? Oh God, that would be fantastic. Just imagine the cuteness, wrapped in a, let’s say, thirteen-episode-long anime full of kisses, hugs, and SFW sexiness. Please someone, make it happen!

Of course, we also shouldn’t forget about Yuru Yuri.

Even though this anime doesn’t display yuri themes in a very romantic way—as I would prefer—it delivers top-notch comedy with very obvious yuri allusions. Now after two glorious seasons, I’m definitely in for a third one, but this time, let’s hope for more Ayano x TOSHINO KYOUKO, maybe some more cute scenes between Himawari and Sakurako, and, of course, many more nosebleeds!

yuru yuri chitose nosebleed
Chitose is already excited about a possible third season.

In addition to that, how about anime adaptations of great yuri manga? I wonder which titles most yuri fans would like to see as an anime. Personally, I immediately thought of Shitsurakuen. Three years ago, when this manga was still ongoing, I remember it being quite popular. More than once, I read about people demanding an anime adaptation of this, and I totally agree. Even though I think the end of the manga wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, or more precisely, what I was hoping for, I nevertheless enjoyed reading this very much.

So even though Shitsurakuen was completed a few years ago, I’d still very much like to see an anime adaptation of this. I’m pretty sure that this has great potential of becoming very popular, especially with a great main character like Sora. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to see a girl with an all-female harem?

shitsurakuen yuri manga
Looking very promising, doesn’t it?

Speaking of anime adaptations, there are many more manga titles that should be named here. First of all, of course, Girl Friends. We already have a drama CD, but that certainly wasn’t enough, especially when thinking that this story could be a real success, just like the manga itself.

Then how about Blue Friend, Prism, or Kisses, Sighs and Cherry-Blossom Pink? I could go on forever, but these are probably the ones with the greatest potential of becoming successful. In the end, what I want to see the most is probably a combination of Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic, and Maid-sama!. Do you get what I mean? Let me explain it to you.

I’d like to see characters as beautiful as Chikane and Himeko, a dramatic story just like in Strawberry Panic, and a love story just like in Maid-sama!, only with two girls instead. Now doesn’t this sound promising? I mean, come on! Cancel out the huge fighting mechas in KnM, the unrealistic view of an all-girls school in Strawberry Panic, and basically all the heterosexuality in Maid-sama!, throw what is left into a blender, mix it, and ta-da! The perfect yuri anime is born. Or so I think. 😛

I have read this before, and it is very true, compare the amount of pure yuri anime we got in the early 2000s with today. It’s decreasing. All we get is yuri supporting characters, and they don’t even have that much screen time. Frustrating, isn’t it? But what can we do? Ah, right here is something we can do.

Sign this petition if you want to see a second season of Sasameki Koto. Please also show this to everyone that might like the idea of a second season as well.

Chances are slim, but we should at least try. Voicing our demand for more yuri is one step into the right direction, and maybe someday we’ll have more influence on the anime market~

10 thoughts on “Some Anime Suggestions

  1. A Shitsurakuen anime huh? It would not surprise me if it did come true someday. However, while I already mentioned a bunch of yuri manga I would love to see get green-lit, Shitsurakuen is not one of them.


  2. Shitsurakuen was no masterpiece as you said yourself in your own review and I totally agree with you, it was often confusing and overly dramatic. But in my case my total enjoyment sometimes effects my way of seeing things, making all the bad aspects vanish and all the good ones stand out more.
    It's the same with Kannazuki no Miko, I know it was unlogical but I still loved it, weird huh?


  3. Personally, I'd like to see Banana no Nana animated. It got cut short (the manga), but it really had a chance to be basically a One Piece story with a yuri twist. I still haven't read all of it yet, but it's really good! The main character is pretty much a nobody, with the worst imaginable power (she makes things out of bananas for crying out loud xD), but somehow, with the help of her friends too, she manages to really do something.

    It's hard to explain really, but I feel like if it were given a second chance it could really take off. And it helps that it's very similar to another genre which is really popular, which would help to bridge the gap some.

    Though, considering the author was pretty much co-erced into ending the story early, it really isn't likely to see the light of day…


  4. Haha creating things out of bananas sounds like a great ability 😛 Surprisingly I have never heard anything of that manga, should definitely check it out later!


  5. I read the 8 chaps of the Banana girl just a couple of nights ago, and i couldn't agree more with Cirno xD it's great! I'm hoping for the next chaps to come.

    I personally love Strawberry Shake Sweet, Julia is just so lovely… i would pay whatever the price will be to see an anime adaptation of this. I mean, it isn't so difficult, Mrs. Hayashiya already has anime adaptations… and the manga for Shake Sweet is just so perfect, and funny and everything… oh god, my heart is pounding just from thinking of it!


  6. 😀 I fully agree with you, I'd love to see an anime adaption of this, but I guess other (newer) manga are more likely to be animated.
    Well not that chances are high for any yuri manga in the first place… which is really sad.
    Hopefully our community will grow fast, so we'll have more influence soon.


  7. Ok, throwing myself to the wolves here,

    First, I'm a guy.
    Second, I LOVE Yuri.
    Thirdly, Its NOT what you are thinking, please ditch the “…you're a guy so OF COURSE girlxgirl is what you like!…” cliche.

    Ugh. That's not me.

    I *HATE* fan service, giant boobs, weak plots and shallow characters…but mostly giant boobs >.< When Yuri is done right…OMG…the phenomenal cosmic power!
    Story! Art! Dramatic elements! Relationship dynamics! The reality of the fear of acceptance by friends/family/society! ITS AMAZIIIIING!!!!!

    Ahem…sorry… >.>

    And lets not forget that Yuri, even when it gets a little hot and steamy, still has that sweet, soft, delicate (and slightly mysterious for us guys), element of two young ladies sharing a beautiful act of mutual giving.

    Its freakin' poetry.

    Haaa…what can I say, the world needs more Yuri.

    (Before you ask, no I'm not gay and (checks)…yes I am actually a guy. XD)


  8. Haha nice self introduction 😛
    And don't worry, I'm not so quick to judge and I surely don't believe all guys like gigantic boobs and loads of fanservice.

    Also I agree with everything you said. For me, watching a nice yuri anime or reading a good yuri manga is like eating a fluffy, sweet and delicious piece of cake.
    It can never be too sweet and it always leaves me wanting more.
    Sounds a weird, yet it's true.

    However, giant boobs, excessive amounts of fanservice and in general the displaying of shallow and slutty characters just ruin this delicious piece of cake for me.

    So what we need most, is more yuri anime like Strawberry Panic or Kannazuki no Miko.
    Maybe we'll be lucky and get something just as great next year when Akuma no Riddle and Sakura Trick will be released~


  9. Not sure where to post this but figured that this would be the best place for it. Just wanted to say that for all of you people who wanted more Yuru Yuri, the “Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA” has been subbed already. =) it looks to be an hour long and I too am praying there is more AyanoxTOSHINO KYOKO!!! action.

    I plan to watch it possibly tonight with a bowl of popcorn. =D


  10. I already saw so many great gifs of the new OVA, but I still haven't found the translated version.
    It seems it's the right time to find it now, so let's enjoy some more Ayano x TOSHINO KYOKO 😛


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