Manga Review: Morning Glory and Kase-san [Volume 1]

morning glory and kase-san yuri manga
Morning Glory and Kase-san is an original manga by Takashima Hiromi. So far, it has 1 volume with 5 chapters and one special.

Find the English translation at Yuri Project.

Story: 8/10

The story revolves around Yamada, a clumsy girl with not much self-esteem and only a few real friends, and Kase-san, a student from the class next door who is an excellent athlete, the star track team member, and on top of that, is popular all around school. Those two could not be more different from one another, yet once they meet, it is exactly the cool and a boyish aura of Kase-san that attracts Yamada’s interest.

Prepare for a cute and heart-warming romance with lots of funny moments~

Characters: 8/10

As already mentioned, the two main characters are very different from each other. Yamada, a plant appointee who’s taking care of the school garden flowers, is quite the shy and clumsy girl. Kase-san on the other hand, is an excellent athlete, has a lot of friends, and tends to look and act a little boyish. Despite the fact that those two are really different, it seems that when spending time together, they match each other quite well.

Art: 8/10

The art is very well done and is rather cute, with an excellent design for the two main characters. The things that I probably liked best about this art are the ever-changing facial expressions of the characters. Be it ashamed, flustered, confused, or scared, how the author depicted these and many other expressions is just priceless. Yamada especially provides us with a lot of hilariously cute facial expressions, such as these:





morning glory and kase-san
Double shock

Yuri: 10/10

The main focus is set on the relationship of Yamada and Kase-san.

Total Enjoyment: 9/10

This is a very short manga so far, and I don’t even know whether the story will continue or the fifth chapter was the last one. But despite the fact that this was awfully short, the display of their growing feelings for each other was, at least in my opinion, done very well. Furthermore, this is a very light and simple story, and that’s probably why I can’t even find one negative aspect that would be worth mentioning. It is definitely not a very exciting read. It will more than likely relax you and leave you with a nice feeling.

So in conclusion, I think this manga is perfect in its own simplicity. And before I forget it:

morning glory and kase-san
click to enlarge


9 thoughts on “Manga Review: Morning Glory and Kase-san [Volume 1]

  1. So there really is going to be a second one? I read that this was ongoing but I haven't seen an update in a while and the end of volume 1 seemed like the perfect place to stop as well.


  2. If chapter 6 is a special, then I think Yuri Project will or have already stared translating it, so it will hopefully not take too long till it will be released 😉


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