Yuri Anime Legends

I have read similar posts on many blogs and forums, so I thought, “Why not make my own list as well?”. So here comes my very own list of lesbian anime characters that left a great impression on me. Please note that I have watched a lot of yuri anime, but definitely not all, so everything that aired earlier than 2000 will not be mentioned here, since I haven’t watched it.

Prepare for a loooong list!

Slight warning: I tried to not give away too much, but there will be some spoilers.

kannazuki no miko chikane


Everyone knows her, and most likely, everyone loves her. Chikane is like the showpiece lesbian character ever since Kannazuki no Miko aired. She is rich, talented, intelligent, and beautiful, but what matters the most is probably the fact that she is madly in love with her schoolmate—or more precisely—her fated other half, Himeko Kurusugamwa.

strawberry panic shizuma
Shizuma Hanazono (Strawberry Panic)


Characterized by her past, Shizuma is a very mysterious person that conceals many secrets. She is the current Étoile, a position given to her by the majority of all students, making her the most loved and respected person in the entire school. In contrast to that, she likes to abandon her duties as Étoile as often as possible and abuses her position to fool around with other girls, such as Nagisa Aoi.

aoi hana fumi
Amane Ootori (Strawberry Panic)


I could have probably chosen any other Strawberry Panic character, since almost all of them have some lesbian tendencies, but I chose Amane because she is showing us an often used theme in yuri anime. Since she is rather masculine in appearance, she is often addressed as “prince”, perfecting that picture by usually appearing riding on her white horse. While she is—and who would have guessed it—a lesbian herself, she is usually trying to avoid all of her fans, only giving one of them the chance to really get to know her.

mai-hime shizuru
Shizuru Fujino/Viola (Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome)


Shizuru is a very mysterious character that pulls the strings from the background, rather than approaching obstacles head on. But what drives the woman through almost all of her actions is her love for schoolmate, Natsuki Kuga. At first, she is content just being close to the object of her affection, but as time goes by and some other powers take part in not only her life, her feelings grow to a level she cannot control anymore.

As a side note, she is probably one of the most popular characters to appear in both yuri doujinshi and especially fanfictions.

mai-hime shizuru
Kuroko Shirai (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun/Toaru Majutsu no Index)


In contrast to the already mentioned characters, Kuroko’s feelings for her roommate, Misaka Mikoto, are presented in a very humorous way. Her endless attempts to capture the heart of her beloved onee-sama are both funny and sometimes really weird. You could say she is really working hard for her loved one, and sometimes uses some methods that are quite questionable. Despite her seemingly vast love for Misaka, she is also a very strong and skilled character and has some badass moments throughout the anime.

sakura trick haruka
Haruka Takayama (Sakura Trick)


She’s not only our number one yuri fangirl, she’s also one of the greatest girlfriends one could wish for. There’s nothing more I need to say. She’s simply awesome, and no one can deny that.

mitsuki sakura trick
Mitsuki Sonoda (Sakura Trick)


With the same voice actress as Ayano Sugiura, Mitsuki, of course, makes quite the nice tsundere, don’t you think? However, compared to Ayano, Mitsuki still has a way to go to become such a full-blooded tsundere, but I feel like Haruka and Yuu will give her enough opportunities to study up on it.

aoi hana fumi
Fumi Manjoume (Aoi Hana)


Fumi is a rather shy and quiet girl who easily falls in love with people. Unfortunately, she always falls for those that don’t take their relationship with her very seriously or just use her to decrease their own loneliness. But even though those painful experiences keep haunting her and add to her already insecure personality, she still never loses faith in finding her true love.

marimite sei


Out of all the MariMite characters, Sei was probably the most interesting one. Attending a school whose moral code she seemingly doesn’t understand (nor try to follow), she finds her first love and experiences the bitter taste it can leave behind.

yamibou hazuki


Despite the fact that she sees the feelings she has for her “sister” Hatsumi as unnatural and shameful, she’s still willing to do anything in her power to see her love again. In fact, her love is so vast that she’s consciously throwing herself into all kinds of dangerous situations and even travels through different worlds for the sake of her loved one.

kanako maria holic
Kanako Miyamae (Maria†Holic)


Kanako is one of the most hilarious lesbian characters you will ever see. Equipped with a severe fear of men and a seriously delusional and perverted mind, Kanako enters an all-girls school with the hope of finding her fated girlfriend. By meeting all kinds of beautiful girls, she more than once loses her self-control, which leads to some enormous nosebleeds.

yachiyo working
Yachiyo Todoroki (Working!!)


Working in a family restaurant, Yachiyo is quite the normal employee. Leaving aside the fact that she always carries around a huge katana (even at work) and has a crush on the female manager, she’s a very simple person that basically focuses all of her attention on her beloved Kyoko and blocks out everyone else, while being totally oblivious towards other’s feelings for her.

mikakunin de shinkoukei benio
Benio Yonomori (Mikakunin de Shinkoukei)


Benio-sama is good-looking, very intelligent, and on top of that, she’s the most beloved and respected student in the entire school. However, you should not get fooled by her outward appearance, since what lies beyond that pretty face is a real monster. She’s a lolicon with a serious sister-complex.

kämpfer kaede
Kaede Sakura (Kämpfer)


My mind is thinking BADASS whenever I hear her name, and that is probably the most fitting word to describe her. Changing between her two personalities, she manages to manipulate everyone around her into seeing her as an innocent and fragile girl, when she is really a murderous and ruthless villain that would do anything in order to make the “girl” she loves, join her side.

haiyore nyaruko-san kuuko


There are two things that Kuuko is addicted to, the first one is playing all kinds of different console games, and the second one is Nyaruko, an alien (just like herself) that she can’t help but throw all her excessive and perverted love at.

hotaru non non biyori
Hotaru Ichijou (Non Non Biyori)


Haaa. Hotaru’s crush on her senpai, Komari, was both cute and fun. Her innocent way of expressing her feelings, her numerous great outbursts, and in general, her cute and shy nature just earned Hotaru a place in this list, as well as a place in my heart~

sumi sasameki koto
Sumika Murasame (Sasameki Koto)


Sumika is a tall girl, is very athletic, and is probably not someone you would call “cute”. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what her secret crush, Kazama, is looking for. It’s a very difficult friendship for Sumika, since she has to silently watch Kazama fall in love with girls she just can’t have, over and over again. All the while, Sumika herself suffers just as much from a love that she knows might never be returned.

ume ben-to
Ume Shiraume (Ben-To)


We unfortunately don’t see very much of her in Ben-To, but when she has some screen time, she is either beating the hell out of the male protagonist or having fun with girls, especially with Hana Oshiroi, a girl she certainly cares for much more than solely as a friend. While she’s not only looking rather attractive, she also has some very special—even sexy—methods to get what she wants. And while I consider her sexy, some others might think she is just creepy and a molester. 😛

ayano yuri yuri
Ayano Sugiura (Yuru Yuri)


Such a tsundere! I have never seen anyone that embodies that term better than Ayano. She is constantly yelling at her target of affection, blushing non-stop, and getting all tame whenever she is having a special moment with her crush.

kyouko yuri yuri
Kyouko Toshino (Yuru Yuri)


Speaking of Ayano’s crush, Kyouko is an even bigger lesbian than the former, with the only difference being that Kyouko is very open with her love, and in general, almost everything else. She definitely doesn’t mince words and is also quite open when it comes to physical contact.

liang qi canaan
Liang Qi (Canaan)


I’m also surprised to mention this specific someone here, but as I said, this list is meant for characters that had some kind of impact on me, and to be honest, if this woman didn’t have any kind of impact on you then there must be something wrong with you.

Liang Qi can best be described as a short-tempered and violent creep. Her unrequited feelings for her onee-sama only strengthen the mentioned characteristics, forcing her to do some really crazy things in order to only get a little recognition from the object of her affection.

maria canaan
Maria Oosawa (Canaan)


Despite her dark past, Maria is a genki girl, which means she’s always cheerful and energetic, especially whenever Canaan is present. While we get to see quite a lot of drama and action in this anime, the two of them always manage to create a heartwarming scene to make up for all the bloodshed.

yuri mawaru penguindrum
Yuri Tokikago (Mawaru Penguindrum)


When I first came across this character in the anime, I hated her. Then when I found out that she’s in love with a girl, I started to like her. When she then forced herself onto one of the female main characters, I was creeped out a little, but I also felt for her. In the end, I think I was just confused, and I still can’t fully understand her, but that doesn’t change the fact that when she had some yuri moments. It was just glorious, and the fact that her name is “Yuri” makes me want to add her to the list even more.

yukino kanade candy boy
Yukino (left) and Kanade (right) (Candy Boy)


They’re my favorite lesbian twincest couple of all-time, and they’re also probably the only one around. Incest is usually a theme in anime that I try to avoid, especially when said characters are twins, but in this case, Yukino and Kanade are just too cute to resist. And even though the fact that the two of them are twins is stated over and over again, I still managed to block that out and enjoy their very light and adorable relationship.

uzume sekirei
Uzume (Sekirei)


Unfortunately, Uzume and her girlfriend, Chiho, didn’t get that much screen time in either season of Sekirei. Still, the one episode that was dedicated to them showed just how great the bond between the two girls must be, and it also revealed their absolutely lovely, yet dramatic, relationship. I really wish we could have seen them some more in the second season… .

yomi ga-rei zero
Yomi Isayama (Ga-Rei: Zero)


Yomi is definitely a very great character. She’s kind, funny, good-looking, and a badass fighter. And now adding some yuri kissing to that list makes her not only a great character, but an awesome one.

homura mahou shoujo madoka magica


Desperately fighting for the one most important to her, repeating the same hurtful days over and over again just to be able to change the fate of one girl sounds pretty sacrificially romantic, which is probably why MadoHomu is such a big deal lately.

dead master black rock shooter yomi
Yomi Takanashi (Black★Rock Shooter)


I seriously didn’t fully understand Black★Rock Shooter, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. But one thing’s for certain, Yomi has some deep feelings for her friend Mako, and we can basically see the consequences of her feelings throughout the whole show. I can’t really say that I like this character very much, but considering the fact that her love (?) for Mako caused so much… well let’s just call it trouble, she just needs to be listed here.

chizuru seitokai no ichizon
Chizuru Akaba (Seitokai no Ichizon)


Just like Ume Shiraume, Chizuru can be quite creepy at times, but she mostly causes some hilarious and sometimes really cute yuri scenes with Kurimu Sakurano, the little student council president.

madoka rinne no lagrange
Madoka Kyouno (Rinne no Lagrange)


Madoka is energetic, beautiful, popular, and on top of that, she’s skilled when it comes to piloting a giant robot. In fact, she has such a radiant personality that even girls from other planets can’t help but like and maybe even fall in love with her.

maria saki shinsekai yori
Maria Akizuki (left) and Saki Watanabe (right) (Shinsekai yori)


While we actually get to see a real lesbian relationship between Maria and Saki, the bliss of their togetherness doesn’t last very long, and is unfortunately influenced by Saki’s feelings for another boy. But as I said before, those two nevertheless have some very cute scenes together.

mio ritsu k-on
Mio Akiyama (left) and Ritsu Tainaka (right) (K-On!)


Judging from the amount of doujinshi centered around those two, there really must be some kind of invisible relationship going on, and I totally agree. They had a great dynamic together, but that’s unfortunately all we get to see.

sanya eila strike witches
Sanya V. Litvyak (right) and Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen (left) (Strike Witches)


Yup, those two characters just need to be named together, because for me as well as for many other Strike Witches fans, these two are just meant to be together. Personally, I view them as the cutest of all of the Strike Witches couples, and seriously, just look at them with their small bodies and cute cat ears. Can you really resist them? I know I can’t.

nanoha fate magical girl lyrical nanoha
Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)


Most yuri fans know those two already, which is not surprising. Throughout all three seasons, there are hints basically everywhere telling us that those two must be more than just friends. And look at them, they match each other perfectly!

Apart from her little girlfriend witch Izetta, Finé was definitely the greatest highlight of the whole show for me. She shone brightly as the crown princess of her beloved country, fought well in battle, be it on the battlefield and especially when it came to handling political matters. But the best thing about her is definitely her charming and oh so gentle and caring nature, especially when it comes to her beloved Izetta~

Just look at her! Gorgeous, cute, and badass! During her time with her girlfriend Mamori, she did an impressive job selflessly protecting and fighting for her precious one, pushing just the right buttons to get Mamori “in the right mood” to fight as well~

Taking about badasses, how about Tokaku? Just like Mirei, she selflessly threw herself into danger over and over again just to protect the one precious to her. She showed some awesome fighting skills, taking out opponent after opponent, and still had her cute charms ready when needed too. How convenient and irresistible~

Watching this cute little lesbian bear struggle so much to finally get the girl and her precious promised kiss, was simply the best. I felt with our furry friend for the whole time, hoping that her gay charms would at some point finally work their magic, and they did. Well, I could name some more character from this splendid yuri show, but for now, let Ginko have this place in the list. I think she definitely deserves it the most.

Inugami or Nekoyama? I thought long about this, but came to the conclusion that only Inugami possesses the right kind of charms to make it into this little list of mine. She never failed to entertain me with her sometimes lewd but always straight forward and hilarious ways of dealing with the person she set her sight on. Poor Nekoyama… . 😛

A soft yandere is what I’d call this particular character. She was hated by many for this personality as well as her sometimes mean and exaggerated ways of trying to monopolize her loved one Kitakami. For me however, it was all the more reason to love her and wish for her to finally get exactly what she wants – Kitakami.

Do we know for sure she’s gay? Unfortunately, we don’t. But what we do know for sure is that she has her eyes set on (protecting) her little prisoner Maria. It’s quite lovely to see how much she cares for her and what she’s willing to do to protect and even sometimes please her. In an ecchi and action packed show like this, their special bond just stands out in all the best ways~


Yumeko (Kakegurui)

Okay, okay, I know – she’s not confirmed to be gay (yet) and seeing that we were introduced to a male lead in the anime, chances are high, they might get together in season two. BUT, this doesn’t mean that in a lot of ways, she’s quite the perfect lady killer as well. There are numerous scenes, for example with Mary, that let us hope that she might actually be gay after all. I have my hopes up to see just that in season two!

Best thing about having Tooru as your dragon maid? Is it getting delicious tail meat everyday? Or maybe the convenience of not needing a washing machine anymore? Or how about no need for public transportation since you can just ask her to fly to to wherever you wanna get to?

All great things, but only one thing really matters here on YuriReviews: She’s gay and madly in love with Kobayashi~

ntr hotaru

Hotaru (Netsuzou TRap)

Yup, Hotaru simply can’t be missing in this one. Netsuzou Trap might not have been what some of us (me included) were hoping to see, but this doesn’t mean that Hotaru shouldn’t be mentioned here!

In fact even though her ways of going after the person she likes were not exactly the greatest, her love for Yuma was still a force to be reckoned with and created some quite intense scenes throughout the whole show.


Yuzu Aihara (Citrus)

Last but not least, let’s come to one of the communities favorites, Yuzu Aihara.

Sweet, innocent, hard-working, dorky and determined; those are just a few of all the many positive characteristics that Yuzu is known for. Add the fact that she would do anything to help and possibly also get her step-stister Mei to like here and we get the perfect yuri character.

Now after having seen her work hard but also more often than not fail to get closer to Mei, I just can’t help but demand a second season so we can see her succeed!

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92 thoughts on “Yuri Anime Legends

  1. Some great picks! Personally for Ebiten I'd pick Kyouko. Yeah she constantly embarrasses and teases Hakata to no end, but it becomes clear it's something that she does only with the consent of Hakata.
    But Chizuru's great too! Those scenes with Kurimu making an omelette for Chizuru were adorable! She even resisted the scent of Itsuki and ended up going after Chizuru. And of course Kurumi held off fighting off the zombies with Kurumi even in the midst of those pheromones.

    Ayano's a great pick! I really hope things can work out for her on season 3 when it comes!


  2. It's been quite a while but I've seen Kanamemoand, it just seems the show in general didn't really leave any kind of impression on me.
    Totally forgot about it, I also don't remember any doujinshi of this Anime.
    Oh and I'm also thinking about adding Yayoi from Psycho-Pass but then again we didn't really see much of her in general, I think it was just that one scene in the last episode that reminded me of her and Shion again… 😛


  3. Hmm, I'll probably add some of these lovely ladies (That I haven't added yet) to my own HoF. Others you inducted…not so much. Still, if every Hall of Fame had the same inductees, it would not make much sense to have more than 1.


  4. That's actually true, but there are so many lesbian Anime characters out there, even though we mostly name the same, there are still a lot you might name that I don't even know.


  5. Glad you liked it 🙂
    Chikane is probably my favorite and since Kaishaku (unfortunately) always comes up with new stories about her and Himeko, I keep being reminded just how great she was, at least in Kannazuki no Miko 😛


  6. Your hall of fame has earned major legit points due to you adding Madoka Kyouno and Homura Akemi to it. Not that it wasn't legit before but you get the point.


  7. Homura has already been in the list before, Madoka on the other hand was added since I just recently watched the anime.
    Had to decide whether to put Madoka in or Laffinty but decided for the former since she is awesome.


  8. My bad. Still, Homura is deserving of a spot in any yuri HoF.

    Madoka IS the object of affection for all the women on the show, making her the one more deserving of a spot. Women fall in love with her, women fight over her, chairlolis secretly enjoy fondling her, adult women secretly confess their sexual attraction to her when drunk and women want to be near her. Madoka Kyouno is the perfect woman: She's sexy, powerful and would rather act than think. She also has an adorable face and is a dedicated social worker. I can only imagine how intimate the bigamy's 3-way nights are.


  9. Your introduction of the characters is way better than mine 😛
    I don't know about all of the things you mentioned but I also haven't watched the second season yet.
    So let's see how many girls will (sexually) harass and/or fall in love with her.


  10. I just discovered your neat blog, and I must say, I'm hooked! I wasn't surprised with many of the characters you've chosen (besides one or two that I don't know), and I find some of your remarks to be quite funny! Yuri all the way~!


  11. I wonder why Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon) aren't mentioned here 🙂
    My first Anime, my first yuri-couple and my first OTP 😀


  12. To be honest, back when I was younger, I hated Sailor Moon and I can't even remember why 😛
    When I started getting interested in anime again and in particular in yuri anime, I also came across Haruka und Michiru again, but I haven't re-watched the anime or just their scenes, so I guess I'll have to catch up on that one day 😉


  13. Haha I've to admit that I freaked out when I rewatched the series a year ago. Usagi's voice is just too annoying. I can't remember if I watched it in japanese or in german though. I think it was german… Maybe I should try to watch it in japanese next time.
    Back to topic: I decided to watch only Haruka & Michiru -season 'cause Usagi gave me a headache haha. Maybe you should do that, yeah 😉
    Atm is Ymir x Krista my OTP – I'm writing and reading FF's all day long *-*

    Naja, jetzt mal was anderes: Darf ich hier einfach in deutsch schreiben, oder findste das doof, weil kein anderer die Einträge lesen kann? 🙂


  14. Klar darfst du Deutsch schreiben, ich glaube die Kommentare lesen sowieso nur recht wenig Leute und ist auch mal angenehm für mich, einfach in Deutsch antworten zu können 😉

    Du hast so Recht, Usagi's Stimme empfand ich früher schon in Deutsch schrecklich, aber die Japanische Version scheint da ja wirklich genauso schlimm zu sein. Aber ich glaube früher fand ich fast alle Charaktere zu nem gewissen Grad nervig, aber ich glaub da war ich auch erst 10 oder sogar noch jünger.

    Und es gibt schon Fanfictions über Ymir und Christa? Ok, ich bin dann mal weg, mir ein paar aussuchen 😛
    Aber ich such schon ne Weile nach was Gutem zum Lesen, nur findet sich nichts gescheites, weil ich da doch ziemlich wählerisch bin, ich hoffe also, dass sich da paar Leute Mühe mit gegeben haben 😉


  15. Okay dann empfehle ich dir mal meine Lieblingsautorin:

    Sie hat auch zwei nette FF's über Candy Boy (ich find die ja auch echt süß, aber ich muss als Biologin ja auch sagen, dass (tw)incest nur wegen den Mutationen und Krankheiten verboten ist und da die beiden eh keine Kinder zeugen können, kann man über diesen Aspekt leichter hinwegsehen als wenn es zweieiige zwillinge bzw einfach geschwister mit untersch. Geschlecht wären)

    Canaan (was ich persönlich noch gucken muss) und Strawberry Panic! sind auch vertreten (natürlich, bei dem Accoutnnamen haha)

    Was Ymir x Christa angeht:
    Bad Dog ist dabei super genial (aber halt AU) und ich kanns nicht abwarten bis sie Chapter 12 reinstellt.. 😡

    Ich selber schreibe bei Tumblr eine FF, die quasi nach Chapter 50 aus dem Manga spielt.

    Und bei tumblr gibts nen Blog wo ein Mädel regelmäßig short stories posted, die auch echt süß sind 😀 *yumikuri-obsessed*

    Im deutschen war Usagi wirklich grauenhaft. Im japanischen musste ich richtig laut lachen als ich diese szene
    gesehen habe und Usagi “nyan nyan”sagen hörte. Das kam SO unerwartet, weil im deutschen wurd das ja nicht übernommen (denk ich mal?! jedenfalls konnte ich mich nicht daran erinnern).
    Hmm… Ich weiß nicht, ich habe in der Grundschule angefangen Sailor Moon zu schauen und ich bin 2 Jahre älter als du 🙂 Also mit 8/9 Jahren habe ich angefangen. Solltest du den Anfang mitbekommen haben, müssteste da 6/7 gewesen sein.


  16. Gleich als du geschrieben hattest, hab ich auch nachgeguckt und genau “Bad Dog” und noch ne andere “Against the Tide” gefunden, die werden definitiv gelesen und das es AU ist, finde ich garnicht schlimm. Ich glaub sogar, dass das ne willkommene Abwechslung sein wird.

    Und wenns mir gut gefällt, dann les ich auch gern ihre anderen Geschichten, also schonmal danke für den Tipp 🙂

    Und du hast sogar deine eigene Seite? Oh und sehr interessant, die lernst auch gerade Japanisch? Hm, ob ich dich da vielleicht mal eben als persönlicher Lehrer ausnutzen dürfte? 😉

    Die Sailor Moon Szene war erstaunlich …. gut. Ich kanns nicht fassen, dass ich sogar gerade wirklich Lust habe mir das anzugucken, aber die Stimme war echt schon in der kurzen Szene nervend 😀

    Ich kann mich auch noch daran erinnern, was ich in Freundebücher immer reingeschrieben habe:
    Was ich mag: Pokemon
    Was ich nicht mag: Sailor Moon und Erbsen
    Das ist kein Scherz 😀


  17. Against the Tide muss ich auch noch lesen. Wollte mir noch was aufheben haha. Ich finde AU auch nicht schlecht. Vor allem versucht sie dennoch sehr gut in character zu bleiben – was ich persönlich wichtig finde. Weil viele verhunzen die eigentlichen Merkmale, die die Charaktere ausmachen.

    Bitte gerne 🙂

    Naja ist halt n Tumblr blogg. Hab den nur erstellt, damit ich nach Bildern von yumikuri suchen kann xD und irgendwie hab ich dann angefangen ne FF zu schreiben. Chapter I war eigentlich nur ne short story zu dem Bild. Das sollte eigentlich so abgeschlossen bleiben. Naja irgendwie kam mir dann doch die Idee, dass ich das weiter schreiben könnte.

    Ich lerne es ja gerade erst selber, also würde ich mich nicht darauf verlassen, dass ich das schon sehr gut kann 😀 Aber in 2 Jahren fliege ich für n halbes Jahr dorthin. Bis dahin sollte ich es sehr gut können udn danach noch besser. Ich hoffe es zumindest. Kanjis lernen ist super anstrengend… es gibt zu viele X_x

    Ja in der Folge lernt man Haruka und Michiru kennen. Und danach geht's los mit dem Spaß yeay 😀 Aber Usagi… einfach vorspulen hahaha

    Haha wie geil 😀 Ich weiß gar nicht mehr was ich bei “nicht mag” hingeschrieben habe. Würde das echt zu gerne wissen… Mhmm.. idk :/


  18. OOC finde ich normal auch nicht sooo toll, aber ich muss schon sagen, dass sich Ymir in „Bad Dog“ doch etwas anders als im Manga verhält. Ich würde sagen, sie ist vielleicht bisschen zu assi zu Christa 😛

    Wenn ich erstmal die 2 FFs durchhab, werd ich sicher nach mehr suchten, das heißt dass ich dann auch deine Geschichte(n) mal durchlesen werde 😉

    Ich hab vor paar Monaten angefangen Japanisch zu lernen und bin jetzt auch bald mit dem ersten Lehrbuch durch. Sich das selbst beizubringen ist aber doch ziemlich schwer, gerade wenn man wo hängenbleibt, aber einfach nicht von alleine den Fehler finden kann. Mit Kanjis muss ich auch jetzt anfangen, davor hab ich echt bisschen Angst 😛

    Bewahrt man sowas nicht auf, damit man dann später drüber lachen kann? 😉


  19. Naja, man muss ja dazu sagen, dass in der Story nicht diese Bindung besteht zwischen Ymir und Christa (beide verstoßen blahblah). Aber da haste recht Ymir is etwas OOC… Aber ich mag es so. Irgendwie mag ich diese Ymir auch 😀

    Wie du magst. Aber mein Englisch ist natürlich nicht vergleichbar damit 🙂

    Ja, ich bin auch am ersten Lehrbuch dran. Es geht eigentlich, finde ich. Ich habe aber im Notfall auch jemanden, den ich fragen kann 🙂 Kanjis wird echt ne Herausforderung… Demotiviert etwas. Aber ich will die Sprache unbedingt können 🙂 Zumindest das gröbste und wichtigste.

    Hm.. Ich hatte welche und ich habe auch noch 2 irgendwo rumfliegen. Aber ich weiß nicht wo. Ich habe aber andere lustige Texte gefunden. Am geilsten sind die Zettelchen, die man sich im Unterricht geschrieben hat in der 7-9 Klasse. BOAH wie man da geschrieben hat (Smiley-Sinnflut) und über was (Pubertät-täräätätä :D). Sehr amüsant! Ich habe mich echt weggeschmissen. Die waren zwar total zerknüddelt, aber ich habs sie aufbewahrt. Zu lustig einfach 😀


  20. Ja je mehr ich lese, desto besser wird es und desto mehr mag ich Ymir 🙂

    Geht mir genauso wie dir, ich habs mir als Ziel gesetzt, Japanisch zu verstehen. Aber bei mir ist es eher so, dass ich gerne Manga und Doujinshi lesen möchte, die eben noch keine Übersetzung haben. Nach Japan würde ich aber auch sehr gern, aber dafür reicht bei weitem das Geld nicht. Aber irgendwann wird das auch noch!

    Ohje die Zettelchen aus der Schulzeit 😛 Selten was dümmeres gelesen, aber die sind wirklich witzig und ja die ganzen Smilies erst 😛


  21. gut wenns dir gefällt 🙂

    Ich spare extra für Japan 🙂 Und ja ich würde auch gerne Manga's und doujinshis verstehen, aber im allgemeinen hätte ich eifnach bock japanisch zu verstehen, weil ich mit diesen grandiosen Wesen kommunizieren können möchte xD

    Habe auch schon ne Kindergeschichte ausgedruckt.. Uhh hoffentlich kann ich die bald lesen.. 😀


  22. Du möchtest also mit den grandiosen Wesen kommunizieren? 😀
    Da wünsche ich dir aber viel Erfolg, im merke gerade selbst, wie schwierig das Ganze ist und wie schwer es mir fällt, flüssig Japanischen Text zu lesen (es funktioniert einfach nicht :P).

    Aber ich denke, ne Kindergeschichte ist ein besserer Anfang, als ein kompletter Manga, da verstehe ich nämlich bisher nur einzelne Worte oder bestimmte kleinere Sätze oder eben Satztteile.



  23. You've watched really so many yuri animes….
    Have you watched Revolutionary Girl Utena, presented in 1996 and considered as the earliest yuri anime? 39 Eps. But the film anime is more yuricious. Actually Sailormoon(1992) is earlier than this, but it has only one yuri couple. In spite of that, it was really a breakthrough, a big step in the history of Yuri animes). I found an interesting thing between the two animes that Kunihiko Ikuhara, one of the animation directors of Sailormoon, established Be-Papas, the staff group of Revolutionary Girl Utena, after he resign from Toei Animation, and served as the leader.


  24. Still haven't seen Utena simply because I don't like the animation and in general how the characters look. I know it's stupid, but I can't get myself to watch it.

    I've watched Sailor moon back when it was still airing, but I was quite young at that time and didn't really like it to begin with.
    But this is one show I will definitely re-watch at some point, maybe only the yuri moments though.

    You did some research huh?
    Seems some people always come back to this genre 😉


  25. 1992. I wasn't born then (I'm 17).
    So what about Uta Kata? It is also a yuri anime that is not well-known. But since it contains BL, I'm not sure whether to watch it or not.
    Yuri animes are generally for females (female-tendency) such as Sasameki Koto, Aoi Hana, Blue Drop and Mariansamagamiteru, so I think it's rather important for me, a male, to watch them for the second time or more, than to watch another yuri anime. For a long time, I've always been watching old yuri animes, while others were talking about some new yuri animes, because I think that a yuri fans who has not watched those classical yuri works does not have a solid understanding of “yuri”.
    This remind me of a manga serializing in Yuri Hime, “Yuri Danshi”. It mainly talk about the experience of those males who are fond of yuri. I feel very familiar with those scenes. I think that female yuri fans are more supposed to read this manga. (Although it seems that this manga is not well-known enough even in my country. Well…..)
    In this manga, yuri fans are divided into many types, and there is a representative person for each type:
    Kamakura Yutaka (鎌倉豊)likes realisitic Yuri, such as Aoi Hana, Octive etc, which reflect the reality.
    Musashino Hiroyuki (武蔵野弘之)likes pure love Yuri which describe the fine feelings of girls, such as Mariansamagamiteru.
    Sakuragaoka Kenji (桜ヶ丘健司)simply likes funny yuri. He holds the view that nothing is better than two girls together.
    Kagome Seijirou (籠目正二郎)likes male-tendency yuri, which contain H, such as Shoujo Sect, and don't care the “mines”.
    Hanadera Keisuke (花寺啓介)likes almost every kind of yuri. He has “universal love” to Yuri, but he is also the most struggled. He hates BG more than other yuri fans does.

    For the types above, there are some conflict among them, though. For instance, Hiroyuki and Kenji types think that Yutaka types like “mines”, which is too realistic to show the pure of yuri, while Yutaka type think that they are too superficial to realise the beauty of yuri. Most fans exclude Seijirou type, even regard them as “anti-yuri”. Keisuke types are “universal love” and can adjust themselves well, but they are too sensitive to BG and easy to be bothered because of it. They want to be considered to love yuri that has no principle and they are sometimes self-righteous.

    The yuri fans I've met in Yuri Post are mostly like Keisuke. But in Yamibo there're every kinds of yuri fans, and some of them are very “advanced”. I think I'm between Yutaka and Keisuke. I don't like yuri shows that are too realistic or too funny, and I'm not very sensitive to BG or BL, as far as what I've watched. I think that male fans who can understand and enjoy Mariansamagamiteru are very excellent and really “advanced”. I've hardly seen fans like Hiroyuki.
    So what about you? Which type of yuri fans are you?


  26. So first of all, Uta Kata is another of the many anime I started watching, but dropped at some point.
    It's been a while and I can't exactly pinpoint why I dropped it. I think it's a mix of not liking the characters and not being interested enough in the story to really enjoy it.

    So needless to say, I don't recommend this show to you, but as always I think you should take a look at it yourself and decide then.

    You know, most yuri anime are actually tagged “Seinen”, which means it's meant to be watched by a male audience. Surprisingly anime such as “Sasameki Koto”, “Aoi Hana” and also “Strawberry Panic” fall under this category, while the only anime that is tagged “Shoujo”, which means it's meant to be watched by a female audience, is Marimite.
    What you stated is quite the opposite and I can understand why you would say that.
    In reality I think most yuri shows are predominantly meant to be watched by males, but in the end, I believe that just as many females watch them.

    I think I know “Yuri Danshi” since I have some Yuri Hime magazines in my bookshelf, but since it doesn't have an English translation yet, I didn't really know what it's all about.
    Your little summary as well as the different “Yuri fantypes” you gave me, sound quite interesting and I wouldn't mind reading this manga.
    So you asked what type of fan I am, but I think I can't give you an accurate answer for that.

    Just like the last type you named, I basically like all the different types of yuri, but I don't hate BL in the slightest.
    Also, while loving all different types, I have my favorite, which is not even listed there, or at least that's what I think.

    Or where would you put an anime like Kannazuki no Miko?
    It's not a realistic love story and it's definitely not a funny yuri show, nor a hentai (even if it has some ecchi moments). It's also not 100% pure and I can't even compare it to a show like Marimite, but in the end, what I would call Kannazuki no Miko, is an “overdramatised pure love story” and that's my favorite.

    Does this make sense? I really hope so 😛


  27. Although, as you said, many yuri animes are simply under Seinen or Shounen category. But this is only a general judgment. It should depend on the actual circumstance that for most yuri animes the female audiences are as many as, even more than male audiences. I remember that when I joined a discussing group of yuri, I found there is only one male – that's me. So according to this actual situation, many yuri animes are supposed to fall under Shoujo category rather than Shounen category. I don’t think some yuri animes like Aoi Hana is made to be watched by a male audience. People who hold the same view that yuri is Shoujo tendency is not only me. One day I was reading Girlfriends in the classroom, and a boy passed by, snatched it and looked at the cover, said “You a male read this?” I am even regarded as Hentai because I’m a male yuri fan. It really hurts, but I will go on. It is for there’s some misunderstanding even among female yuri fans and male yuri fans that Yuri Danshi was made. Many male yuri fans admire females because they are able to enjoy yuri romance, while many female yuri fans admire males because they can love a girl without discrimination.

    I don't hate BG or BL as well. So I felt very strange when I went to a yuri forum and found discussing BG or BL banned there. Then I found that this forum was originally built by Keisuke types, who hate BG and BL.
    Yuri Danshi is a comedy. In my opinion…. Keisuke may like Kannazuki no Miko.
    Yuri Hime is expensive for me. Its original price is about 55 RMB, but if I want to buy it in China, I have to pay about 120 RMB. So I think it is rather more worth buying some Chinese-translated than buying a full-Japanese magazine. But Yuri Hime is a symbol of Yuri fans I think.

    Can you understand the meaning of the titles of animes or VNs in Japanese, such as Sasameki Koto, Kannazuki no Miko, Kuttsukiboshi, Katahane, even if they are “translated” into Romaji? You know, Japanese is formed from Chinese, so many words are similar even the same, such as “時間” means “time” both in Japanese and Chinese. Chinese people can even infer the rough meaning of a Japanese sentence. So “Jpn-to-Chs” translation can be more easier than “Jpn-to-Eng” translation, and make less “loss”. “ささめきこと(Jpn)”, ”轻声密语(Chs)”, “Sasameki Koto(Romaji)”; “神無月の巫女(Jpn)”,”神无月的巫女(Chs)’,“Kannazuki no Miko(Romaji)”.
    And how do you usually watch those animes? i mean, in what way? Online or download?

    An interlude. Once in a musical class, I sang the ending song of Strawberry Panic with the music video playing. Well you know, it needs courage. At the kissing scene (I picked the short version, in which there’s blank in the kissing scene.), my classmates showed all kinds of faces, wondering, surprising, confusing, frightened…. After that, they realized that I’m not only an Otaku but also a yuri fan. ;P


  28. I was really wondering why anime like “Aoi Hana” or “Sasameki Koto” are tagged as Seinen, since I just can't imagine why more guys should be interested in this than girls.
    Well, maybe it's a Japanese thing, maybe it isn't. The fact is, we can't really be sure of the distribution of male and female yuri fans.
    I always thought that just as many female fans are into this genre and watch “Seinen shows” as males do, but those are yet again just my thoughts.

    You're story is actually pretty funny. Your classmates find out you read yuri and you're immediately regarded as a pervert, while if I were to read yaoi, no one would say a thing about it 😛

    It's by the way the same in Germany, with the slight difference that I can't buy the Yuri Hime in a German Shop. So the only way to get it, is to use an online shop, either an American one or an Asian one.
    In both cases, I'd have to pay at least 3 times the price the Yuri Hime would actually cost in Japan.

    I can read Japanese text, at least a little, but I only know a few Kanjis so far, so most things are still impossible for me to translate or even form into Romaji. And mostly I download anime, because if I have something interesting to watch, I'd like to see it in HQ or at least with a better quality than what I get when watching it online.

    Haha you really had the guts to sing the ending song of Strawberry Panic and even show the video alongside it?
    Wow, I gotta give you credit for that, this is really something I'd never be able to do and I would have loved to see your classmates' faces while you performed 😛


  29. Of cause, yaoi is more popular so there's no problem.
    Kanjis are mostly Chinese characters, so I can read most of them.

    I know a video site support HQ videos online, very clear and no ads. I used to watch animes there, just because it won’t take my poor hard disk space. But now I’d rather download them, because this website is special. It provides “Bullet Hell”, which sometimes can ruin the scenes.
    To show the respect to Katahane, I record the last scenes of Kurohane and uploaded it to this site: http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av735067/ But it seems that few people watched it 😦 I’ve seen a yuri multiworks MAD, http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av236152/, which i think is best multiworks yuri mad that has been made. But notice, only 40% of them are pure yuri shows, and many great works are not shown. Maybe you can also make a MAD of your favorite yuri anime if you can. I also want to make one but I have no enough time. 😦


  30. I have actually no idea how to edit videos, but I know that something like this is actually a lot of work.
    One of my friends made a videos like this some time ago.
    In the end, it was only like 2 minutes long, but it took him hours to create it, so I'll pass on that 😛
    At least for now, maybe I'll get in the mood for something like this in the future, who knows?


  31. LOL, it's kinda boring at first, and I would argue only Marie and Hagino are “well-written” but there relationship is what sold the show for me. It's gets pretty great. (And it's pretty short.) Really sad though.


  32. Half of the people I've already talked to about this anime, really liked it, while the other half was either bored with it or just found it stupid.
    And I just can't find the motivation to watch it, which is weird, because I never really needed motivation to watch anime anyway…


    • Did you know? In 2013, a plant was genetically spliced that grew tomatoes above ground, and potatoes underground. It is called the TomTato.


  33. Ah well, I think it will take me some more time to continue this one, but if I still won't at least find it a little interesting after episode 3, I'll drop it.
    Hm but then again, I should also write a review about it… We'll see.


  34. Give it a chance. LOL I was thinking WTF is this when I first watched it (was my first Yuri), but it turned out really good. No spoilers, but a scene in the last episode will make you weep waterfalls of tears.


  35. This anime is actually good. The ambiguous love between Mari and Hagino bursts out in the last 3 eps after 10 eps' cultivation. So you need to be a little patient to watch it. And the ending song is great. I even have written the reply to your review of Blue Drop in advance.


  36. I am so confused as my friend has recommended that Magic Madoka-whateveryournameis anime but I don't like the sound of extremely long and possibly boring animes. Help! (Also, I have literally nothing to watch so this would be great!)


  37. Extremely long an boring? No need to worry in Modoca Magica's case.
    The anime is 12 episodes long and there are 3 movies, but since the first two movies are only recaps of the anime anyway, you don't need to watch them.

    Personally, I thought the first 3 episodes were a little boring, but from episode 4 onwards, this show had me so excited and it's still one of my favorite anime.
    Give it a try, it's really not that long and as soon as you get past episode 3, I'm pretty sure you will not get bored 😉


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