New Visual Novel Sono Hanabira 13 / Risa x Miya Theater Episode 1-5 Subbed

Yet again, another Sono Hanabira entry, because updates of this series are popping up so fast. With just another six days to wait for the twelfth game, Atorie no Koibito-tachi—starring Risa and Miya as the main couple—we are introduced to yet another game in the series called Tenshi no Akogare, which literally means “longing of an angel”.

sono hanabira longing of an angel

But this time, we are introduced to a new couple, and surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like those two are attending St. Michael’s. However, what is even more surprising is the fact that the two characters seem to be adults. Now that is new!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information out at the moment. I recommend you to check the official homepage of the game for more information in the future. And click here to get redirected to Petals’ Garden, where you can find news on the Sono Hanabira series in English.

Looking at the picture makes me realize that the art looks different than usual. Not much, though, but it’s noticeable. For this game, Peko is not doing the artwork. This time, it’s an artist named Aida Takanobu. Now I’m really excited to see some more pictures of this!

In addition to the game announcement, there is still more about Sono Hanabira to look forward to. To everyone who doesn’t know about this yet, thus far, there are five subbed episodes of the web series Risa-Miya Theater out there. You can either watch them on Youtube, visit Petals’ Garden, or YuriProject to download them.

You should definitely check them out; They are very cute and funny~


3 thoughts on “New Visual Novel Sono Hanabira 13 / Risa x Miya Theater Episode 1-5 Subbed

  1. It would actually make sense if those two were the always absent St. Michaels nurses or wouldn't it?
    You might be lucky here and I'd really like that as well


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