Artist Review: Isya (434 Not Found)

precure yuri doujin isyaOnly read this if you are over 18.
Isya, also known under the name of “434 Not Found” is a female doujin artist mostly known for her works about anime such as Smile/Heartcatch/Suite Pretty Cure and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
Most of her doujinshi have some adult content, in this case it means the display of 2 female characters having sex and Isya definitely delivers a lot when it comes to that, really A LOT.

I’m usually not bothered by sexual content, especially not when it’s about two girls, but I’m always a little wary. I’ve made some pretty bad experiences with adult manga and doujinshi, since rape, questionable fetishes and weird body proportions are themes you will find very often, fortunately not in Isya’s case. While the amount of sexual content is rather high and the portrayal of these scenes is very explicit, the sex is usually initiated by love rather than lust, adding a lovely and sometimes cute touch to the whole act. I won’t deny that I enjoyed reading all of her works.
The stories are always cute and mostly romantic with quite a lot of (sexual) comedy elements, such as these:
precure yuri doujinshi isya
Click to enlarge
precure yuri doujinshi isya
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But what really makes them so enjoyable is the gorgeous art. Isya is a top-notch artist, drawing the characters in the most beautiful way possible, I mean really, her art is so cute and beautiful, who wouldn’t want to read a doujin with a cover like this?

Precure Doujinshi:
Heartcatch Precure!- 4ever Yours                           
Smile Precure! – Princess x Princess                                                        
Suite Precure – Addicted to You/ Flow Beat/ Sweet Box/ Sweet Honeymoon / 2 become 1 
Side note:Sweet Box is a collection of most of her Suite Precure doujinshi plus some extra chapters.
Most of her works revolve around Hibiki and Kanade, the two main characters of Suite Precure and those are also my favorite works of her. It’s so enjoyable seeing those two starting loud argumets with one another just out of nowhere, it’s like 30% arguing and 70% having make up sex afterwards, and I’m really not exaggeration when I’m saying 70% 😛
precure yuri doujinshi isya
Arguing again…
But even though I make it sound like they are going at it and messing around with each other all the time, there are quite a few doujinshi with a more serious and sad story.
Oh and on a side note, I haven’t watched even one season of Precure and I didn’t know the characters when reading the first doujin by Isya, but I think it doesn’t really matter. Her works are enjoyable, whether you know the characters or not, so don’t hesitate just because you don’t know the anime these doujinshi are based on.
Umineko no Nako Koro ni doujinshi:   
7th Heaven/ Majotachi no Sabaa Vacation/ Syojo Se-UT/Ange a la mode
Isya’s Umineko doujinshi are mostly, if not all SFW. In this case I would only recommend you to read these if you have seen Umineko no Nako Koro ni, because if you haven’t most of the jokes won’t make sense to you.         
In this Blog post I only mentioned Isya’s translated doujinshi, you can find them at, but there are still some old and new ones without an English translation, visit her Pixiv and website to find her other works.
By the way, Isya seems to be a quite interesting doujin artist, I mean look at this the Afterword for her doujin “Sweet Honeymoon”

precure yuri doujin afterword
Gotta love her for this great afterword 😀

Art: 10/10
Story(s): 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Yuri: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10 

13 thoughts on “Artist Review: Isya (434 Not Found)

  1. We're all waiting for your review of her, even though I'm not sure you can be impartial after what she said. 😛

    If you're lucky, she might see it on Twitter and come here and post a comment herself. 😉


  2. I'm used to the “Artist Review” title instead. 😛

    Maybe other people who weren't around at the time will see the title and they won't know it's an actual review of the artist. 😦


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