Sono Hanabira 13 – Character Info and Promo Pics

Only read this if you’re over 18.

After speculating who exactly the two characters of “Longing of an Angel” are, Yurin Yurin just posted some updates revealing information about the characters and some promising pictures.
I’ve read many different assumptions, some saying they are the ever-missing nurses of St. Michael and some saying that this is only cosplay and they are just as every other character of the Sono Hanabira series, students of St. Michaels.
It turns out they both at some point graduated from St. Michaels, while one of them, Aihara Ringo is a first year student in nursing school and the other one, Takao Chiaki is both a nurse in the gastrointestinal surgery ward at Saint Michael’s General Hospital as well as a nursing instructor. 
sono hanabira yuri couple
Aihara Ringo (left), Takao Chiaki (right)

Since many people hoped for two adult characters in this game, we at least get one adult characters and a little younger one, well they are still the oldest couple in the whole series and definitely also the ones with the biggest breasts.
sono hanabira yuri couple

But seriously why do those breasts have to be so unnaturally big? Am I the only person bothered by that? Ah well, the art is still very nice but looks slightly different from what we usually get. And that is because this time, Peko wasn’t the one doing the artwork, in this case it was an artist called Aida Takanobu.
sono hanabira yuri couple

sono hanabira yuri couple

It looks a little different from what we are used to from the previous Sono Hanabira games, but definitely not in a bad way. In fact I think these pictures look gorgeous!
The story of “Longing of an Angel”:

Ringo, who is in her first year at the nursing school, has decided to room with Chiaki, an old family friend from back home.
Ringo idolizes Chiaki and has made it her life’s goal to become a respectable nurse just like her.  However…
Once they actually start living together, Ringo comes to realize that Chiaki takes much worse care of herself than she imagined, and is at the same time a very physically affectionate person.
Will the disparity between Chiaki the goddess and the Chiaki who delights in sexual harassment drive Ringo crazy!? ( Translated by Ralen

The release date for Sono Hanabira 13 is set for 31 May 2013 with a price of 2,625 yen. Please visit the game’s official website for more information. For everyone that can’t understand Japanese, petalsgarden.axypb translated the information on the website and regularly updates it.


3 thoughts on “Sono Hanabira 13 – Character Info and Promo Pics

  1. Your argument against the pairing due to Chiaki's watermelons is valid, but some denying the game because the artwork isn't be Peko…BEGONE foolish mortals!

    Anyway, college girl and teacher pairing is better than elementary girl and teacher (that is nowhere near as good as Ginza District 4). Seriously Takako, RENA WAS RIGHT THERE, YOU MORON! SCREW RUNA!


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