Yuri Fanfiction Recommendations

I don’t really know how many of you like reading Fanfictions. Personally I do, I would even say I’m in love with many of them. So for everyone that is looking for some nice yuri fanfictions, let me give you some recommendations of those that I, so far, enjoyed the most.

You will find fanfictions of the following Anime: Mai Hime/Mai Otome, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha/A’s/StrikerS and Kannazuki no Miko.
Before I’ll list them let me tell you that I know that many people are a little biased when it comes to fanfiction. I can kind of understand why, since many of them are poorly written and thus not very attractive for us readers, and that’s coming from me, a person who’s mother tongue isn’t even English…. But what I’m going to recommend you are stories that don’t only prove their quality with the amount of reviews they got, but that are also (at least in my eyes) written in a very appealing way.

Anime: Mai Hime/Mai Otome
Description: Natsuki Kuga is running away from an abusive home. She finds herself at Garderobe Military Academy where she meets her teacher, Shizuru, her rival, Tomoe, and her friend, Nao. She can only pray her past doesn’t come back to haunt her.
Genre: Romance, Drama, Military School Setting
Pairing:Natsuki x Shizuru
Words: 585496
Chapters: 29
Almost 2000 reviews for 29 chapter? That’s almost 70 reviews per chapter! This story is humongous, I don’t even know how long it took me to read those 29 chapters, but I do know that I loved reading this to no end. The way the relationship of Natsuki and Shizuru is developing so unbearably slow with all the obstacles that lay in their path, will keep you captured for a very long while.
Anime: Mai Hime/Mai Otome
Title: Siren of the Sea
Description:What happens to Natsuki when the ship she’s traveling on is taken over by the infamous Captain Viola, siren of the sea, pirate queen, and bloodthirsty murderer? What about when the only cargo she wants to steal happens to be an unwilling Natsuki?
Genre: Romance, Drama, Pirates
Pairing:Natsuki x Shizuru
Words: 26218
Status: Ongoing
Siren of the Sea is probably one of the best fanfictions you will find, just look at the ridiculous amount of reviews this got and you know that this is going to be great and it really is. This story sucked me in with its first chapter and I’m still bound to this masterpiece. You don’t necessarily have to be a Mai Hime fan to read this, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this even if you haven’t watched Mai Hime.
Anime:Kannazuki no Miko
Author: Tsuyazakura Kouyuki
Title:Kannazuki no Miko: Lovers Eternal
Description:In the City of Mahoroba, on the birthday of two maidens, a Dark Sun appeared across the sky, bringing down its wrath upon the earth. Why are two school girls drawn into this conflict between good and evil? And are good and evil what people perceive?
Genre:Romance, Adventure, Gods, Drama
Pairing: Chikane x Himeko and many others
Words: 315776
Chapters: 15
I’m not lying when I tell you that this is a real masterpiece. The fanfiction follows the same story as what we’ve seen in the anime, but this is like 100 times better! While the anime left so many questions unanswered, what you get here is not only great explanations, but also a freaking complex story, with a ton of different characters, other than Himeko and Chikane of course. Each and every one of them has a great background story, making their choice of actions remarkably understandable. Furthermore the author presented the story of the Orochi (which was by the way not even explained in the anime) in a fantastic way, showing the feelings, actions and in general just everything in a way, that is  perfectly understandable. If you are a Kannazuki no Miko fan and love a good drama, then read it, it’s fantastic!
Anime: Kannazuki no Miko
Author: Tsuyazakura Kouyuki
Description:In the aftermath of the battle, Chikane was separated from the girl she loved and Himeko found herself waiting for a person whose face she didn’t even know. Yet, after years of torturous longing, the cogs of Fate turned once more.
Title: Kannazuki no Miko: Priestesses unchained
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Pairing:Chikane x Himeko
Words: 81355
Chapters: 4
This story is probably the most romantic thing I’ve ever read. It’s cheesy, it’s overly cute and most importantly it’s just how I would want a second season of Kannazuki no Miko to look like. If you’re a fan of romance, I’m sure this will be to your liking, but be prepared this really is romantic to no end, just how I like it ~
Anime: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Author: Satashi
Title: Saved by the Bell
Description:A seventeen Nanoha meets Fate on the first day at a new school, forever intertwining their destinies.
Genre: Romance, High School, Comedy
Pairing:Nanoha x Fate
Words: 134861
In contrast to all the above mentioned fanfics, Saved by the bell is much simpler. Two girls accidently meet in school, become friends and fall in love. But this simplicity is exactly what makes this so good. Their feelings are presented in such a nice and comprehensible way, all the little details that the author added to the story and all the clever comedy elements make this fanfiction so very enjoyable that I have already read this story more than only once.
Anime: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Author: Satashi
Title: Week
Description:After admitting her feelings, Fate is given one week to make Nanoha fall for her.
Genre:Romance, Comedy, One Shot
Pairing:Nanoha x Fate
Words: 16066
Chapters: 1
This is a one-shot, with a simple yet interesting plot, I don’t wanna tell you too much about this, since it only has one chapter, but I can promise you that if you are a fan of NanoFate, you’ll love this one.
And here you have some adult fanfictions as well:
Anime: Mai Hime/ Mai Otome
Author: leebot
Title: I’m Yours
Description: Shizuru has finally worn down Natsuki’s resistance, leading her to give her friend a very special surprise for her birthday.
Genre: Romance, Adult, Comedy
Pairing:Shizuru x Natsuki
Words: 24082
Chapters: 3
Anime: Mai Hime/ Mai Otome
Title: Giving in
Genre:Romance, Adult, Comedy
Pairing:Shizuru x Natsuki
Words: 52057
Chapters: 4

25 thoughts on “Yuri Fanfiction Recommendations

  1. I think you'll really like this. If you've already read it it's always good to have a re-read 🙂

    Anime: Kannazuki no Miko
    Author: Aloness (reposted by DarkShinji8003)
    Title: I’m Yours
    Description: Can't find the original summary.
    Genre: Romance, Drama, and a few others.
    Pairing: Himeko x Chikane
    Words: 131,279
    Chapters: 25
    Status: Completed
    Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7110314/1/


  2. My mistake the story is called Capturing a Heart was using an example posted above as the layout and forgot to get rid of “I'm yours” 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for sharing, I'm actually desperately looking for a good fanfiction to read right now 🙂

    I was a little skeptical when reading that this huge story with 25 chapters only got 35 reviews (Yes I'm a reader that judges stories by their amount of reviews…) but since this is a re-upload, that doesn't really mean a thing, even though I'm curious how popular this story was under the real author.

    Maybe you know more about that?

    Oh and if you or anyone else has recommendations for me, I'll gladly accept them 🙂


  4. I think if I remember correctly the original story had at least 750 reviews though I am unsure as it was some time ago when I read the original version.

    And it depends on what you're looking for really. Are you more interested in fluff type of fanfictions or are you looking for a more serious type.

    The one I posted earlier I have to admit I really liked it. I'm sure you'll probably enjoy it as well 🙂


  5. I don't really mind whether it's just fluff or a more serious story, all I want it romance.
    Just like in “Kannazuki no Miko: Priestesses unchained” the amount of romance was almost excessively high and I absolutely loved that!

    So yet again thanks for the recommendation, I already started reading it and so far the story reminds me of Priestesses unchained, which is great since I was looking for fanfictions that tell the story after the anime.


  6. I suggest “A Fairy Tale?” by galaxyhime18 at fanfiction.net. It's cute, fluffy, and also has a pretty good storyline.


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