Manga Review: Zettai Seiiki Shoujo Amnesian [Volume 1]

zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian manga coverAfter Kannazuki no Miko and Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, Kaishaku came up with yet another story about our two favorite lesbians, Chikane and Himeko.
Zettai Seiiki Shoujo Amnesian (絶対 少女 聖域 アムネシアン)surprisingly doesn’t show the typical mecha action we are used to from Kaishaku. This time we get some pretty violent swordplays.
Genre: Yuri, Action, Ecchi, Drama
Story: 4/10
Himeko Kurusu, who has lost both of her parents and her older sister, is living in a church, working as a nun and enjoying her quiet yet lonely life. One day, while cleaning up, she finds a girl, pierced by a sword, hanging lifelessly above the altar. Why does this girl resemble Himeko’s older sister so much and why do all of a sudden so many strange people appear and threaten her life?
I have to be honest, the description is so short because the plot is somehow so confusing and messed up that it’s hard to tell what is actually going on. It seems that Chikane was once one of the bad guys, but after being executed by them and only barely surviving she is diagnosed with amnesia, only remembering her own and Himeko’s name. Chikane dedicates her life to the only one that is left in her heart and promises to protect Himeko, the one she loves, at all costs. Himeko on the other hand is torn between suspicion towards this person that resembles her dead sister so much and pure joy at finally seeing her precious one again. 

Unfortunately the bliss of their reunion doesn’t last long. Since Himeko seemingly houses a certain object that is called “The Dragon’s Cry”, she quickly gets involved in a fight between good and evil, in which she herself is the centre of attention. As the target of “The Nine Days”, a group of supernatural people who want to obtain and destroy the Dragon’s Cry within Himeko’s body, Chikane and Himeko find themselves in numerous fights with the followers of this evil organization.
There is a certain pattern that this Manga most of the time follows:
Chikane and Himeko are alone together and Chikane tries to make a move on Himeko;
the two of them get separated; 
an evil person appears and hurts/molests/attempts to rape Himeko;
Chikane shows up, looks badass and cripples or kills the bad guy:
the cycle repeats.
Characters: 5/10
chikane himeko zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian
Chikane (left), Himeko (right)
Chikane Manamiya: As a former member of “The Nine Days”, Chikane gets expelled from their ranks and is thus sentenced to death. Being impaled by a sword and left to die in a church she is found and saved by Himeko, only barely escaping death. After this incident she suffers from amnesia only remembering Himeko as the person that is most important to her. 

Other than the Chikane/Kaon we know from Kannazuki no Miko and Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, this Chikane doesn’t only have a different personality than the two former but also comes with a different body. And with that I mean she looks exactly like the Chikane we know but has grown two humongous breasts. Typically she is, as always, very protective when it comes to Himeko and seemingly doesn’t bother killing or crippling enemies for her love’s sake. Other than that Chikane is quite straight forward, especially when it comes to showing her feelings for Himeko. Whether that is in a way of spoken words, with kisses or with rather sexual actions, Chikane always finds a way to get her feelings across and it seems the amnesia also made her forget what shame feels like.

Himeko Kurusu:  Since she lost her family, she is now living in a church aiming to become a nun. It isn’t really clear how old Himeko is, I would assume her to be just as old as the Himeko of Kannazuki no Miko, but this time, she appears to be a loli, with a very small, slim and rather childish body. Furthermore she is really religious, takes her duties as a future nun very seriously and is in general a sweet and kindhearted girl. When she first meets Chikane she acts rather wary around her but soon finds herself embracing the girl that looks so much like her dead sister, wishing with all her heart that she found her most important person again.
There are a lot more “important” characters, like Ogami, who this time works as a priest but is just as annoying as always. It seems like he transformed into a yuri fanboy, having some great nosebleeds whenever he encounters our two main heroines in an intimate moment.
There is not much to say about the bad guys, they each come with different fetishes it seems, one that likes to crossdress as a girl and rape other girls, one that is filled with so much hate that she wants to torture her victims in the most nasty ways and one that enjoys molesting big-breasted women with a burning passion. And the last one I mentioned isn’t even a bad guy and that’s exactly where things get complicated. So many characters are introduced, each and everyone weird in their own way, but it’s never clear what they really want and why they do what they do. Iit’s like almost all of them are presented in a very superficial and shallow way. 
From the beginning I only read this because of Chikane and Himeko but I expected to find other interesting characters that would be fun to watch. But unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone… The bad guys are crazy and perverted, the good guys are crazy and perverted, oh wait, everyone is crazy and perverted. Only Himeko makes an exception but then again, she is usually the target of their assaults…
Relationship: 5/10
I was hoping to find a heartwarming and dramatic romance between Chikane and Himeko again, but what I got was sexy Chikane molesting loli Himeko. It’s not that bad actually, it’s just really annoying that almost all actions characters take in this Manga eventually result in something perverted. All the rape and cutting off other people’s extremities and especially all the shredded clothing during fights is just a huge turn off for all most readers that came for Himeko x Chikane.
Art: 9/10
Even though it might sound like I hated it, I actually didn’t. The thing is that it’s not the first time Kaishaku came up with a stupid and confusing story. That’s why it’s a good thing that the art is a factor just as important as the story itself. At least that’s what I think. I can’t really enjoy a Manga, no matter how great the plot is, as long as the art can’t match up to the awesomeness of the story. And in this case the art is so great that it, at least in my opinion, makes up for the crappy story. You have to admit, even if you hate this Manga with all of your heart, the art is still beautiful. I especially enjoyed how Kaishaku depicted Chikane. It’s not because she has now grown some huge breasts that she looks so damn sexy in this Manga, it’s actually her facial expressions that I found myself loving to no end. Just look at these:
chikane zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian manga

chikane zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian manga

chikane zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian manga
Oh and you can definitely see some great improvements from Kaishaku’s previous works, but look for yourself:
kannazuki no miko manga art
Kannazuki no Miko

kyoshiro to towa no sora manga art
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian manga art
Zettai Seiiki Shoujo Amnesian
Yuri: 9/10
Chikane’s love for Himeko is one of the most important themes of this story but other than that we only get some straight guys and gay girls with raging libidos that would probably jump anything that can’t get away fast enough. So yeah, if I didn’t make it clear enough so far, let me repeat myself. This Manga definitely delivers some nice yuri but what we predominantly get to see is rape, violence and FANSERVICE. So be prepared.
chikane himeko fanservice zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian
Talking about fanservice…
chikane fanservice zettai seiiki shoujo amnesian
That’s by the way how Chikane always looks during fighting scenes

Total Enjoyment: 7/10
To be honest, I don’t know why on earth I enjoyed reading this so much. The story is confusing, the characters are mostly crazy weirdos and the fanservice is so heavy that you can barely enjoy Himeko x Chikane at all. Still I think my love for them must be the reason why I was still able to enjoy this. That’s why I recommend this to hardcore yuri fans only and to those of you who can’t get enough of Chikane and Himeko.

Scanlation Groups that translated this Manga are Kawaii Scans, Payapaya Scans, Sachiko and Tsundere Translations.
If you are from Germany, you can purchase this manga under the name of “Sanctuary Amnesia Girl” on Amazon or here.


3 thoughts on “Manga Review: Zettai Seiiki Shoujo Amnesian [Volume 1]

  1. Although I agree with you on Chikane's expressions, I have to say that this manga is… How can I put it so gently? I'll just say bad for the time being. I really love KnM and Chikane and Himeko are the best characters around, but this story feels more like a perverted gallery of fanservice with people groping each other like it was an orgy. I've read the manga many times but only to try and work out what the hell is actually going on, however every time I read the damn story my brain feels like it's going to explode because it's that confusing. And I thought Steven Mofatt's Doctor Who stories were confusing. Compare them to this manga, Steven Mofatt's stories seem so easy to follow. And my biggest problem with this story is that Chikane says that she only desires one thing and that's Himeko. So why is she letting other people grope her so much throughout the whole thing and seems to be enjoying every last second? Maybe I'm over analyzing the situations but if I said that I only desire my girlfriend and nobody else, the last thing I would do is get it off with other people. Like I said, I love Kannazuki no Miko and I absolutely adore Himeko and Chikane, but this manga story is just bad. Should they make an anime series out of it, I think they should drop a few things and keep it closer to the KnM anime series.


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