About Me

This blog is only a few weeks old but I totally forgot to introduce myself to you properly. So let me catch up on that now.

Name: Lena
Gender: Female
Location: Germany
Age: 20
Occupation: Office Job

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 61 kg
Hair: Long, straight, dark blond (I’ll let you in on a secret. It is actually curly, but I straighten it.)
Other: Have some black/blue glasses

Anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Nichijou, K-On!, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Manga: Girl Friends, Prism, Shitsurakuen, Citrus
TV Show: Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls
Movie: The Butterfly Effect, Inception, Scary Movie
Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Portal
Music: EastNewSound, Amateras Records; genres like pop, rock, and trance, but mostly just electronic music

I guess I’m a pretty normal girl. I don’t have any remarkable talents or anything, but I do quite enjoy drawing and painting. I guess writing is also one of my hobbies, but I do that in German, rather than in English. Other than that, I think there is not much else to say about me, except for the fact that I’m a huge yuri fan, but you already know about that.

If I forgot anything or if there are still questions unanswered, feel free to ask me.

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My YouTube (Even though I don’t, and probably won’t, upload anything at all)
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103 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you 🙂
    I did this more detailed introduction because I read yours, so since I now know more about you as well, nice to (properly) meet you as well 😉


  2. It will most likely take me some time to answer this question properly, which is why I think about answering this as a blog entry at some point.
    For now let me make it short.

    When: I think it was around 2009

    How: After watching an American TV show (about lesbians) called “South of Nowhere”, I thought why not look for lesbian anime as well. And that's how I came across Kannazuki no Miko. It seems I liked it so much that I still can't get enough of this genre.

    Why: Hmm that's a hard one. It might sound like a cheap answer to just say that I like the display of two women in love more than a man and a woman or two men. But that's basically it. Why I prefer yuri anime over real lesbian TV shows has another reason though, but that's another story.


  3. It seems that Western female fans of yuri are also interested, at some level, in other women. Do you think that's true?


  4. Unfortunately I don't know many female yuri fans.
    Those of my female friends that like anime go for yaoi rather than yuri, so I can't really give you a good answer for that.

    But now that you ask I wonder about it too, well not only for western females but for every female yuri fan.


  5. so you are in Germany, I'm guessing German is your first language? I know English isn't your first. So why make an English Yuri blog? Why not make a German one? Or do you have a German one in addition to this one?

    Not that I'm complaining, we can always use some more live Yuri blogs.


  6. Yes German is my first language and I was initially thinking about making a German yuri blog because things would be way easier for me. But I decided against it, since I believe that a blog like that would only reach a few people.
    (And a blog without visitors is unfortunately pretty useless…)

    Right now, I have visitors from all over the world and even though my English is far from being perfect, I have the hope that everyone can understand what I write 😉
    And I actually enjoy writing reviews, in German and in English.
    Oh and lately I have something like a Beta reader, but she's German as well, so I'm sure there are still a lot of mistakes left…^^


  7. I don't know much about foreign anime communities. What is the German Anime Community like? What about a German Yuri fanbase?

    btw, your English has been outstanding so far. I've read a lot of blogs by native English speakers who have done a lot worse.


  8. I think our Anime community is not much different from any other, but a German yuri fanbase?
    I don't even think we have something like that. I've recently got to know a few German yuri fans but that's unfortunately about it. I think there are not that many fans of the genre right now but I have a feeling that the number will grow (judging by the rising number of yuri manga being released in here right now).

    And thanks for the compliment, I'm really uncertain about my English sometimes, so this is nice to hear 🙂


  9. Interesting. I hope you don't mind me asking about this, it's just not everyday I get this sort of insight. So I guess it's safe to say there isn't any German Yuricon going on?

    Do you prefer to read manga in German or in English? Or are there not that many German Scanlating groups out there? Though I do see you guys get more manga actually licensed. We can barely get any Yuri manga licensed in English.


  10. Ask as much as you like 🙂
    I think we once had something like a Yuricon, but it was more like a yaoi/yuri thing and I don't think it was that popular even though I know that there are tons of yaoi fans in Germany.

    I actually hate German manga translations, it just sounds so weird to me, which is why I never bothered to look around for some German scanlation groups. I only read/buy the licensed manga even though the translation sometimes really ruins the mood for me.

    Funny thing is, I don't think the German translation is wrong in any kind of way, but they add in some dialect and slang that just look so weird when you know that this is about Japanese characters.


  11. yeah, sometimes we have to buy titles with poor translations/subs because it's our only chance to support the series and, more importantly, the genre as a whole. It's our duty as Yuri fans.

    Do you ever go to any Anime conventions? Ever cosplay?


  12. Exactly, I bought almost all the translated yuri manga available in Germany, simply because I want support the artist and show that there actually are people interested in the genre.

    I've only been to an Anime convention once but I didn't really like it. It seems that many German anime fans only know those anime/manga that are dubbed/translated into German, which is why this whole convention was rather uninteresting to me.
    I have never watched Naruto, One Piece or Black Butler and these are like the most popular series in Germany.

    I also don't really like cosplay because what I've seen on this convention looked really awful… On the other hand, I've seen some pretty gorgeous looking cosplayer online but unfortunately great cosplay is pretty rare.


  13. lol that's basically the reason I stopped going to anime conventions. A lot of the time it was more depressing than uplifting. Hey, let's go see how unpopular Yuri is this year! Yay!!! Look it's yet another Naruto cosplay!

    I mostly go around looking for a cosplay from any Yuri related series. Every now and again I get lucky with an Utena or a Sailor Moon. Madoka has been pretty popular lately. Overall though it's been slim pickings.

    over at AX, the largest American Anime convention, there seem to be a lot of pretty rad cosplays. It's almost worth it just to go check them out, but for smaller conventions it can be slim pickings.


  14. Haha when I went to that convention I wasn't even expecting to see anything yuri-related.
    Yet there were some Touhou cosplayers, well not that this is a yuri game but you get what I mean.
    Still their “costumes” looked awful. I think during the whole day I was there, I only saw 2 very nice cosplays.


  15. Most of the Touhou cosplayers I've seen were guys…

    Not to mention that I'm just not sure what there is to do at Anime conventions. Most of the Panels are held by fans, or just licensing companies. It's not like Comic Con where we get to see the creators. Panels aren't much, the shops sell stuff we could buy online. I just don't get it sometimes.


  16. That's why we must go to Japan!
    I have a feeling that not only the cosplay will be better there but I'm also sure that we will find tons of yuri stuff.
    God, I want to go to conventions like the Reitasai, Comiket and the Girls Love Festival.
    Just imagine how great that would be, how many doujinshi/manga artists you'd meet in person and just how much yuri stuff you could buy…


  17. I imagine if I were to ever make a trip to Japan, it'd be for Comiket or Reitasai, or the Girls Love Festival. It'd just be wonderful being a part of something like that. Being able to support the doujinshi artist.

    Even just buying regular manga would be a blast. I've checked every kinokuniya nearby and they've had a very short supply of Yuri Hime manga, basically limited to Yuru Yuri.


  18. I think this year the Reitaisai and the Girls Love Festival were held on the same day, which is a pity, not that I've been to any of the two…

    Also one of the best things about such conventions is the fact that you can actually meet the artists and even get your stuff signed, how awesome that must be…


  19. Just curious, “in a relationship” (?)

    Does he read this blog? Was it ok with him?

    You can delete this comment, I am sorry if its too personal. It be great if you can advise me..


  20. Ah I see, that sounds great, you are a very lucky one and I hope for all the best.

    I like reading your blog and it's very nice shes helping you with it.

    My high regards to both.


  21. Well Lena……… I gotta say………..
    You are a girl??!?!?!?
    I've thought you were a male for a long time. (It seems that I said the hoster of this blogger was a German male when I recommend this blogger to some other yuri fans …… well sorry I was obviously wrong. 0 0 )
    I guess the reason is that your words are so like a male……?? (ah, maybe I should read more English articles. 0 0 )
    oh I nearly forget, I'm Wang. You will still recieve my replies in your blog.. 0 0
    加油!頑張れ! ^_^


  22. Haha it actually surprises me that you didn't know this since my name is Lena, which is a female name, at least as far as I know 😛

    And you even say my blog entries sound like they were written by a man? Hm now I'm interested why you would say that 😉
    Anyway, nice to meet you Wang, I'm not familiar with (I assume Chinese?) names, so you are male right?

    Oh and what does “加油!頑張れ” mean, my translator only gives me some weird translations 😛


  23. Yeah I'm a male…. Since I'm an asian I don't know much about whether those names are for male or female…….
    “加油” and “頑張れ” all means “cheer up, come on”, one is Chinese, and the other one is Japanese.


  24. Ah now that explains why my translator had problems translating these two, it only detected Chinese 😛

    And no problem, since we now cleared things up 🙂


  25. I think that one of the reasons why I Yuri is the hatred of males. When I first watched a Yuri anime by accident I was deeply attrcated by the pure love between girls. Tiring of the cheat of the males on the females in both the ACG world and the real world, Yuri made my eyes bright. Since then, I've started to collect ACG works with the theme of Yuri.
    However I prefer VNs (perhaps it's because that I've never read one before), so I started with Sono Hanabirani Kutituke Wo and Katahane. Especially Katahane, its pleasent BGM and the plot in tragedy color impressed me, and I felt sorry about the bankrupt of Tarte. Later on, I started to watch some anime, Kannazuki no Miko, Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito ,Saki (#Have you ever watched this? It's about Mahjong), Yuru Yuri, Kuttsukiboshi ,Sasameki Koto……. It's hard to believe that it has only passed half a year since I am fond of Yuri.


  26. You've only been a yuri fan for half a year and you've already watched this much? Not bad 😉
    Also I didn't know this about “Tarte”, that's quite unfortunate….
    And yup I have seen “Saki” but only the first few episodes, I didn't like it thaaat much, but it was also not that bad.
    Maybe I should continue watching it, I don't know yet, I'm not much into Mahjong and the characters were also not that intriguing.


  27. Now I'm looking forward to the new Yuri anime Saki Zenkoku-hen and Sakura Trick, which will be released on Jan 2014. I'm so exicted because I'll get a Winter holidays in Feb, so that I will be able to watch them on time.


  28. I've just started a blog recently, I wonder when mine'll become like yours, it's so awesome man oh wait I mean girl… And I guess you got yourself another frequent visitor lol. I think all the people here have asked pretty much what I wanna ask. So… have you watched Madoka movie 3 yet?

    P.s: Sorry for my bad English.


  29. Haha no one has asked that yet 😛
    I actually started watching the movie yesterday and right in the middle of it, the subtitles switched to Spanish, which I can't read…
    I was so pissed… And now I'm trying to find some subtitles that don't randomly switch to other languages.

    By the way, wanna share your blog here, I'd like to take a look as well 😉


  30. There is a camrip version and the sub for my language is already available but I'm too lazy to watch that's why I'll wait for the Bluray… But according to the spoiler and my friends comment, the plot is really… (don't wanna spoil so I'll stop).
    Which part were you watching yesterday anw? English or German sub? (I know it's not related but I still wanna ask)
    To be honest, I know little about anime, I'm mostly focus on mangas. It kinda make my blog plain 'cause it's only about mangas, doujinshis or oneshots but on the bright side, I know a lot about mangas stuff, I think? Well, my blog needs more works. I'll show you when I'm finish 🙂
    Oh, have you read Akuma no Riddle? The artist who draw this draw Yuri Touhou Dou too. And I heard about its anime, next year? You can look for more information on the net
    Here is the read online link for you http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Akuma-no-Riddle
    Tell me what you think after you read it 😀


  31. I watched half of the movie until the subtitles changed… But I'll try to solve the problem later, so that I can finish watching it and write a review about it 😉
    I was using the English subtitles. I don't even know whether there are German subtitles for such a camrip and I won't bother searching for it, because I just don't like watching anime with either German sub or dub.

    By the way, it was quite easy to find your blog, but nothings there yet 😉

    Yup I know Akuma no Riddle and I've read the few chapters that are already translated. Funny thing is, I've been following this artist on Pixiv for quite a while now, but I just found out that it's him/her behind Akuma no Riddle.
    I'm really excited about this one and the story so far is a little weird but looks very promising, what do you think about it?


  32. Why not? Isn't watching anime in your native language better? Well, I don't like dub, except the orginal. Don't know why.
    That's why I said it needs more works =.= And I can't write reviews anw…
    After having read all the available chapters in english, I still don't understand much… And all I think about is: how many yuri couples are in this anw? (lol), I have to read it again… Just like you said, the story is promising, but I wonder how long it'll last? Most pure yuri mangas don't have many volumes, the longest I have ever seen is probably Girlfriend. Since this is an interesting one, I really hope it won't be too short.
    Another question: Did you meet any Vietnamese before me?


  33. I don't really know why, but watching anime with German sub or dub, makes the whole thing appear awkward to me. Reading a fanfiction in German is also a no-go just because I think it sounds weird.

    Since it's made into an anime, I believe it will at least have 2 Volumes, otherwise I don't think the plot would be enough to make like 12 episodes out of it.
    About the yuri couples, if there are any (the main couple is not confirmed yet I believe), then I guess there will only be one, but then again, that's just what I think.
    And yup, I met a lot of people in here already, some of them are also Vietnamese 🙂


  34. You sound like my friend lol. She is an yaoi fangirl but she reads yuri too (probably my influence). She said she couldn't read yaoi in vietnamese or yuri in english cause it's kinda weird…
    I'm not sure about the whole anime things so no comment.
    The yuri couples… it's just fangirl fantasy or something like that, I don't think there is a need of confirmation. It's obviously yuri ~~~~~~ This artist draws mainly yuri. Also, if there'll be only one couple then he/she doesn't need to draw that many chars, he/she can draws faceless chars, right? So there gotta be more :3 Or may be i'm just crazy lol =.=


  35. I think I've seen the RAWs of the first volume and while skipping through it, I didn't see anything yuri-ish happening.
    Well I also didn't really take the time to look closely and since I couldn't read it, I just deleted it again afterwards.

    Maybe when the first trailer will be released, we'll know more or we'll just wait for some more translated chapters 😉


  36. Hmm recommendations… I'd have to know what you've already read for that.
    But let me try.
    Since you're reading Girl Friends right now, you might not know about Milk Morinaga's other works, so maybe, if you liked this manga, continue with her other works.
    She has some one-shots and quite a few other yuri series 😉
    Other than that, I'd recommend you something very obvious that half of our community is literally crazy for.
    So try “Citrus” by Saburouta when you have the time.


  37. Hmm… what I've read… I read all yuri mangas available on Dynasty Reader & touhou doujins, including non-yuri, yuri ah and no hentai but that was like 1 year ago. Of course, I think I read Morigana's other works. Gotta say “Citrus” is really popular. Although the story is kinda weird… they kiss right in the 1st chapter but their feeling for each other is so unclear… that's why I'm not exactly crazy about it like others.
    About the blog, I think of making it my personal storage only… since I don't have time or any idea what to do with it. Instead, I want to be an information provider for other blogs like yours.
    Btw, have you read this? It's not really yuri but well… it has what do you call… yuri subtext? http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Bokura-wa-Minna-Ikiteiru
    P/s: Hope I don't bother you or anything 'cause I feel like I've talked too much lol.


  38. Oh I thought you didn't read that many yet, so I just went with some really popular ones.
    Hm, I kind of don't fully understand why you use your blog as something like your online storage, since I for one have all yuri manga and doujinshi stored on my laptop and nicely organized to quickly find what I'm looking for.
    Wouldn't it make more sense to do it like this? But then again, it seems you also leave some remarks on the stuff you read which is of course easier this way.
    Anyway, I appreciate any help and you surely are not bothering me 😉

    And nope, I don't think I've seen this one before, but since it's not really yuri, this doesn't come as a surprise.
    Are you interested in reading it or have you already finished it and want to recommend it to me?


  39. Well, I still wanna ask 'cause what if you know some mangas that I don't? I always think like that.
    The problem is my computer has low disk space. Besides, I store lots of stuff like games (actually a games), softwares, pictures,… etc… That's why I have to upload my stuff on some hosts.
    The manga's already over, 3 vols. Of course, I've read it (even if I don't understand anything 'cause it's jap) and I think the ending is so gay…, really 😛 Basically, it still yuri to me *laugh*. I have 2 more to reccommend to you but gotta find them 1st 😀


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