Anime Movie Review: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s

nanoha fate nanofate

I haven’t reviewed any of the Anime, Movies or Manga of the Nanoha series yet but since I watched this movie just recently, let’s start here.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A`s first premiered in July 2012 while its DVD was released just recently.
The plot is based on the second season “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s” and retells its main story in a slightly different and shortened way.
Genre:Magical Girls, Action, Drama, Adventure
Story: 8/10
Since this is the continuation of the first movie, the viewers are thrown into the story right after the events of the “Lost Logia Case”.
Even though Nanoha is finally able to continue her life as it was before she became a magical girl, her powers still remain, making her the target of a mysterious and powerful group of magicians. The “Wolkenritter” (Cloud Knights), as they call themselves, are on a mission to find living beings with magical powers in order to absorb this power and thus feed a dark device called “The Book of Darkness”.
The story is almost exactly the same as what we’ve already seen in the second season, but better. I can’t really tell why though, it’s probably because it’s shorter with only the most important parts of the story remaining. 
Just as in the first season/movie, this time communication plays an important part in the story as well. While Nanoha seemingly believes in the good in people and tries to talk with them before causelessly fighting them, the enemy team on the other hand, is as stubborn as ever, refusing to reveal their true intentions, acting all evil and secretive. And even though their behavior is obviously stupid and eventually leads to a catastrophe, it still feels realistic, like you can understand why they act like villains. I really like that about the Nanoha series, they do a great job in presenting characters in a way you can actually emphasize with them and understand why they act a certain way.
Characters: 8/10
fate nanoha hayate
from left to right, Fate, Nanoha, Hayate
Nanoha Takamachi: Since the events of the “Lost Logia Case”, Nanoha has gained at lot more confidence and power. Even though she is still a child, she is one of the strongest magicians in the whole Time-Space Administration Bureau. Furthermore Nanoha is presented as an out-and-out goodhearted girl that always tries to understand people, even enemies, before going up against them.

Fate T. Harlaown: Since she lost her mother, or more precisely, the woman that created her, she is now living with the Harlaown family on earth, living a normal life that she has never been able to enjoy before. As soon as the Lost Logia Incident was properly dealt with, Fate became a member of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, in which her new mother Lindy Harlaown works as an Admiral. Even though Fate is a rather shy and quiet girl, she quickly warmed up to Nanoha, becoming her best friend and workmate.
Hayate Yagami: Hayate is a very sweet and caring girl. Even though she lost her parents and is wheelchair-bound, she still manages to be cheerful and live a happy life. As the mistress of the Book of Darkness she becomes the master of the Wolkenritter but is also inflicted with an evil curse that would eventually take her life. Unlike most of the previous masters of the Book of Darkness, Hayate is not interested in gaining the enormous powers that are promised to those that are able to fill all its pages with the life force of magical beings.
Furthermore she takes great care of the Wolkenritter, treating them just like her own family members. But she is unaware of the fact that they are causing trouble to themselves and to others by trying to fill the pages of the Book of Darkness in order to save their mistress’s life from the threat of the evil curse.
The Wolkenritter:
nanoha wolkenritter signum shamal vita zafira
from left to right, Signum, Shamal, Vita, Zafira

They function as the knights and servants of whoever is choosen by the Book of Darkness to become their new master. Since they have always been used as tools to fill the pages of the Book, they are quickly drawn to Hayate, who doesn’t make them fight and rather wants them to enjoy a quiet life with her. As a result of her kindness and care, they go against Hayate’s will and do their utmost to fill the pages of the Book of Darkness once again.
Animation: 8/10
The animation is great, not flawless but highly enjoyable with fluid movements and bright colors. But then again I didn’t really expect anything else from a movie such as this one.
Here’s a trailer for you so you can see for yourself:
Music and Sound: 7/10
There is not much I can say about the music since, I yet again, didn’t even notice the background music at all. Outstandingly great on the other hand, was the usage of the songs during some intense fighting scenes. It’s no surprise that those songs are done by Yukari Tamura and Nana Mizuki, the voice actresses of the main characters, Nanoha and Fate. And I have to say, the music really added some extra awesomeness to the already very well done fighting scenes.
I think I don’t really have to say anything about the voice acting, this movie has two of my very favorite seiyuu, Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura, so of course this was a big success for me. I’m also someone who watches anime just because of some voice actors that take part in it. That’s also why I started watching Seikon no Qwaser and oh god what a bad decision that was…
Yuri: 3/10
I slightly feel like a pedophile when talking about the yuri moments in an anime that is starring 9-year old girls as the main characters. So let’s make it short. This movie, just like the anime, has some yuri undertones showing every now and then throughout the whole 160 minutes. We can clearly see that Nanoha and Fate care for each other dearly but I think that’s about it. They are, as I said, only 9 years old, so I think the depiction of more than just some blushing and hugging would have been a little too much. But it seems this movie is really targeting at pedos, I mean take a look at what they put in the DVD boxes as extras…
nanoha fate nanofate yuri
The DVD extras for both the first and second movie…

nanoha fate nanofate yuri

Total Enjoyment: 9/10
I’m a fan of the Nanoha anime series, so of couse I enjoyed this movie, in fact, it was even better than the actual anime. If you have already watched the first movie and enjoyed this, I can promise you that this will be to your liking as well.
Oh and I heard that there will be a movie for the 3rd season “StrikerS” as well. I’m totally looking forward to that, finally a NanoFate movie with the two of them as adults. Let’s all hope for a lot of yuri moments in this one!

2 thoughts on “Anime Movie Review: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s

  1. In manga and anime, I think it very difficult to distinguish between girls and women since lots of them have very young features coughcoughluckystar.
    This anime seems too aimed to a japanese audience, which does not condemn sexual innuendo (or more explicit things) with animated children.
    It demography is seinen, for adult men (probably otaku men), it's little surprise that the show has some yuri and this kind of extra.
    But I never watched Nanoha, so it's just my impression.


  2. I think what you wrote is correct. And it's not only Nanoha, that has little children and yuri subtext. It's magical girl anime in general, just take a look at Vividred Operation or Strike Witches.
    I guess this is one of the things that are completely normal in Japan, but I just can't and probably won't ever get used to it.


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