Anime Review: Binbougami ga!

binbougami ga animeSome of you might wonder why I chose Binbougami ga, an anime without any kind of yuri actions involved, to write a review about. Well, this anime or more precisely the two main characters fall into the 4th category of yuri anime. You don’t know what I mean with that? Then read one of my earlier blog entries by clicking this link.

In short, our two main characters aren’t romantically interested in each other, nor do they interact with one another in a suggestive or even an overly friendly way. In fact, Momiji and Ichiko share a very strange kind of relationship, in which they seemingly hate each other but are still somehow friends. The reason why I still consider this an anime for yuri fans is the fact that the dynamics between those two are so great that I’m surely not the only person thinking that they would make a strange yet very cute couple.
Episodes: 13
Year: 2012
Creator: Yoshiaki Sukeno
Genre: Comedy, Parody, Fantasy, Adventure, School Life
Plot: 6/10
Ichiko Sakura, a 16-year-old girl, excelling at both academics and sports, has so far been leading a very laid-back and extraordinarily fortunate life. Yet with the appearance of one of the “Gods of Misfortune” Momiji, her world gets turned upside down, turning each and every day into a struggle to maintain her relaxing lifestyle. The cause of Momiji’s sudden appearance is Ichiko’s unnaturally high amount of fortune which threatens to throw the world’s energy distribution out of balance. Assigned with the task to take away most of Ichiko’s fortune, Momiji comes to earth to restore its natural energy balance but encounters a quite unwilling and wayward Ichiko, who refuses to give up her easy life without a fight.
As you can see, the main idea behind this anime is quite new and interesting. But what you can expect to find here is a rather superficial look on the main problem, which is the restoration of the energy balance and a more detailed look on the hate-filled relationship between Momiji and Ichiko.
The anime as such is hilarious, primarily because of the interactions between our two main heroines that make one of the best comedy duo I’ve ever seen. But even though this anime is predominantly hilarious and easy to watch, the drama doesn’t come off too short as well. The thing is, you can’t really take the story seriously, it’s way too ridiculous and wacky. But at just the right times this show can deliver some believable and fitting drama as well. You could say it’s 80% comedy and 20% drama.

binbougami ga momoo s&m
And stuff like that happens as well…

Characters: 9/10
momiji ichiko binbougami ga
Momiji (left), Ichiko (right)
Ichiko Sakura: Ever since her birth, her fortune energy has been unnaturally high, enabling her to have an easy life, a beautiful outward appearance and great scores in school. But even this great amount of fortune can’t help her with every problem. So even though she is loved by all the boys in school, she still can’t and doesn’t want to make real friends, which leads back to some traumatic events in her past. Furthermore her parents are never home, which is why she grew attached to her butler Suwano, the only person that has always been there for her ever since she was a kid. Despite her beautiful and calm appearance, what’s hiding underneath is a fierce and dishonest personality.

Momiji: She’s one of the Gods of Misfortune, send from another world to take away Ichiko’s fortune energy to restore the energy balance on earth. But unfortunately she’s just as headstrong as Ichiko, making it almost impossible for the two of them to get along. As her mission proceeds, she always finds herself losing to the enormous fortune of Ichiko, forcing her to use all kinds of devious gadgets to achieve her goal.
bobby momoo binbougami ga
Bobby (left), Momoo (right)
Bobby: He’s a perverted monk that’s wandering around the country to find and exterminate evil spirits.

Momoo Inugam: Momoo is one of Momiji’s loyal friends if not servants, that is capable of transforming into a small dog. And just like most of the male cast, he as well is extremely perverted and also a true masochist.

ranmaru binbougami ga

Ranmaru Rindou: Since she’s been raised by her father as a boy, she acts, looks and dresses rather masculine. But even though she seems extremely tough on the outside, she still has a very girly side to her that she’s just afraid to show.

Animation: 7/10
Judging the animation is actually pretty hard to do, so let’s just say it looks good, not awesome but definitely appealing to the eye. 
momiji binbougami ga
Click to enlarge

Here you have a scene from the anime, so just see for yourself. While watching this you’ll also get an idea of what kind of comedy you will predominantly find in this show. Enjoy!

Music and Sound: 6/10
While the background music used in Binbougami ga was rather unimpressive and forgettable, the opening theme was great. The song is called “Make my day” by Piko. Funny thing about it, the vocals are done by a man… yeah I know I was surprised too, but here you got it, so everyone that hasn’t watched the anime yet can be amazed at these female sounding male vocals as well. 
Yuri: 2/10
Let’s make it short, as already mentioned, there is no yuri. But since Momiji and Ichiko make such a cute couple, let me share some nice fanart with you~
binbougami ga yuri
by hinagi
binbougami ga yuri
by hinagi
binbougami ga yuri
Total Enjoyment: 8/10
Binbougami ga is one of the most hilarious anime I have ever watched. It’s pure entertainment with some nice parody elements and some drama cleverly mixed into the story.
If you are ok with a whole lot of cussing and insulting and don’t know what to watch next, then trust me, this is the perfect choice. 
By the way the preview of the last episode lets us assume that there might be a second season coming out soon, but maybe that’s also just a joke, even though I hope it isn’t.

binbougami ga ibuki toilet


7 thoughts on “Anime Review: Binbougami ga!

  1. Binbougami ga is really funny. Loved the natural/awkward voices.
    The argument is an interesting idea . I think if it had received more attention would be a great anime of drama. But even with a superficial treatment, it was not bad. Whenever the drama was growing, before reaching the peak, a nonsense joke came and broke the mood to reminded us what this anime is after all.
    Personally, I like this kind of dynamic between the characters, as when they are not very friendly to each other but really have intimacy and care for one another.
    Judging as a yuri, I call it 'I want to believe'. I wonder why they didn't included even a hint of mild interest between them, since it's an anime so immoral and full of sexual humor. At least yielded some good fanart.

    Ps. It's just my impression or Japan loves a BDSM reference ?


  2. BDSM references appear a lot in (comedy) anime and in this case I found it hilarious, Momou really added some extra humor to the whole series.

    I also wondered why they didn't even add the slightest hints of interest between Momiji and Ichiko, but there might be a second season, so maybe we'll be lucky then;)


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