Don’t Know What to Read Next?

Well then let me help you out.
There are quite a few ongoing yuri manga around right now, so it might be hard to find just the right one to start reading next. So let me present to you some promising new yuri manga that I think no yuri fan should miss.

citrus yuri manga
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Title: Citrus

Author: Saburouta
Genre: Drama, School Life, Yuri, Angst
Description: After her mother’s remarriage Yuzu is forced to transfer into a new school. To her horror the rules are quite strict there and she quickly gets into a fight with the student council president Mei, for breaking several school rules at once. And as if the day hadn’t already been horrible enough, she finds out that Mei is going to be her new step sister.
Scanlation Group: Yuri-Project
This manga is getting pretty popular lately but that doesn’t come as a surprise. The story is interesting, the art is probably the best I’ve seen in long while and on top of that, this manga comes with a lot of yuri fanservice even though it is a yuri title to begin with.
renai manga yuri manga

Title: Renai Manga

Author: Kodama Naoko
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Yuri, Working
Description: Hada Haruka couldn’t be happier. As a new manga editor, she is assigned to her favorite manga artist Kuroi Ritsu, the author of “With You”, a story that encouraged her to change her life. But when she finally meets her idol and new colleague, things turn out a little different than expected.
Scanlation Group: Kawaii Scans
So far the story is pretty interesting and the two main characters have such different personalities that they couldn’t fit each other more perfectly. Well at least in my eyes. Unfortunately there are only a few chapters out so far but it looks really promising to me.
Author: Hijiki
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Yuri, Slice of Life
Description: Since her mom has to work overseas, Riko moves to the countryside to live with some of her relatives. As a city girl Riko is not particularly happy about the change of place but she soon meets some nice people that show her that life in the countryside is not all that boring.
Scanlation Group: Fallen Syndicate, Yuri Project
The description may not sound that interesting and to be honest, so far nothing exciting happened. But still there is something about this manga that just keeps me interested. I think it’s the characters, so far all of them, without exception, are very enjoyable and fun to watch. Especially the main character Riko, but that’s mainly because she’s very sexy.
Side Note: It seems Yuri Project picked up this manga just now, but the scanlation group “Fallen Syndicate” has already translated 5 chapters of it and is seemingly still going to continue translating this manga.
notes from the garden of lilies yuri manga
Author:  Suga Atsushi
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Drama, Yuri
Description: Yuri just can’t get along with her classmates. She’s not very sociable and never minces her words. On top of that, her blonde hair and the grim expression she always wears make her one of the classes’ outcasts. Despite all that Misono, one of the most respected students in the whole school, decides to make friends with her. And to achieve her goals she doesn’t always play fair.
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
I haven’t read such an interesting and entertaining story in long while. The two main characters are just priceless, they’re entertaining, they’re unique and they naturally create some believable drama that you just can’t get enough of.
Author: Amano Shuninta
Genre: Drama, Yuri, First Love
Description: Ruki is a first-year university student and not particularly happy with her current life. Most of her friends have boyfriends and to her annoyance, they write and call them during every free minute. She has never been in love and also doesn’t see herself in a relationship in the near future. But even though she claims to not be interested in anyone, she still can’t hide the fact that she wants to fall in love too.
Scanlation Group: Kawaii Scans
So far there’s just one chapter translated, which is why my description might not be exactly what the later story will be all about. But even though I have only read this one single chapter, the story still looks very promising, especially when knowing that Amano Shuninta came up with all of this. She rarely disappoints me with her manga and one-shots so I’m pretty sure that this one will be great as well.
the secret recipe yuri manga

Title: The Secret Recipe

Author: Milk Morinaga
Genre: School Life, Comedy, Yuri
Description: To avoid having her beloved cooking club getting downgraded, Yuuko decides to do anything in order to prevent their only first-year member from quitting the club. Unfortunately Chihiro, the said first-year student, has a pretty severe problem that she needs help with. And out of all people she decides to ask Yuuko to help her solve this problem, throwing both of them into a pretty intricate situation.
Scanlation Group: Lililicious, MakiMaki Scanlations, Yuri Project
Milk Morinaga managed to create yet another great yuri manga and I’m not lying when I tell you that this is just as funny and cute as “Girl Friends” or “Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo”. All that it’s still lacking might be romance, but I believe that this will change soon as well.

So there you have 6 recent yuri manga. Maybe I was able to show you one (or some) you didn’t know before and hopefully you’ll like them.

30 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Read Next?

  1. Manga no Tsukurikata was a really interesting one but I haven't heard of new translated chapters in a very long while.
    Either I didn't notice or the translation stopped.
    But it seems it's the latter and that's a real pity.


  2. Oh I know what you mean, same goes for ongoing anime.
    But waiting for new manga chapters can take a really long time, sometimes even a few months, it's horribe…


  3. Hello Lena.
    I concur with you, Citrus has a really nice story and the drawings are very nice considering the lastest manga, hope to see more of this manga.
    Will try the other recommendations, thanks!!!


  4. For me, the most promising of this list are:
    Citrus. There is fan service, as idiotically fall in a fountain apparently for no reason just to make the girls bathe together, and a good art, just like you said. I liked the supporting characters, but the protagonists seem like a lot of other ones (the cool, perfect school idol and the impulsive transfer student). But I truly believe that their relationship will get more interesting in the next chapters.
    Notes from the Garden of Lilies. Also has questionable cliches but the more attractive is the dynamic between the protagonists. They make an instintive and interesting couple and generate a lot of exciting situations. I like the concept that they could not be more different but still are the same. I think Suga Atsushi is promising but she could study more heads in side view huh.
    The Feelings We All Must Endure. This has everything to be great. Amano Shuninta + adult women + lesbian drama = greatness. I have a feeling that Amano Shuninta really enjoy writing series dealing with various nuclei of a big cast.
    And I read in a certain respectable yuri blog that the story can be compared to The L Word.


  5. I like your equation for “The feelings we all must endure”, it will eventually result in greatness and it looks great already.
    I especially like the fact that this manga comes with a huge cast, just like you said, it's something that doesn't happen often in yuri manga.
    I don't really know whether you can compare this to The L Word, I haven't seen this show, but let's just see about that.


  6. Personally, I have never been a big fan of Amano. A lot of people love her because her protagonists are adults but honestly, that's only rare in manga. If I want to read romance between adult women I have plenty of books to scratch that itch. So at least for me that's pedestrian and her art style really isn't to my taste.

    Citrus is good, even thought the Shoujo tropes really make me cringe sometimes, probably because I'm so used to them. And I wish the male character weren't mustache-twirling one dimensional villains.

    Notes: It's nearly over and I'm a bit afraid about how rushed or open the ending might turn out, thanks to the cancellation the series was published in 😦

    Riko to Haru: I remember reading on the Dynasty forums that the Fallen Syndicate version was sub-par and that's why Yuri Project picked the series up. And comparing the two, the Yuri Project version is really worlds apart. So I'll wait instead of spoiling myself, hopefully they'll catch up fast.

    Secret Recipe: Personally I'm more interested in School Police when it comes to Morinaga.


  7. I was actually wondering why Yuri Project would pick up a manga that another group is already doing, so thanks for the info.
    I also didn't know that Citrus is going to end soon. I was hoping for a good romance from the start, but as things are right now I don't see that happening within the next few chapters. Maybe it will just be as you predict, a rushed or maybe even open ending. I would totally hate that…

    Oh and the manga “School Police” looked pretty interesting. I especially like the fact that in this one the main characters don't look exactly like Mari and Akko…
    But unfortunately we haven't gotten another translated chapter in while now, I think it's even been a whole year.


  8. I meant Notes from the Garden of Lilies is going to end soon. No idea how long Citrus will run but going by the breakneck pacing I wouldn't be surprised if it wraps up in a few chapters as well.

    And I hope School Police will go on now that makimaki is done with Sasameki Koto.


  9. Ah sorry my mistake, mistook the “Notes” for a sidenote…
    I'm relieved that Citrus is not going to end soon though 😛

    Hopefully someone will pick up School Police soon. I'm still hoping that Yuri Project will to do so since they also translated the last chapter.


  10. Heya. I stumbled unto this post today and thought I might offer a few clarifications:

    – Riko & Haru is currently my top priority and we will catch up by the end of the month.

    – There's no word on when Citrus is going to end, so there's more to look forward to. Notes from the Garden of Lilies on the other hand will end next month.

    – The next chapter of School Police will be released in a few days, probably around the weekend. Like Secret Recipe, School Police was always a joint between YP and MakiMaki so you are both correct in a way.

    – And yes, Secret Recipe will amp up the romance, don't worry.


  11. Citrus is not going to end and there will be new School Police chapters, that's more than enough to make me happy.

    Thank you for the clarifications 🙂
    Seems like there are a lot of great releases coming up.


  12. Oh no… i was so excited with Notes, i can't love more how Yuri is (the main character, i mean) and i even put Fujiwara as my profile picture in FB. I only hope for a heartwarming end that don't ruin the series… I'm sad already.


  13. For some reason I have a feeling that the ending will be quite rushed, Which is a pity since this manga has been great so far.
    But maybe we're lucking and the author surprises us with a great and hopefully heartwarming ending.


  14. I've… read… all of these!!!

    ;;A;; It kinda sucks being a devoted Yuri fan. I'm sure I've read every yuri/shoujou-ai manga/doujinshi out there (besides ones that I choose to ignore based on certain genres) and I check two wesbites for updates frequently.

    Haha, I laughed at your reason for liking Riko so much! Mostly because I share the same feelings! xD


  15. I know what you mean, even though I think that we actually have quite a lot of yuri manga and doujinshi, yet it's still never enough.

    Oh and maybe you know that already but let me still tell you this. On danbooru you can find quite a few (translated) yuri manga/doujinshi that you won't find on the dynasty reader for example.
    They are not always translated perfectly but it's mostly good enough.


  16. It doesn't help that a lot of the Yuri anthologies are quarterly. It makes it really hard to get stories rolling.


  17. Exactly, I also think that reading a story as a whole gives a manga a totally different feeling than reading it little by little, especially when the waiting time is so long.


  18. and that's just for the reading aspect of the series, imagine writing an ongoing for a quarterly anthology? Fujieda Miyabi began work on Chatting at the Amber Tea House (one of my personal favorite Yuri manga) way back in Yuri Hime volume 5. He would release the last chapter in Yuri Hime Volume 26 five years later. Only two volumes were released, barely getting to 15 chapters.

    Granted Chatting at the Amber Tea House was a special case. Fujieda Miyabi took a hiatus midway through the series for personal reasons, but the point still stands. Even writing the same series for 2 years (to get out 8 quarterly issues) sounds exhausting. You'd have to stay in that mindset, with those characters in that place for those two whole years, and stories are constantly evolving with the writer.

    It's no wonder we get so many one-shots! Most of big ongoing series (Sasameki Koto, Octave, Aoi Hana, Girlfriends) all came from anthologies that weren't our Yuri Quarterlies.


  19. Wow, 5 years for 15 chapters? Ok that's really frustrating, especially when you like the manga so much.
    And good that you mention “Chatting at the Amber Tea House”,
    I've only read a few chapters some years ago but never finished reading it.
    So now I'll have the pleasure to read the manga in one go, lucky me 😉


  20. I have no idea what you've already read, so giving a recommendation is hard.
    But if you don't know what series are good right now, click on “Recommendations” right below my header.


  21. Man das hat mich echt geärgert mit Notes. Das hatte sooo eine gute Idee. Habe richtig viele Ideen, was man da noch hätte mit reinbringen können, um die Spannung zu erhöhen. Fand es echt zu gerushed, habe den Sprung von “Ah Hilfe, voll die Sadistin” zu “Yo, bff” nicht so ganz verstanden. Wäre die Romanze etwas hinausgezögert worden, noch ein paar “sadistische” Szenen hinzugezeichnet und die Hintergrundgeschichten etwas tiefer erzählt worden, wäre das echt mein Favorit geworden! So fand ich die Characterentwicklung und die Beziehung zu unglaubwürdig.. ;( Aber zumindest hat es einen angeregt, seine eigene Story daraus zu formen 😀

    So bleibt der Favorit doch erstmal Citrus. Da ist wenigstens momentan kein rush zu entdecken. Allerdings finde ich die Psyche von Mei manchmal etwas fraglich. Da hat sich Saburouta in sehr psychologisches Terrain gewagt, da muss man aufpassen, dass man keine unglaubwürdige “Heilmethode” einbaut. Ansonsten aber nen Top Manga :]

    Jetzt werde ich mich mal an The Feelings We All Must Endure erfreuen!


  22. Irgendwie hab ich so das Gefühl, als ob Mei am Ende doch ganz plötzlich geheilt ist, oder sagen wir mal, dass es ihr besser geht und dass sie nicht den ganzen Tag rumläuft, als wenn jemand gestorben wäre.

    Wenn das wirklich eintreffen sollte, würden sich denke ich aber viele Leute aufregen, hoffentlich lässt sich Saburouta da was Besseres einfallen.

    Hach ist das schön auch mal auf Deutsch zu antworten 😀


  23. Naja so ganz heile is sie glaube ich noch nicht. Bin sehr gespannt wie das weitergeht 😀

    Haha ist ne nette Abwechslung hm? Ich hätte ja auch auf englisch schreiben können, aber da kann ich die Sätze nicht so schön formen wie du ;]


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