Some Minor Changes and Updates

Just to let you all know, I added some characters to my “Yuri Anime Legends” list, so check that out here if you’d like.
I also added some more yuri scanlation groups to the list. I’m actually surprised to see quite a few new groups popping up. In fact we have a lot of translated yuri manga/doujin releases lately, which is pretty awesome.
Here you have the new or at least newer ones. I already found some pretty interesting releases there, so why not pay them a visit and see for yourself. Translate yuri manga and doujin only translate Touhou doujinshi but also other doujinshi (active again) Yuri danbooru edits
And here’s my full yuri Scanlation list.
Oh and I also changed my header, hope you like the new one~

3 thoughts on “Some Minor Changes and Updates

  1. It would be cool if, when viewing older entries like this, you could see how the blog looked at the time it was posted.

    Oh yeah, and I have a question I've been meaning to ask: What font did you use for the header? I could try WhatTheFont!, but I'd rather ask on here so my comment looks more legitimate. 😀


  2. From searching for that one fanfiction I once told you about for so long, I found some kind of web archive that shows you how websites looked back then.
    Maybe you'll find it 😉


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