Manga Review: Cirque Arachne

cirque arachne yuri mangaAuthor: Saida Nika
Chapters: 6
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: lililicious
Genre:Romance, Circus, Yuri
Story: 7/10
It all starts with Teti, an aspiring circus acrobat, joining a certain group of circus performers after watching their show. Despite the fact that Teti is fascinated by basically all the “magic” that was happening on stage during the show, there was one performer in particularly that caught her eyes and caused her heart to beat in excitement. 
I think this is the first time for me to read a yuri manga set in a circus but I guess it’s not only the unique setting that got me so excited about this one. The fact is, the display of the life as circus performers was nice and light but didn’t go very deep. The main focus is set on the development of the relationship between our two main characters Teti and Lotte. And since the two of them end up as a duo for the trapeze act, we mainly experience the circus life in a way of Teti and Lotte training together. 80% of the “screentime” go to Teti and Lotte while the remaining 20% show them interacting with other members of the circus.
So did I like the story? Definitely, even though the circus setting didn’t please me as much as I initially thought. The relationship between Teti and Lotte on the other hand was pretty entertaining and cute to watch.

cirque arachne yuri manga
Teti (left), Lotte (right)
Characters: 7/10
Despite all the “weird” circus people, the two main characters are nothing out of the ordinary, I would even say they are somehow typical characters that you can find in many other stories. So for once we have Teti, a genki girl that always wears a smile on her face and Lotte, a rather quiet and thoughtful person who often isolates herself from others. And since we all know that opposites attract each other, it’s pretty obvious how things will turn out.
Art: 8/10
I haven’t read many manga by Saida Nika yet. In fact the only one I remember would be “Raubritter” and just like in this one, the art in Cirque Arachne is very good as well. You’ll find a lot of cute expressions and very unique looking characters. And best thing about it, it’s not only the hair and clothes that distinguishes a character, even their faces looks different and that’s something quite rare in manga.
Art example, click to enlarge
cirque arachne yuri manga expressions
so manny cute expressions~
Yuri: 8/10
The relationship between Teti and Lotte is the main theme of the story and in my eyes it’s also a very  enjoyable one. They just make a perfect couple and the way the two of them get together is really sweet and interesting to watch as well. The only thing that I have to criticize would be the pace of the relationship, which felt a little rushed to me. But then again, I’m a fan of slow romances with a lot of drama and hardship and these themes are simply not present in Cirque Arachne. So in this case prepare for a fast-paced and very cute love story that gets quite sexy towards the end.
Total Enjoyment: 8/10
This manga is short, light and cute. It’s nothing out the ordinary, yet I think the pure cuteness of the characters and especially of their love story makes this manga a must read for every romance fan.

8 thoughts on “Manga Review: Cirque Arachne

  1. I think this manga wasn't constructed to be this rushed but ended being so, for some reason. Dunno. The first chapters seemed to be pointing to some personal past drama of Lotte as if it were an obstacle in their relationship with others. Wasnt at all.
    But I really enjoyed and hope for more works from Saida Nika.
    As an extra, I liked that it was a multi-cultural place, although was poorly developed.


  2. The thing is, Lotte had some kind of dramatic background but it's not fully explained what exactly happened, same goes for Teti's past as well.
    I wasn't really bothered by it since this was a rather light and funny manga to begin with.
    And it's just like you said, I liked the setting very much but since the main focus was set on Lotte x Teti, we didn't really see much of the circus and its people.


  3. Hehehe I love your point, may I quote you? (Sexy girls in general are enough to intensify my total enjoyment)


  4. Me and my creative mind… I have two ideas for your quote, when I place them in use “live”, I will let you know the reaction =P


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