Announcement: Visual Novel Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari Hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~ English Translation

Do not read this if you are under 18.

Soon we’ll have another translated yuri Visual Novel. This time it’s not about the Sono Hanabira games, but instead about a series called “Sengoku no Kuroyuri”. Read on if you wanna know more about the project.


Set in the Sengoku period — a time characterized by warring factions and constant social upheaval — the story is centered around Oda Nobunaga’s sister, Saku. As the princess to Owari Province, she is arranged to be married off politically by her brother to Oumi, in order to solidify the two provinces’ ties.

But Saku despises the idea of being married to a man (preferring women in bed instead) and hates the idea of leaving her home province. During an argument over Saku’s apparent interest in taking a bride instead of being married off as one, Nobunaga flatly tells Saku that it is preposterous, as two women cannot conceive children with one another. In anger, Saku retorts that it is possible, and her brother sarcastically agrees to call the marriage off if she manages to conceive a child with a woman.

Saku then acquires a strange drug from a vendor that will apparently let her do just that, and in desperation, she takes the drug without knowing what its exact effects are. That night, she finds out she’s grown a penis and has a much stronger libido than before. The rest of the story depicts her attempts to manage her sexual desires, hide the secret of her new genitalia from others, and work in the shadows in order to thwart the impending marriage and what she perceives as her brother’s betrayal. (

Genre: Eroge, Futanari, Yuri
Developer: Kotoba Asobi
Release Date: 2011/06/30
Since the translation team doesn’t have a website yet, I’ve been asked to help out a little by announcing their project as well as keeping everyone that is interested up to date with their translation status.
Project Team: Thompson Christian School Translating Club
  • AlmiraTheGreat: Head Translator
  • Shin-chan: Assistant Translator                                        
  • Mikhail-kun: QC
  • AkiraPaulaMAe: Editor
  • RunrunRINkun: Tool Provider
  • CarlosTrancy: debugger/beta tester
If you have questions or want to check the current status of this project, follow/contact them on Twitter:
Current Status: The translation has already started
And here you have some pictures of the game~ 


21 thoughts on “Announcement: Visual Novel Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari Hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~ English Translation

  1. They are already thinking about translating the sequel after finishing this one. But they also considered translating another yuri visual novel, Otome Crisis.
    But let's wait how this will all work out.
    Oh and I just read on Twitter that some of their schoolmates want to translate Limit Panic.
    Can it get any better?


  2. The Yuri Nation continues to grow under my nose. It brings tears to my eyes dood. so much to review, discuss, promote, squee over, so little time.

    Let's patiently wait and see what they have in store. Of course I should also be made aware of this to help plug these doods.


  3. If you check the twitter account it says they're ceasing translation on Sengoku no Kuroyuri because of personal issues….


  4. Yeah, I hope so as well. I really want to see this game get translated. I wonder if the personal issues have something to do with the game. I mean, I know the game can be pretty twisted at times. I can also think of a scene that might not sit well with some people…. but I love the game because Saku is so twisted. That laugh, oh god that laugh. ^^


  5. Hm, I'm pretty sure the one(s) that have been translating this have already played the game before, so that's probably not the reason.
    Well I think they were still underage 😛

    And they were also pretty enthusiastic when they started working on it, so I'm also wondering what happened but they haven't replied to my last mail yet and I have a feeling they will not do so.


  6. Yeah, I'm curious as to their reasons for dropping this, but I suppose there's nothing we can do if they don't want to tell us. (sigh) I almost wish this wasn't picked up. There have been too many that I got my hopes up on once they were being translated. Only for the title to get dropped half way or even lower (I1eyes), Not that I don't appreciate translators taking time out of their free schedule to translate for us, but it's disappointing regardless when things turn out this way. Well, I guess I'll have to stick with Translator Aggregator for this title.


  7. I get what you mean and somehow I feel the same way and maybe I'm also a little angry because they're not even replying anymore.

    But maybe if we're lucky, they'll upload what they've already translated to the Yuri-Project page or well just anywhere, so someone else can pick up where they left of.


  8. I have not announced this yet since I want to give them a little more time to reply, but it seems that the translation of this Visual Novel has stopped.
    So at least this translation group will not be working on this anymore, but hopefully someone else will pick this up.


  9. Use the “Contact me” function on the right side of my blog to write me a message, I don't want to post too many download links for stuff like that in here.
    I'll send you the link over mail then.


  10. Wow, I just happened to check back on here to see if anything changed as far as the translation was concerned. Since it was kinda vague on the reason for them stopping, and now after I checked their twitter I'm just blown away. I mean, I'm happy they're going to translate this after all, but I'm with Aaeru on this one. Even if the translation club is school based, I don't think their professor has the authority to confiscate their HDD. That really sounds like a breach of authority to me. Not to mention he's keeping it till September. I can possibly come to terms with like a week or so, but for two months?! That doesn't ring any warning bells for anyone? I would report this if it were me, but if it's a school club that's translating erotic visual novels… I guess that would be pretty hard to dispute. ^^; Well, I'm just glad this is still going to get translated. I'm fine with waiting.


  11. Haha I've already read this on Twitter and I was just as “surprised” as you are.
    They've already mentioned that the translation of a 18+ Visual Novel would never be allowed in their school (which is absolutely no surprise) but that they'll do it anyway. Also I think they are underage, so yeah…
    But still what this teacher did, does go a little over board, but it's pretty hard to say what's the right thing to do here. I mean how often does it happen that a school club illegally translates an adult Visual Novel? 😀


  12. Haha~, fair enough, that certainly is a good point. It's actualy common sense too, and it completely slipped my mind that they're technically doing this illegally. Which begs the question, what the heck is going through their minds to create such a club for school? I mean, I can understand classmates that come together to form a translation group. Just not an actual school club. I also didn't know that they might be underage as well. Well, it's not like it's strange now a days for people to get their hands on adult material before they're even considered young adults (since warnings frankly don't do shit). Though a school club, with underage students translating adult material… yeah, I can kind of see the professors point of view now. Though since they're going to continue anyways, it all seems kind of pointless. ^^; Well, maybe they should reconsider their club idea and save it for outside of school. Or perhaps translate an all ages visual novel, and use that for cover for any of their 18+ titles. I don't know, I”m just throwing out ideas. This is something I've never even heard of before. It's like I think they're awesome and yet crazy at the same time. ^^


  13. Your two ideas of what they could do are actually pretty good. I also don't understand why they do this as a club project and not as a project to work on at home. This way they wouldn't even get into trouble. But then again I don't know enough about this to really judge their actions.
    Also I'm not 100% sure if they are underage, I just remember reading that somewhere online.
    And to be honest, when I was still underage, I have to admit, I for example read adult manga as well and I actually think most people don't even care about it, it's just the way things are.
    Oh and by the way, I agree with you, they are both awesome and crazy for what they are doing but I really love them for trying even though they already got into trouble.


  14. Hi, I wonder if the responsible group left the project permanently. I try to get some translation of the game but I find nothing and for what I knew this game is a trilogy, please, I really need to play this series and find out what happened to Saku, the basics that I know are some spoilers but someone who has played this game can tell me what happens both in the first and in the second game? Saku really left her house and Yuyu to stay with Fuki? what happened to Yuyu?


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