My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Doujinshi

Yet again another Top 10 list and I assure you there will be more. So this time, I’ll present you my favorite doujinshi and I got to tell you, the decision was hard. I just realized how many translated yuri doujinshi there are and going through them again took me real long. So hopefully I didn’t miss any title and as always, I hope you’ll find some nice ones you didn’t know about before.

Oh and I have to correct a mistake I made in my Top 10 favorite yuri one-shots list. It’s sometimes quite hard to differentiate between doujin and manga, since at least I don’t know the characters of all doujinshi I read. So the number 10 in the mentioned list is actually a doujin about 2 members of the band AKB48. I don’t know much about this band, so I mistook “Fuyu no Shi” for a doujin.
Ah well, on to the list~


Title:  Don’t Eat It, Yuyuko-sama!  
Author: Neko no Sakegoto
Pairing: Yuyuko x Youmu
Genre: Yuri, Comedy, Ecchi
Description: To decrease the amount of food she has to buy on a daily basis, Youmu decides to put Yuyuko on a little diet. And even though Yuyuko goes along with it after some protest, her unstoppable hunger forces her to some desperate and quite hilarious actions.
Year: 2010
Scanlation Group: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
Neko no Sakegoto is mostly known for his/her hilarious doujinshi about the nosebleed queen Alice and her victim Marisa, but Yuyuko x Youmu is an even greater combo! It’s rare for me to really burst into laughter by just reading a manga/doujin but especially Yuyuko’s justification for her weird actions is priceless.

Title: Fun with Kyouko!! 
Author: Momoya Chika 
Pairing: Sayaka x Kyouko /Madoka x Homura 
Genre: Yuri, Comedy 
Description: Some random moments of the girls’ daily life. 
Year: 2011 
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism

I could have chosen any other Madoka-related doujinshi by Momoya Chika, somehow they are all the same; cute, hilarious and super awesome! A must-read for every (yuri) fan of the anime.


Title: Let’s kiss Everywhere! The Pumpkin Prince and a Stage Play

Author: Mura Mura Pocky
Pairing: Kyouko x Sayaka (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
Genre: Yuri, School Setting, School Play
Description: For the School Festival, Sayaka and Kyouko are forced to perform as the main roles in the play “Cinderella”. And even though Kyouko is absolutely not ok with the fact that she, instead of Sayaka, is going to play the female part, she still goes along with it. But just as expected things still get a little out of hand.
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism
Mura Mura Pocky is a great artist and we all know that great art + a super cute story = Success. And since Kyouko +  Sayaka is success as well, this doujin is perfect!
Title: Flower Bouquet and Prism
Author: Vivit Gray
Pairing: Mokou x Keine (Touhou)
Genre: Romance, Yuri
Description: Mokou and Keine are out on a little date together and as the day goes by, Mokou finds a particular flower that she just can’t remember the name of.
Year: 2011
Scanlation Group: I think this one hasn’t been released by any scanlation group yet (but correct me if I’m wrong). I just happened to be sneaky enough to get my hands on a translated, yet not final version of this doujin.
Don’t let yourself be deceived by the boring sounding description. While the Mokou x Keine alone time is as lovely as ever, Mokou’s hard time remembering the flowers’ name is a pretty clever turn of events as well. And even though this story never reveals the name of the flower, the ones acquainted with this couples’ tragic love story should easily come up with the name on their own.

Title: Doropanda Tours: Fuzzy Navel
Author: Nanzaki Iku
Pairing: Shizuru x Natsuki (Mai Hime)
Genre: Yuri, Comedy
Description: Natsuki is still questioning her feelings for Shizuru. But after noticing just how patient Shizuru is und how hurt and lonely she sometimes appears, Natsuki decides to give her friend a very personal gift.
Year: 2009

Scanlation Group: Wasn’t translated by a scanlation group, but by an unknown translator
Since we definitely didn’t get enough ShizNat in Mai Hime, this doujin will help satisfying your hunger for more. In fact Natsuki and Shizuru act so much like they would in Mai Hime, that many of the Doropanda Tours doujinshi feel like the real after story of the anime, that every yuri fan would be very pleased with.

Title: Fortune Days

Author: Pigeon Blood
Pairing: Sakuya x Meiling (Touhou)
Genre: Yuri, Slice of Life, Comedy
Description: Meiling finds a strange fortune telling book and decides to follow what is written in there to try out her luck by asking Sakuya out on a date. But even after many attempts of inviting Sakuya to go out with her, she always ends up getting rejected. Maybe the book wasn’t right after all?
Year: 2010
Scanlation Group: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
Simple story, nice conflict and an absolutely wonderful ending. The way Pigeon Blood depicts the very strange relationship between Sakuya and Meiling never fails to please me. Also I absolutely love the way Meiling has to try so hard to get Sakuya to go out with her and in the end, even though everything looked so bad for her, she ends up getting more than she was actually hoping for.
Title: I Want To Hug Crying Marisa
Author: Custom Size
Pairing: Marisa x Reimu (Touhou)
Genre: Yuri, Comedy
Description: When Yuyuko and Yukari find out about Marisa’s fear of ghosts, they take full advantage of this information and torture poor Marisa throughout the whole night. To their enjoyment things turn out pretty messed up.
Year: 2010
Scanlation Group: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
Marisa’s cuteness should probably be reason enough for everyone to read this, but adding an annoyed Reimu and the masters of all pranks, Yuyuko and Yukari, make this doujin not only cute but quite funny as well.

Title: Shine! NaoRei Blooms in the Early Summer!!
Author: Mura Mura Pocky
Pairing: Nao x Reika (Smile Precure!)
Genre: Yuri, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Description: This doujin is divided into two parts: In the first one, the five Precures try out some mysterious potion from Märchenland, which makes all of them temporarily lose all self-control. And the second part shows Nao and Reika recalling some fond memories of their childhood.
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism
While the first part of this doujin is totally messed up and weird in a very very nice way, the second part takes things much slower and shows us one of the most precious moments between Nao and Reika.You could say I enjoyed the first part but absolutely fell in love with the second one. 
Title: Harmony
Author: Tokoharu
Pairing: Nanoha x Fate (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
Genre: Yuri, Slice of Life, Romance
Description: After returning from a mission, Fate and Nanoha celebrate their reunion by spending some very lovely time together.
Year: ?
Scanlation Group: NanoFate
Tokoharu is like the god of all NanoFate doujinshi and in my opinion, “Harmony” is his greatest (SFW) work so far. It’s a very simple story with just Nanoha and Fate spending their evening together, but this is so adorable that you will most likely smile thought the whole doujin.

Title: Flaxen Twilight + Acoustic Blue Hour
Author: Vivit Gray
Pairing: Mokou x Keine (Touhou)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Yuri, Slice of Life
Description: With the help of Kaguya, Mokou finally has the courage to confess her feelings to Keine. Unfortunately things turn out a little different than expected and the both of them find themselves in a quite awkward situation.
Year: 2010
Scanlation Group: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
My favorite artist + my favorite pairing + the most adorable story + beautiful art = my favorite doujin of all time. Reading this doujin is like eating a four-course meal, made out of the finest ingredients at a fancy restaurant. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I can’t help it, this doujin is all I ever wanted, put into 2 chapters. If you haven’t read this yet, make up for it now!

I think in most cases, you should actually know the anime the doujinshi are based on to really enjoy reading them. Touhou makes an exception though. I think I’ve learned most of what I now know about the characters by reading doujinshi. But since I especially want you to enjoy reading my number 1, let me give you some very important information that you will need when reading Flaxen Twilight, Acoustic Blue Hour and Flower Bouquet and Prism:
Mokou is immortal, while Keine is a half-beast with a life span that is only slightly longer than that of a normal human. Sounds a little like Twilight, just without vampires and with two girls instead 😛
Oh and what I noticed while browsing through my doujinshi collection is the fact that like 50% of all yuri doujinshi is NSFW, which is a little surprising. I thought it was far less, not that I care though 😉
So I just decided, my next Top 10 list will be about my favorite adult manga/doujinshi.



36 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Doujinshi

  1. Where are Energia's works?!
    … oh, i insist on imposing to you my own opinion, i'm sorry lol.

    Loved almost all of the KyouSaya doujins scanlated by yuri-ism, but i have to say it… Energia's Pikachi is just like a god for me. It was him the one who made me fall in love with KyouSaya to begin with. Then i looked for him in Dynasty… His works are so sexy, even the Hyakko doujins…

    Well, i gotta give a shot to the NanoFate work you mention. Thanks for the recomendations!


  2. Energia's doujinshi are mostly if not all NSFW, which is why they are not listed here, but I'm pretty sure that at least one of these doujinshi will make in in my Top 10 Adult Manga/Doujinshi list 😉

    If you liked “Harmony”, definitely check out Tokoharu's other works:
    And if you want cute and sexy doujinshi, read Naked Feels and Sweetest Love, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


  3. Always glad to see Tokoharu get some well deserved recognition. Basically anything from them is great.

    Surprised to see that Personal Color doesn't make it's way into your ranks. I'm a big fan of their work. They've made so many quality doujinshi. What's your opinion on them?


  4. Hm I don't really know what to say about Personal Color. On the one hand they've made some pretty nice doujinshi that I absolutely enjoyed, such as “Jinsui Ristsu” and “Hakurei Shunga Jiken”, while the latter is the main reason why I love Yukari x Reimu so much.

    On the other hand, there are a whole lot of doujinshi by Personal Color that I still haven't read just because they don't look that interesting to me.

    But I think “Hakurei Shunga Jiken” will definitely make in my 18+ Top 10 list.

    Mind telling me what your favorites are?


  5. I really like the 'Little Girl' series of one-shots. 'Two by this side, Three by the Other' is another great, if a bit long, doujinshi. For the shorter series, I'd probably go with 'About Official Matters', or 'Meeting You in a Dream' or 'Machibito Kitaru' are pretty good too.


  6. “The Young Girl and Little Girl in Forest” of Magic and “About Official Matters” are great, I really love Personal Colors YukarixReimu and MarisaxAlice stuff, well most of them.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. “The Young Girl and the Little Girl…” series is good, but the MarisaxAlice one is my favorite of the three.

    I guess one element to Doujinshi that makes them more polarizing (beyond familiarity with the characters) is also the feelings towards the shipping. I'm not a big fan of 'Yuyuko x Youmu'. Maybe I just haven't read the right work. Either way, that directly affects how I see the doujinshi.

    Are their any shippings you just don't get?


  8. It's true, if you don't like a certain pairing, no matter how great the art or how interesting the story, you will most likely find yourself not enjoying the whole doujin that much.
    YuyukoxYoumu for example is a pairing I can only enjoy in comedy doujinshi because a romance between them would simply feel weird.

    In my case there are no certain shippings that I hate. It's more like I love some pairings so much that I don't like seeing one of them being paired up with someone else.
    Like Mokou x Kaguya or Sakuya x Remilia. In my mind that just doesn't work, Mokou is supposed to be with Keine and Sakuya with Meiling.

    How about you? Are there any shippings you just don't like (other than Yuyuko x Youmu)?


  9. Shippings I just don't like… Any MasterxServant pairing doesn't work for me (hence Yuyuko x Youmu) so that includes Sakuya x Remilia. MaixMikoto. NagisaxShizuma.

    While I wouldn't say I dislike Mokou x Keine, I don't care for the two together. Haven't really read too much with the two together to be honest, so this might just be a case of having not read the right works. And yes, that does make me one of those Mokou x Kaguya shippers.

    Guilty Pleasure Shipping?


  10. Oh, you don't like Mokou x Keine? Hm, maybe you haven't read Vivit Gray's works yet? I only got into them because of her work and now they are my favorite pairing. But then again, I don't know what kind of genres you like the most, so maybe this dramatic romance is not to your liking.

    And Guilty Pleasures… I think I have a lot. Even though I have stated above that I only like specific pairings, there are some doujinshi that are so nicely done that I just love them regardless of the pairing.
    Like “Is it really necessary to do this” by Matilda. This one is about Sakuya x Marisa.
    I think it's the first time that I read about these two together, but it was still such a good read (but pretty much MasterxServant, so don't look it up :P)

    What about you?


  11. Yeah it's very true that certain Doujinshi are so good that they get you into the series rather than the other way around. I got into Touhou through reading Doujinshi, and basically everything I know about the characters comes from them (I did eventually play a few of the games, poorly I might add).

    It's also how I got into Nanoha. I still haven't watched the original series, instead opting for the much easier film versions. Did you watch Smile Precure or are you just going off of Doujinshi?

    MarisaxSakuya!! hahaha, ok that is pretty bad.

    My Guilty Pleasure would be probably have to be NaoxNatsuki. Forever lives in the shadow of ShizNat but I still really enjoyed the two together. They were just so similar, like they could have been friends (and more) if things just ended up differently.


  12. It's the same for me, I only found out about Touhou after reading numerous doujinshi, oh and through the music as well.
    And don't worry you're not the only one who miserably failed at playing the games 😉

    Just a few days ago I watched some Smile Precure episodes, but only because Nao x Reika is recently becoming one of my favorite parings and I wanted to check whether there is at least some yuri subtext going on. Unfortunately there wasn't, well at least in the few episodes I watched.

    Nao x Natsuki looks really weird in my opinion, but even so they strangely match.
    But maybe I just think so because I've read so much (temporary) Nao x Natsuki in fanfictions lately.


  13. Yes, Touhou Music is very good. Absolutely fell in love with the Kinema Kan videos.

    I wish I could gotten to you before you tried to watch Smile Precure. I could have saved you a few hours and just explained that as a children's anime there won't be any Yuri subtext. I don't even understand how NaoxReika began to be honest. I've seen every episode and can't see it.

    Not that it matters how it began, as long as the Doujinshi keep coming in!! haha.


  14. I'm always wondering why so many artists choose to draw doujinshi about characters from basically every Precure season. I mean it's not only Nao x Reika, it's also Hibiki x Kanade, Mana x Rikka and so many more.

    I really don't get it, even though I have no reason to complain about it, I absolutely love most of the Precure doujinshi anyway.

    But at least I now know that I don't have to continue watching Smile Precure 😉


  15. yeah, it is very strange. I'm not sure why so many people gravitate towards Precure. Though in this line of work we have to understand that the higher the ratio of one sex to another leans, the higher the chance for people to see same sex relationships. It's the same way that nearly all shonen series have large amounts of Yaoi fangirls, mostly because they have large quantities of male characters and the slightest form of friendship can be misconstrued. We do the same with female characters, hence K-On! and Precure.

    Also there is the fact that while Yuri is on the rise and becoming more and more accepted, we still don't get any anime with a pure Yuri focus (Aoi Hana, Marimite, Utena, Sasameki Koto). Everything is teases or hints or joke side characters for a punchline. The longer we go, the hungrier we will be, and the more desperate we become.


  16. I thought so too, but even though that explains why people draw yuri doujinshi about these series, I still sometimes wonder why it has to be a child anime like this that people choose to draw adult doujinshi about. I mean ok, this is Japan we're talking about but I still don't get it.

    And even though it sounds like I'm complaining again, I'm not. Isya as well as Kasumi are two of my favorite artists and they almost solely release adult Precure doujinshi…

    I don't know whether you know Pixiv. In short, it's like the biggest Japanese artist community online. I know this might not be a good indicator, but lately the number of popular yuri drawings has been rising there.
    So I sure hope that the genre will gain some more popularity because I can basically not wait any longer for a new pure yuri anime.
    It's so frustrating…


  17. well, to be fair, Heartcatch Precure is really good. I probably put it in my Top 10 anime column. People jumped on board the Precure train at that point and just kept on rolling.

    Pixiv, ehh. I've definitely heard the name, but never surfed the site.

    Yeha, I'm really dying for some real Yuri. Yuru Yuri just doesn't cut it in my mind. I'm grateful and all for a Yuri Hime series to finally be made into an anime… just wish it were something better.

    Rinne no Largane was alright. Railgun is a better anime but the Yuri really plays a much, much smaller, more comedic relief role there.


  18. Yuru Yuri is a fun show but somehow I don't really consider this a pure yuri anime, simply because it's not meant to be taken seriously.

    I don't really know what series are currently in the Yuri Hime magazines, I'm only sure about Citrus.
    And just by the amount of attention this series already got, I think it would be a nice choice for an anime adaption, but that's probably just what I personally want to see.

    Right now, I don't think there is any anime series that's really satisfying when it comes to yuri.
    At least we'll see more of Kuroko's craziness in Railgun. It's not much, but I really do enjoy this show.


  19. Citrus is getting some attention right now, but that's mostly because of the lack of strong scanlation groups working on Yuri projects at the moment. When compared to when Girl Friends was still coming out, or Sasameki Koto I think Citrus still has a ways to go.

    Plus I think we need enough material to make at least a 12 episode series out of. We're going to need multiple volumes, and rapid fire releases, something that a currently running Yuri Hime series can't produce.

    Railgun is a lot of fun and just overall a great show. That said, it's not satisfying on a Yuri level. I don't like Kuroko's Yuri antics. I prefer my Yuri taken seriously and not just for comedic relief.

    If I were a Japanese anime producer looking to make a Yuri anime, I'd probably look into Hayate x Blade. It's more likely to succeed in this environment. It's got plenty of comedy and action for non-Yuri fans. It's got 17 volumes with plenty of material to create a long running multi-season series out of.

    Otherwise you have to go straight to Girl Friends. Obviously I'd rather see Octave, but Girl Friends is the more marketable choice.

    Oh and Marimite Season 5. I know that ship has probably long since sailed, but I'm still dying to learn what happens next for my Lillian ladies.


  20. You just listed some nice choices and I agree, Hayate x Blade has the potential to become a successful anime as well as Girl Friends of course.

    Even so if I were to choose I would still want Citrus. The art is just gorgeous as well as the characters and I have a feeling that a show that starts out with two beautiful girls kissing and continues on like this might be a big hit.
    And we all know that these two are the main reasons why the manga is so popular to begin with.

    So far I've never experienced the joy of having a manga you read getting animated (I watched Aoi Hana/Sasameki Koto before reading the manga). It's such a pity…


  21. Give Citrus a few years. 2015 maybe it might be good.

    It's going to require a lot of material to make into an anime. For Sasameki Koto's 13 episode anime run they used material from 2 volumes, around 12 chapters.

    Citrus began publication in November of 2012. Yuri Hime publishes a volume every two months. That means it has 4 chapters currently released, not even enough for a whole volume. At this current rate It'll reach 12 chapters by August 2014.

    But if did get an anime release… OMG I'd be jumping for joy! I would buy up the DvD release without hesitation.

    I was around for the great 2009 season of Yuri Anime. We had Marimite Season 4, Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, and Railgun Season 1 (Kanamemo too, but I try not to remember that show).


  22. Ah 2009 must have been a great year and I wasn't really “there” to witness it, well I just stared getting into anime at that time, so I didn't really experience the joy of so man yuri anime releases…

    If your calculation is correct, then they should just make 2014 into a glorious yuri year in which at least two pure yuri series will be released and some with nice subtext.
    It's probably not going to happen but just imagining it is already pretty nice…
    Wow, I'm really desperate 😛


  23. 2009 was amazing. It was a special time. I had hoped that it would lead to more Yuri anime being released regularly, but sadly that wasn't the case.

    Even if Yuri anime didn't take off at that point, Yuri manga definitely did take off. The amount of Yuri exclusive anthologies released now is quite overwhelming. It's scary to think just how little Yuri is getting scanlated in comparison to the overall Yuri being released in Japan.


  24. Nice list, I haven't really got into Touhou yet, any suggestions on where to start?

    Also, I was wondering if you know where to read / download Doropanda Tours: Fuzzy Navel?


  25. Hmm where to start… that's a good question. It depends on what kind of genres you like. If you're into romance and cute stuff, start with Vivit Gray's Mokou x Keine doujinshi:
    Start with “Blanket” and if you like that, read the rest of his/her MakouKeine doujinshi.

    It's hard to tell you where to start, so I only gave you my favorite Touhou author, but there are so many more great artists, great stories and great couples, so if you could specify what you want to read, I might be able to name just the right ones for you 😉

    Oh and I can't find “Fuzzy Navel” online, so use the contact me function on the right side of my blog to write me, so I can upload it for you and send you the link.


  26. Hm Yuru Yuri doujinshi, that's hard.
    I don't read them very often, since I don't have any pairings I especially like.
    I also don't want to recommend you random adult ones, so I'll just recommend you to go to the Dynasty Reader and find yourself one with some nice Tags 😉


  27. hey admin could you share me please the Doropanda Tours: Fuzzy Navel. I can't find it in the internet. I already send you a contact email 🙂 thanks


  28. Woahh,, thank you so much Ms. Lena, I really appreciate this 🙂

    Mind if I share this to my own yuri page on facebook?


  29. No problem 😉
    And this was not my link, so you're asking the wrong person, but since the one I got this link from, shared it online, I'm pretty sure this is fine


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