Anime Review: Kuttsukiboshi OVA

Kiiko (left), Aaya (right)
Spoiler Warning!
Length: 2 episodes
Genre:Yuri, Romance, Fantasy, Ecchi
Characters: 6/10

Kiiko Kawakawi:Kiiko has developed some strange telekinetic powers after an accident that happened some time ago. There is no more information on what kind of accident it was and how that made her adept these powers. I guess throughout that whole anime I kind of learned to just accept things without questioning them further…
Aaya Saitou: She’s one of the more popular girls in class who gets along with basically everyone. But what most people don’t know about, is the fact that she’s spending most of her afternoons with classmate Kiiko, helping her getting better at using her powers.
Story: 4/10
After a severe accident, Kiiko finds herself developing some strange telekinetic powers that only she and her friend Aaya know about. While Aaya is determined to learn more about that power, Kiiko uses their meetings after school just to spend some more time with her secret crush. Luckily she finds out that her feelings are mutual but the bliss of their togetherness doesn’t last too long.
That’s more or less what happens in the first episode and if you don’t wanna get spoiled too much that’s where you should probably stop reading.

So watching the first half of the first episode was pretty weird already but mostly cute. We get a brief introduction of the characters and they just spend some time together. The second part of this episode is where things start to get really weird. From the beginning this anime gave away an odd feeling but it reached its first climax of weirdness right at the end of episode one, where we find Aaya having sex with her brother and Kiiko witnessing the whole act. You could say, this single episode left some great impression on me already, not in a positive way though. 
Throughout the almost 2 years we had to wait for the second episode I’ve had enough time to come up with some explanations for this last scene and I think it may be because I watch way too much anime, that I got the “logic” right and came up with just the right answer. So episode two reveals Kiiko’s motives behind her actions in a way that’s oddly understandable but still too illogical to believe. Ah well, it turns out her brother is ill and has to undergo an operation that might cost his life. And as a last wish, he wants to have sex with his sister. Sounds reasonable right?
And of course as a good sister, Aaya goes along with it. Whoever is thinking that this is weird already, be prepared, the “best” part has yet to happen.
It’s not like Aaya tries to apologize and clear things up in a normal way, no, she comes up with something much better. So after using a little trick to get Kiiko to come into some kind of storage room, she knocks her out, ties her up and locks the both of in. And as if this wouldn’t be creepy enough, she doesn’t use her forced alone time with Kiiko to talk about the problem at hand, she just rapes her… 
In episode 2 things gradually get weirder the further we get into the episode. And even after Aaya releases Kiiko, crazy stuff keeps happening. Like Aaya keeps coming at Kiiko just to have sex with her.
Funny thing, this is not a hentai, even though the amount of sexual content is high. I really don’t know why this is only PG-13. I guess the amount of naked skin is kind of low but their sexual actions are still very clear.
So in the end Aaya leaves Japan, but before that Kiiko mysteriously finds out about what happened between Aaya and her brother. She uses her powers to teleport into the plane and after that both of them wrap away to another planet.
Happy End.
Yes, that makes sense….
I guess I used the word “weird” way too many times already but that’s probably the best way to describe this story, just very very weird.
Animation: 5/10
The animation is not that bad, but in my opinion definitely below average. I guess they didn’t really have that much money to produce this short series, which is why the characters look rather plain and not very high in detail.
Sound and Music: 6/10
From what I can judge, the voices are pretty fitting, especially Kiiko’s voice. The music on the other hand was rather forgettable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t like the music, it’s just that it was boring.
Yuri: 8/10
All this short series is about is the relationship between Aaya and Kiiko, nothing more and nothing less. And while the anime starts out rather innocent, it gradually becomes dirtier, to the point where I would call this a borderline hentai even. I mean they have sex basically everywhere and these scenes, even though they are not very long or explicit, are making it pretty clear what’s going on.

Total Enjoyment:3/10
As a yuri fan I was totally excited about this OVA. I mean I was already satisfied enough knowing that the characters look nice and that this was going to be a pure yuri title. But things turned out different than expected and my excitement quickly turned into confusion while watching the first episode. And when I finished watching the second one, I was not only confused but totally weirded out.
I’ve thought about this more than once, maybe this anime is a masterpiece and I’m just too stupid to really realize its true brilliance. But then again maybe this anime is really just as confusing and weird as I think it is.
So should you watch it? As a yuri fan, probably yes. This is only 2 episodes long, so you won’t waste that much time on it. And as I said before, this show will leave an impression on you. I just don’t know whether it will be a good or a bad one.

18 thoughts on “Anime Review: Kuttsukiboshi OVA

  1. I also felt strange watching this OVA, I found it by “accident” and just after finishing it thought “What da f…..????”
    Liked the dirty side though =)


  2. Hehe before things got really weird in episode 2 I actually enjoyed the dirty side of this show as well. But as soon as the raping started and especially when they were having sex in the subway with other people around, I felt a little uncomfortable…^^


  3. Well. This anime was alright at the beginning but I think that's more just deconstructing the anime to its bare bones and then using a microscope to inspect it further.. A bad habit I've seemed to pick up.

    Regardless I liked the first episode despite the weirdness of the information that was being presented to me. But the second episode? Yeah… No. That whole second episode destroyed basically what little respect the first episode had made. The plot was horrible.

    One thing I dislike in particular is that it confuses you and the as you so eloquently put it ” she doesn’t use her forced alone time with Kiiko to talk about the problem at hand, she just rapes her… ” I really can't stomach that idea but that's morals talking.

    Overall I disliked it but I would watch it again if only for the yuri 🙂


  4. I'm pretty sure, if we took away the sick brother, Kiiko's powers and those weird star pendants, this anime would have been great.

    All that's left would be a sweet and ecchi love story and this would most likely be highly watchable (at least for us yuri fans).


  5. Well, I kind of enjoyed the “rape” scene, it was something different than the usual yuri we find (not Hentai I mean…), usually we do not see the characters go that far.

    The subway scene was kind of strange, delusional and extreme and the same time. Maybe we should try it to understand??? Please, you try first and let me know, I am kind of busy at this moment….


  6. It's true, rape is a theme we definitely don't find often in anime, but that's mainly because it will turn into a Hentai if they take things too far. The only anime that comes to mind right now is Kannazuki no Miko, but in this case the rape scene actually made sense and it was important to the story as well. But most importantly Chikane's actions were kind of understandable. In this case it was just random and somehow unfitting.

    Also the subway scene really seemed extreme and strange but I can't see the bigger meaning behind this.I think it was just Aaya's desperate attempt to spend as much “quality time” with Kiiko as possible until she had to leave.


  7. It was mostly as if they were trying to make up for the anime being 'yuri only'… As if they thought it wouldn't be enough neither it would earn them enough money… i don't know much about that, but i kinda get that feeling.
    Btw, i don't know how you people watch something and are able to wait for the “conclusion” for years?! I don't have the guts for something like that, i would certainly die while waiting.


  8. It's mostly really hard to wait for a new episode or a new chapter but only if the anime or manga is really good.
    Kuttsukiboshi just isn't which is why I wasn't even waiting for the second episode to come out.

    I don't really know whether the producers knew that the story of this one is crappy, maybe they did, which is why they added so many sex scenes in. And I think that was a pretty clever idea, because most people who watch Kuttsukiboshi, watch it for the sex and not for the yuri romance only.


  9. I thank you for letting me know the second episode came out, I had forgotten that I was waiting for it. I will agree that some of the elements left much to be desired (there's only so much you can do as a solo animator), but overall it wasn't too bad. I was actually imagining it to be somewhat worse than I found it to be based on this review, but I tend to do that a lot.

    I'm not sure if it has any relevance, but I think I handled the weird and supernatural aspects better than I would have a month or so ago due to being introduced to works by Dowman Sayman that have recently shown up on the Dynasty-scans reader. That's some weird stuff I'll tell you.


  10. I think I only know one manga by Dowman Sayman and this is really beyond weird, so I can definitely understand why the weirdness of Kuttsukiboshi didn't really affect you that much 😉


  11. Well this is my favorite yuri animate, even though it's too short and it seems that most people here don't like it. I like the ED of the second episode, quite exciting and moving… O(∩_∩)O~~ (they went to the Yuri Star at the last scene? 😛


  12. Out of desperation for a pure, yuri anime and partly because of “that time of the month” (TMI), I just watched this anime again.

    I think this anime is not best described as “weird” more so than “rushed”. Or rather, it’s weird because it’s rushed. On the other hand, if you have an aversion to ecchi, rape, voyeurism and incest, then what I just said goes out the window completely–you’d just hate it.

    For me personally, I have to agree that the storyline sucked but I’d be far more accepting of it, if they just took time to build up to these “weird” scenes in a slow, incremental way laced with some sort of real meaning…maybe in four episodes instead of two. Then I would have said “passionate rape? that’s interesting”, “manipulative incest? I get it!” and “random pendants that Aaya bought online with mystical powers….?”….yeah, that last one is sort of a stretch.

    Overall, if I had to be as inappropriate as possible to describe this anime, I’d think of it as having sex (don’t want to drop any f-bombs) versus making love. Sure, it felt great to watch for its cute, somewhat ecchi scenes, but because it was rushed without a decent storyline, it left me feeling used, cheap, dirty and dissatisfied…

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  13. To be “hentai” honestly i think it was to short, i mean, i was expecting more action between the protagonists and see more skin like sono hanabira.
    Was a nice story (and creepy, the scene with the brother…).


  14. Honestly, this was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever watched. I can’t decide if it’s masterful genius or trashy porn. I was interested in the characters and their relationship, but everything was so weird and the plot so odd that I think it may have been brilliant but I’m just not sure. For me this was either a 10/10 or a 0/10. SO basically a ?????/10.


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