Yuri Manga “Sakura Trick” and "Akuma no Riddle" to Get Anime Adaptations

Finally there will be a pure yuri anime again! The manga is called “Sakura Trick”, if you wanna read it, visit Yuri Project. They just recently translated the first chapter or just click here to read it online.
Also here’s some information about it:
Author: Tachi
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Yuri
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Ongoing

Yuu and Haruka were inseparable during junior high but a cruel twist of fate put them on opposite sides of the class when entering senior high. Forced to spend more time with their other classmates, they decide to do something to keep their relationship special. A comedy 4koma. (Yuri Project)

Right now, there is unfortunately no more information about this other than what you can read here.

So are you excited, because I sure am! I just read the first chapter of this manga a few days ago and I already like it. Still I have to add that I would have preferred to see some other yuri manga getting animated over this one. And I also fear that this anime won’t be that successful, which might lead to even less yuri anime releases in the future, but what am I even complaining and worrying about right now.

We barely have any information about this, so let’s all patiently wait for more and see how things will turn out.

Also check out this post here. I’ve never heard of the manga “Akuma no Riddle”, it probably doesn’t have an English translation yet, so I think most of us won’t know what this is all about.
From the description and the cover I get the feeling that this will either be a pure yuri anime or one with some serious yuri undertones. Either way it looks pretty nice.

Here’s some information about this one as well:

Author:Kouga Yun/ Minakata Sunao
Genre: Assasins, School Setting, Yuri (?)
Year: 2012
Length: 1 volumes
Status: Ongoing

 At a boarding girls’ high school where every student is assassin, they target only one life – “Ichinose Hare”. Similarly, “Azuma Tokaku” is an assassin who transferred schools to target her, however she gradually became attracted to “Hare” and decided to protect her. Extreme school life START! (mangaupdates.com)

 Hopefully a translation group will pick up this manga, so we can see what this will be all about. For now let’s all hope for a lot of yuri in this one.

6 thoughts on “Yuri Manga “Sakura Trick” and "Akuma no Riddle" to Get Anime Adaptations

  1. I don't wanna be too greedy, but I'm actually hoping for even more great news like this.
    I'm also looking for Akuma to Riddle right no, so when I'll find it, I can tell you how much yuri we can expect to see.


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