Doujin by Kasumi [Mura Mura Pocky]

This time I only got a short yet very cute doujin for you, I hope you’ll enjoy it~

Pairing: Nao x Reika (Smile Precure)
Artist: Kasumi (Mura Mura Pocky)


4 thoughts on “Doujin by Kasumi [Mura Mura Pocky]

  1. I already thought about sharing them on the Dynasty Reader, if the ones responsible for this agree of course.
    But I don't really know how to contact them and these are also pretty short ones so I don't know whether they would really want to put these up as well.


  2. Same Anon here

    There are some 2-3 page one-shots there so everything yuri oriented is more then acceptable 😉

    As for contact you can poke them on twitter (DynastyScans), or irc, or in the “Online Reader Suggestions for Improvement” thread ( or use the “upload request” function (I assume you have an account there :P). So there are many ways 😀


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