New Sono Hanabira Visual Novel announced

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Lately they seem to release quite a lot new Visual Novels for the Sono Hanabira series, which is absolutely great~
So just yesterday Yurin Yurin announced yet another game of the series that is called “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi“ (The Angels’ Spring Romance).

Just like in the previous game “Longing of an Angel”, the art of this is as well done by Aida Takanobu and Madoka Madoka wrote the story.

Just from the few promo pictures, you’ll notice that the art looks a little different than what we’ve already seen in “Longing of an Angel”, even though it’s done by the same artists. But in my opinion what we see in this one looks a little better, not to mention that the breast size of both of the main characters look reasonable and not as gigantic as Chiaki’s breasts in the previous game. 

Furthermore, even though both new characters look almost exactly like Chiaki and Ringo from “Longing of an Angle”, they’re different characters that both at least made minor appearances in the previous game. 

Here’s some information about the game that I shamelessly copied from

The Characters:

Hikawa Yuuno
Voice: Meriru Yuka

An extreeemely pushy and overprotective girl.
In her first year of nursing school.  Satsuki’s classmate and dormmate.
Has a soft, feminine disposition.  Fairly protective, she always speaks formally, with a deference to others.

Her overbearing disposition stems from her “What would you do without me?” attitude toward the frequently troubled Satsuki.

Ishigami Satsuki
Voice: Anzu Hana

A brilliant, but frank and aloof girl with boyish tendencies.
What you would call an aloof mystery. Up front and self-assured. She always speaks in a masculine way.
Although she’s never had much interest in eating, Yuuno has been using her home cooking to draw her out more, so that she’ll be straightforward with her expressions of affection, regardless of their surroundings.

Yuuno (left), Satsuki (right)

The Story:

Yuuno had just been admitted to nursing school and was filled with a desire to watch over her classmate and roommate, Satsuki.

Satsuki was a brilliant girl who was admitted to nursing school with top marks; however, she wasn’t very aware of her surroundings, and her ability to get by on her own was extremely poor… She was kind of eccentric.

From that time on, Yuuno spent her days feeling fulfilled in the role of an accomplished older girl taking care of an inept younger sister…

“I feel like we’ve become more than friends.  No, I’d go as far as to say I love you.” How will Yuuno react to Satsuki’s sudden confession…?

The release date for “Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi” is set for 30 August 2013.

If you want to find out more about this game, visit the official website by clicking here.
And if you can’t understand Japanese visit and find information about this and all the previous SonoHana games translated into English.

And here you have some more sample pictures~


6 thoughts on “New Sono Hanabira Visual Novel announced

  1. Shamelessly copied from the Mechanical entity? I think the robot welcomes more exposure to the series in any way possible…as long as you reference the mechanical wonder of yuridom.

    Anyhoo, you already know I'm psyched for this entry in the Med-School trilogy.


  2. I usually don't like copying descriptions from other sites, I rather make my own one, but in this case it's of course inevitable 😉

    Can't wait for this game as well, I hope my translation tools will be good enough for this one since they failed miserably for “Longing of an Angel”.


  3. I haven't really been following the translation statuses of all the SonoHana games since I already know that it will probably take years till the latest ones will be fully translated, if they even get a translation at all.
    But seriously if you're as impatient as I am, try some translation tools.
    These translations can totally ruin the fun in certain scenes, but what else can we do, well other than learning Japanese…


  4. Just took a look at the CGs for this one and I have to say, it looks pretty good.
    But I think (and I'm only looking at the art right now) that this game will not be as cute as the ones drawn by Peko.


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