Announcement: The Translation of the Visual Novel “Sengoku no Kuroyuri” Has Stopped

Some of you probably already know this, since “AlmiraTheGreat”, the head translator of the translation group already announced this on Twitter some time ago.

I’ve been in contact with them via emails, so I wanted to ask and make things certain myself, but since I haven’t received an answer of them yet, I think it’s safe to assume that this project really won’t be continued, at least not by this group.

Since they’re not replying anymore, I also can’t tell you the reason why they stopped working on this project. On Twitter, they said it’s because of some personal issues. Furthermore, and please note that I’m not certain about this, the translation of the visual novel Limit Panic might have stopped as well. The translation group working on this one is linked to the ones that translated Sengoku no Kuroyuri. I don’t have direct contact with this group, since I got the status updates to both visual novels over AlmiraTheGreat.

I’m probably not the only one that was really looking forward to these visual novels, but maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll submit what they’ve already translated to another translation group or even to Yuri Project, so someone else can pick up where they left off.

I haven’t made that suggestion to them yet, and I would really appreciate if someone else could present this idea to them, so that their work won’t go to waste.


8 thoughts on “Announcement: The Translation of the Visual Novel “Sengoku no Kuroyuri” Has Stopped

  1. dammmmm….

    o well lets hope some1 might be interested in continuing this

    limit panic did look a bit 'meh' though


  2. Well, I already posted my thoughts on the project page, but it looks like this will get picked back up in September. Check their twitter for details, and thank Aaeru for trying to get their scripts out into the open for others to pick up and continue the project, only to get the real reason why they had stopped in the first place. If all goes as they said, then they'll resume translation in September… when they get their HDD back. Geez… that still seems wrong to me. Though at least for now their is hope that this visual novel with get translated.


  3. Aaeru has really been a great help with this and it's nice that we now know more about this, even though it is pretty messed up in my opinion.
    I will update this project once they'll pick it up again, which will hopefully really happen in September.


  4. Yeah, I've been keeping up with Fuwanovel for a while now. It's a terrific site, and it feels like Aaeru does a really good job to provide us with information about visual novels. Of course, I think this site is great as well. I''m especially thankful for the information on Sengoku no Kuroyuri. Before I was just aware of the translation by VNTL tracker. It wasn't until I did a search that I was able to find this site and get some actual information. So keep up the good work Lena, and let's hope we get to see a translated version of Sengoku no Kuroyuri in the future. ^^


  5. Fuwanovel really is great, but I just found out about it some months ago when I started working on this blog.
    And thank you, I will try my best and keep you informed 🙂


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