How About Some Really Weird Yuri Manga?

Don’t read this if you’re under 18!

Before I start my list, let me just give you all a slight warning; If you decide to read one or some of the mentioned manga/doujinshi that I’m going to list, be prepared because most of them are really fucked up, some very bloody and most of them NSFW.

Maybe it’s just me, but every once in a while I think it’s refreshing to read something completely out of the ordinary. And even though most of what I’m going to show you will be “refreshing” in a very bad and creepy kind of way, there are still some that might make you laugh or that you’ll even come to like. So please note that this is just my opinion. What I might consider absolutely weird and fucked up might be totally normal for someone else, it just depends on what you are already acquainted with and what kind of genres you like.
So what I’m going to do, is sharing some of those works with you that either grossed me out, left me with a very uncanny and eerie feeling or just made me go “What the hell am I reading?”
So for everyone who wants to read something different, something out of the ordinary or just something to learn to appreciate “ordinary” manga more, please continue reading. This time I tried to give links for all the mentioned manga, so just click on the title and read online whatever you might find interesting.

Title: Banzai!
Author: Organic Compound
Genre: Comedy, Yukari x Reimu, Weird, 

Description: Yukari and Sanae pay poor Reimu a visit, just to harass her a little and to lick her armpits ….?!
Year: 2009
Scanlation Group: Wings of Yuri

So let’s start off with something harmless, that’s just a little bit over the top and maybe even a little creepy, especially Yukari… Still this doujin is also kind of hilarious, if you can actually share this kind of humor that is.
Author: Haya Hanatsu
Genre: Tragedy, Supernatural, School Life, Bullying
Description: Since they have both been living in the same orphanage, Megumi and Kyou have spend almost all of their lives together and share a sisterly relationship with each other. But unlike Kyou, Megumi is not very popular at school and always ends up getting bullied. However Kyou is absolutely not ok with that and starts to take matters into her own two hands…. or into her own two claws?

Year: 2010

Scanlation Group: Lililicious

This one-shot doesn’t start out all that bad but turns out to be pretty weird, really quickly, but when you get to the end of it…. That’s probably when the really weird and even creepy part happens.
Title: Rapunzel
Author: Komoda,
Genre: Yandere, School Setting, Creeeeeepy
Description: Thanks to a misunderstanding, Saika ends up attacking her secret crush Mio, cutting off all her beautiful hair, which the both of them loved so much. Still even though she’s aware of the horrible thing she just did to Mio, the latter doesn’t really see things so gravely, but she still makes Saika pay for what she did…
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Binbou Scanlation

This is a sweet story in a very very sick kind of way, I mean attacking your crush and cutting off her hair with a box cutter is one thing, but what happened at the end is a whole new level of weird and disturbing. And the fact that they’re both ok with it is probably the weirdest part of it all, still the art is kind of nice …. 😛
Title: Desire
Author: Irua
Genre: Violence, Bloody, Eirin x Kaguya, Adult
Description: Kaguya seemingly can’t put her desires the right way and ends up beating Eirin up, just to see her cry out in pain once.
Year: 2011
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project

This is a pretty bloody doujin with Kaguya beating up someone other than Mokou for once. And even though Eirin is ok with it in the end, I still don’t really get what just happened there, because this was just too cruel.
Title: Rooftop
Author: Rov
Genre: Rape, Bullying, Violence, Adult
Description: This one is about a girl called Sachiko who got beaten up by a bunch of people on the rooftop of their school. Yuna, a girl of that crowd stays a little longer, just to harass Sachiko a little more, to rape her and to threaten her into becoming her personal plaything.
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Little White Butterflies

The description sounds horrible enough and trust me on this one, you really don’t want to read this. This one-shot was just too cruel and fucked up, I really hated it, still something like that needs to be listed here as well.
Author: Shisei Kuromasa
Genre: Supernatural, Lots of Tentacles, Rape, Weird
Description: I’ve only read the first chapter of this one and the following is pretty much everything I still remember of it: Tentacle Rape with lots of slimy tentacles raping a poor little school girl that just wanted to use the toilet. 
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: Kamikakushi

Slimy tentacles raping a little school girl does sound great indeed….Yeah… I don’t really know whether this manga has more in store than just some tentacle rape, since I only read the first chapter but I’m pretty sure that I won’t continue reading this. Still tentacle fans will love this.
Title: Suck Way
Genre: Lolicon, Exhibitionism, Adult, Weird
Description: Let me just explain what happens in here with a little screenshot I took while reading this:
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Binbou Scanlation

This was hilariously disturbing. I mean just by seeing the second page of this one-shot, I already knew how that would turn out. And seriously, that was just beyond weird, especially when she put that textbook into use…
For now let me just stop here, but there are so many more weird ones out there, that you can be sure to find another list like that in here pretty soon.

27 thoughts on “How About Some Really Weird Yuri Manga?

  1. And then people complain about futanari being weird as fuck… It was a surprise that i had already read all of these… i must be weird as well (?).

    The last one! It always amaze me how no one notice anything, in this one at least it happens, thought until the very end. I had a good laugh with it xD


  2. Compared to some of the doujinshi mentioned in this list, futanari doesn't look so weird anymore.
    And as long as it's well done, futanari is not that bad. Well at least that's what I think.

    “Suck Way” really was weird in a hilarious way and I was wondering the whole time, why no one noticed them as well… 😛


  3. The stories have meanings to them even though there thrown at you in a hard way to to take in. For example repunzel was about a girl (saika) who loved to see her lovers beautiful hair and the other (mia) loved the attention she got from her love because of her hair. By taking each others eyes and hair was showing that they didnt need to have beauty or eyes to see it all. What they truly wanted was each other no matter what. Although im sure if someone cut out my eyes to prove that point theyd better kill me because id be pissed off hehe. I guess they still are pretty creepy but once u realize what there trying to say you look past that and feel the meaning they were trying to give… Or not lol either way ur in for a surprise.


  4. Also to note to others and myself always read summary.i came into take that hand manga expecting weird and creepy not tenacle porn 😦 i hate tenacle rape mangas and not just that i hate it but they creep me out to a degree of watching some of the worst horrors imaginable, so remember boys and girls when the title says weird disturbing mangas read the summary or else ull have nightmares like me of tena.. T_T cant even bear to hear the word muttered let alone say it.


  5. You're right, Rapunzel is one of those weird manga that really have some kind of deeper meaning, which is just presented to us in a somehow terrifying way.
    And it's one of the works that you won't finish, thinking that you will never read this again, it's more like this one makes you think about what happened even more.
    Well not that we can say the same thing about “Take that hand” or “Suck Way” 😛

    And yeah, tentacles rape is one of the things Japan invented, that I really don't approve of…


  6. So I went and read the tentacle one, Take that hand or something, and now I feel like a part of me is missing… Maybe my innocence…. Only got to like, chapter three and then I closed it… So, thank you, Lena K for giving me a link that has just scarred me for life. Appreciate it.

    [Meant as a joke, not something to hurt your feelings!]
    ~Squiggle! XD


  7. I'll go and do that. In fact, I've went and looked at every one of them to read something different… Worst mistake of my life…. I can never see octopuses the same way every again…. { Is that how it's spelled? } Whatever. Anywho's, thank you for the list! XD Now I'm off to read citrus by Saburo Uta. Yay!

    ~Squiggles! XD


  8. woah…..refreshing? more like twists and turns make me burn. lol
    maybe you could do another really weird yuri manga post but next time use somethin not messed up yea?


  9. Hey, Lena.

    As you know, I'm working my way through your recommendation lists and I happened upon this. I just read Rapunzel and i feel kinda ill. You weren't kidding when you described it as “Creeeeeepy”. =P Have you seen the anime School Days? I feel like I did after watching that.

    Strangely I did enjoy I Love You, just not sure if I should be happy about it or not. XD

    Thank you for new and… uh… different worlds of yuri I have never seen before. =D


  10. Hey there,

    I'm always happy if people find my lists useful, though I wasn't sure anyone would really use this one 😀
    And nope, I haven't watched School Days and I think I don't want to after reading this 😛


  11. This is a late reply, but it's true. I've literally gone on recently added, and am working my way backwards through EVERYTHING.


  12. Wow. I just finished reading all of them and I gotta say… Suck way messed me up but it was hilarious LOL. I was thinking ” What the flying f*ck did I just read..?” Although, I liked he I Love You, even though she died… ( spoiler ) ; – ; I wished she didn't and they both got together…


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