My Top 10 Favorite Adult Manga and Doujinshi

Do not read this if you are under 18.

I don’t even know how many Top 10 lists I’ve already made, but what I can say with certainty is, that there will be a lot more 😉
In my previous Top 10 favorite Manga list as well as in the one about my favorite Doujinshi, I restricted myself from picking anything that is NSFW. And just as the title lets you predict, I’m going to catch up on all the adult works that I wanted to mention in my previous lists but couldn’t, with this one.
But before I start, let me just give you a brief explanation of what kind of works you will find here. So first of all, most works will be doujinshi and the reason for that is simple; Being acquainted with the characters is already a huge plus for me, but when it’s about characters that I ship as well, the satisfaction of seeing them paired up together in a nicely drawn doujin is just vast. Also note that I prefer an adult work to have at least some kind of story, a lot of romance and in general a more gentle and loving H-scene rather than just meaningless, overly explicit and fancy sex between characters with unnaturally huge breasts.
If you find one or more of the mentioned manga interesting, just click on the title and you’ll be redirected to the dynasty reader, where you can read them online.
With that said, let’s move on to my list, enjoy~
Author:  Ichinose
(Pairing): Marisa x Alice (Touhou)
Genre:  First Time, Fantasy, Adult
Description:  Marisa and Alice have been together for a while now and Alice feels that it’s maybe about time for them to take their relationship to the next level.
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: Team Vanilla
This is one of those doujinshi that have adult themes, but which at least I can’t really view as an adult work, since what is shown in this doujin is just way too cute to be really considered erotic. But then again this is exactly what I like the most, so way to go Ichinose!

Author: Milk Morinaga
Pairing: Sumire x Yukino (Rhythm and Police)
Genre:  Romance, Drama, Adult
Description:  Yukino is about to get married to Mashita, a guy she doesn’t even love, just to test and find out whether Sumire, the girls she’s actually in love with, would really let that marriage happen. And on the day of the wedding things get a little messed up…
Year: 2009
Scanlation Group:  Lililicious
When first reading this one, I didn’t even know that this was a doujin (I didn’t read the for/afterword) and even now, I still don’t know the anime(?) this doujin is based on. Nonetheless, this is a short but really nice one by one of the greatest yuri mangaka, Milk Morinaga.
Title: Egoist Box
Author: Sekihara Umina (Niratama)
(Pairing): Hatsune Miku x Luka (Vocaloid)
Genre:  Comedy, First Time, Adult
Description:  This doujin gives you a little insight into the daily life of Miku and Luka and how their relationship slowly develops. But maybe things are going a little too slow for Luka, which is why she tries to push Miku a little into the right direction.
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism, Yuri Project

Vocaloid doujinshi have never really interested me that much because I’m not even a Vocaloid fan to begin with, but ever since Niratama has picked up this pairing, I’m in love with them. This one in particular is pretty great, just look at how cute Miku looks and how very sexy Luka is~

Author: Rokuroichi
Genre:  Angst, Romance, Adult
Description: Chika contained her feelings for classmate Mitsuki for quite a while, which lead to some pretty explicit dreams she’s been having about her secret crush each and every night. In these dreams she can finally let loose of her feelings, but they can also not ease her loneliness. But what if Mitsuki happens to have dreams about Chika as well?
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
I wasn’t really the biggest Rokuroichi fan at first, but after reading some more of his/her works I started to like this unique art style more and more. And in my opinion, “I want to lock you up” is Rokuroichi’s best work so far and for a one-shot, this kind of story really pulled me in.
Author: Tama II (Fukuya)
(Pairing): Madoka x Homura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
Genre:  Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Adult
Description: Homura’s love for Madoka is so vast, it can even make miracles happen. So just for one day, Madoka returns back to Homura and the two of them spend some lovely hours together.
Year: 2012
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism
This is like the ultimate doujin for all MadoHomu fans. It’s funny at first, becomes absolutely cute and then ends in a totally sexy way, what else can we ask for?!

Author: Ooshima Tomo (COCOA BREAK)
(Pairing): Nao x Reika (Smile Precure)
Genre:  Comedy, School Life, Romance, Adult
Description:  It’s summer break and Nao has already made a mental plan of how and especially with whom she’ll spend most, if not all of her free time with and that is with Reika of course. Unfortunately the latter seems to have made a completely different plan of how to spend her summer vacation and it doesn’t even include Nao.
Year: 2013
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism
Funny, cute and drawn oh so very well, 3 of the most important things for me in both manga and doujinshi. And since this doujin combines all of them, it’s of course one of my favorites.
Title:  2 Become 1
Author: 434 Not Found (Isya)
(Pairing): Hibiki x Kanade (Suite Precure)
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, School Life, Adult
Description:  Since Kanade feels like sex is the only thing the two of them do together lately, she bans any kind of sexual activity for one whole month. And while Hibiki is desperately trying to get along with it, she’s still getting quite desperate over the course of time.
Year: 2011
Scanlation Group: Yuri-ism
This is one of the more explicit works, but it still doesn’t feel like the only purpose of this doujin was to deliver some yuri sex scenes. This one, just like most of isya’s works has quite a nice story with some hilarious scenes cleverly mixed into it.

Author: Tokoharu
(Pairing): Nanoha x Fate (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Adult
Description: This one doesn’t really have a real story, it’s just the night of Fate’s birthday, so Nanoha goes along with any of Fate’s weird yet very cute habits.
Year: 2009
Scanlation Group: NanoFate
Anything that happens in this doujin is a lot of sweet talk, Fate acting a little spoiled and the two of them celebrating Fate’s birthday in the most intimate way possible. This doujin as well doesn’t really feel all that perverted, since this is not very explicit and the two of them are just waaaay too cute together.

Author: Amano Shuninta
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Adult
Description: The series follows the life of 4 hostesses at Club Rose and how they struggle while searching and finally finding love.
Year: 2011
Scanlation Group: Kawaii Scans
When it comes to adult manga, Amano Shuninta is one of the few artists you can be sure to always come up with new, interesting and unique stories, which have adult themes involved but still have the story as the most important theme and not the sex. So in this case, what you’ll find in “Sweet, Guilty Love Bites” is not just one nice romance, you’ll get three and each and every one of them is enjoyable in its own way.

Author: Vivit Gray (Shinoasa)
(Pairing): Mokou x Keine (Touhou)
Genre: Romance, Adult, First time
Description: You can see this work as a continuation of all the doujinshi that have been collected in Vivit Gray’s doujinshi collection called “Flower Bouquet and Prism”. It’s like the peak of the author’s MokouxKeine story and shows their first time having sex together and what kind of instances lead to this.
Year: 2011
Scanlation Group: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
Out of all doujinshi and manga I’ve ever read, adult ones or not, this is my absolute favorite work. And that is not because I’m a pervert who only likes 18+ stuff, it’s rather because beyond everything, this doujin doesn’t feel like your typical NSFW doujin. It’s explicit and the sex scene is quite long if you ask me, but still I think there’s nothing really perverted about it. It’s for once a mutual and really beautiful display of sex and furthermore, the fact that Vivit Gray, an artist with such a beautiful and cute art style drew this, makes this doujin the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever read. However I would not recommend you to read this without having read Vivit Gray’s previous MokouxKeine works and if you still haven’t done that, you should really do so now.



6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Adult Manga and Doujinshi

  1. I have read all of these, except for the Touhou ones /o/ i love with all my heart the Egoist Box, i wasn't even so into vocaloid but that doujin really does miracles! 2 Become 1 comes right after the Egoist Box in my own preferences but yeah, the art it's quite gorgeus and it is a lovely story.
    I'm amazed there's no KyoSaya but i guess i'm the only one that gets so chirpy with the pairing. Energia's Pikachi doujins of KyoSaya are delicious, especially the “Our Survival Strategy” + “Sayaka's Grand Strategy for Sex” setting. I'm sorry, i'm getting all serious again.
    Thank you for your recomendations!


  2. “Our Survival Strategy” as well as “Hakurei Shunga” by Personal Color were in the list of my top picks as well, but they didn't make it. And you sure have good taste 😉
    It's nice to read other peoples opinions as well and you're right, Niratama is really a great artist with a lovely art style.


  3. I think in most cases it's the artists fault for making me fall in love with a specific couple.
    And if it wasn't for Niratama, I think I wouldn't even like the pairing at all.


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