Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

Don’t read this if you’re under 18.

Developer: Fuguriya

Artist: Peko

Length: Around 5 hours

Year: 2009

Genre: Adult, Yuri, School Setting, Age Gap, Loli 

Story 7/10 and Characters 6/10:

Suminoe Takako is a new-fledged and still inexperienced teacher, working at the elementary department of St. Michael’s. You could say she’s not really the best teacher since she neither knows how to really get a class full of young girls under control, nor is she a very assertive person. One of her students, Houraisen Runa does a way better job at capturing the attention of her classmates and making them do whatever she wants them to. She certainly knows how to get what she wants and ever since she arrived at St. Michaels‘, the one thing she desires the most is her own teacher Takako, who is not all that happy about her overly demanding student.

Takako (left), Runa (right)

Unlike most SonoHana games, this one doesn’t only show how two girls meet and eventually fall in love with each other, it goes a little deeper you could say and it has a little more in store for you when it comes to an actual plot as well.

So first of all, I hate to admit that I didn’t like both main characters all that much. Runa is a cute yet way too demanding character. Her behaviour goes from being a crybaby that acts her age, to being annoyingly pushy, to being a total bully that manipulates Takako to get what she wants, which is mostly sex or food. Either way she sometimes not only comes across as a huge bully, but also as a sadist. Well maybe that last one is not all that bad since Takano is quite submissive herself, so she might as well enjoy it, but still for the simply fact that Runa is usually way too loud and pushy, I just couldn’t get myself to like her. Still, she had her cute moments as well.

Takako on the other hand is like the complete opposite of Runa. She doesn’t really give off a very mature impression and she gets nervous pretty easily. For the whole run of this visual novel I was wondering how a person like her could possible even think about becoming a teacher… Anyways, it’s probably the combination of a teacher that might be a little too submissive and her pushy student, that make these two pretty enjoyable and entertaining as a couple, even though I don’t like them individually. 

What’s also worth to mention, is the fact that “Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu” is probably the first out of all SonoHana games, that really deals with the aspect of „forbidden love“. Unfortunately not for the fact that they’re both girls, but because of their huge age gap. Up until now, I have never looked up Runa’s actual age, because I’m a little afraid to find out how old she really is. I think she might be around 13, probably younger and knowing that this is an Eroge… well you get where I’m going with that. So needless to say, that’s the most controversial point of this whole Visual Novel and it does also affect its plot. Furthermore Takako could possibly be twice as old as Runa and the fact that she’s her teacher doesn’t really make things easier. Still I have to admit, even when I got a glimpse of how old Runa might really be, I wasn’t really put off by it. It’s probably worth mentioning that I usually don’t like themes like „age-gap“ or „loli“, but in this case, I honestly didn’t care about it that much. 

For once Runa takes on the role of the leading part in their relationship and she always takes the first step, be it when making the first move on her love intrest, initiating the first kiss and even when it comes to their love life, she’s almost always the one initiating it. And as mentioned above she even uses dirty tricks to get what she wants, so maybe that’s just me, but the way Runa acts at certain times make her appear very mature, so I really don’t see a problem with it. Still if you’re put off by the image of a young loli having sex with a woman that is probably twice her age, then don’t play this.

Art 9/10 and Music 7/10:

Just like all the other games, the artwork is gorgeous and it’s probably also worth mentioning that Runa and Takako look beautiful as well. I mean Runa is the perfect loli with her two pigtails and that lolita dress she’s always wearing and Takako, well she could be the sexy yet innocent teacher with her huge breasts, that she tries to hide by wearing clothes that cover up must of her skin.

The music was just like in all the other games, it was there but you just won’t notice it much, which is good by the way. The voices on the other hand were pretty perfect for the two characters, even though Runa’s screaming sometimes damaged my eardrums. She really is loud…

H-Scenes 7/10:

Should I feel bad for enjoying H-scenes between a teacher and her underage student? Probably yes.

Did I feel bad about it? No. 

Runa is pretty small, fragile and well she’s still young and this game doesn’t try to cover up her age by giving her a mature body, even though I have to add, when fully clothed, I can’t really tell how old she is.

Anyway, the H-scenes are just like in all the other SonoHana games; very nice to look at, varied and they happen in all kind of different places. The only differences are the age of both characters and the fact that we have a little sadist in this one, namely Runa. And let me add, that it seems these special methods are quite affective against Takako as well.

Total Enjoyment 7/10:

I have mixed feelings about this one since I pretty much enjoyed how Runa and Takako got together and how well they work as a comedy duo, but on the other hand the two of them annoyed me at times as well.

I would say, if you enjoyed the other SonoHana games and are not bothered by the fact that Runa is most likely younger than 13, then you’ll probably come to like this one as well.

As it seems the translation for the 9th installment will probably not take too long until it’s finished, so we’ll see more of those two pretty soon.

13 thoughts on “Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you've said here.

    Sono Hanabira 7 is far from my favorite of the franchise for the basic reasons you've stated. That said, it's still has a bit of charm to it. While Runa's manipulation of Takako can go a bit far at times, they also have plenty of moments where the two are pretty cute together.

    I also love the idea that the game starts with the two already together. It's a clever move that makes the game more interesting.

    Like your review here, feel you were very spot on.


  2. Thank you 🙂

    I also think this game stared out pretty interesting, but I think they mostly wanted to add a little “sexy time” right in the beginning, so it won't feel that long until the first H-scene happens.
    Maybe I'm wrong here, but either way I think this was a pretty nice start.


  3. lol, yeah it also occurred to me that they may have just used it to get the sex on right from the beginning! Build-up be damned!!

    It's not my favorite…. but it's not my least favorite either. I am not a fan of Yuuna/Nanami, I didn't feel had the chemistry to pull off the game. My favorites are obviously Shizuku/Erisu and Mai/Reo. They are the most popular, but there is a good reason for that. Well designed, great chemistry, wonderful Tsunderes, they just about had everything.


  4. You sure have good taste 😉
    Oh and I'm pretty sure you will love Miya and Risa as well.
    Not that I've completely finished playing either of the games, but the scenes I have already played make this couple look very very nice~


  5. >Erisu

    Is that honestly still around? That's not her name. The translators said so, Fuguriya said so and it doesn't make sense in the first place.


  6. I'm really looking forward to Miya and Risa. I saw the Risa/Miya Theater videos and enjoyed those two. I also just love the idea that their first game also features all the other couples too, hopefully we get some nice chemistry between the couples. Maybe some double dates. It could be really cute!!


  7. I've already pointed out in full detail why I dislike this couple so I do not think I need to waste your time repeating myself. Long story short, Takako sucks as an adult and Runa was too strong for my tastes. She looked better when she was being eaten, but even then my disdain for Takako overshadowed my enjoyment of seeing Runa “””””””””””””””””” Transmission interrupted.


  8. Well, game 9 is available on petalsgarden now. I played roughly an our until now and it seems that Runa is still annoying and Teacher-san still hasn't realized that Runa is just a placeholder in her heart.


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