10 thoughts on “A Little of Your Time by ラットパーク [Strike Witches Doujin]

  1. some grammar errors: pg 3 says “These things begin to fell natural, and eventually become a big part of both our lives.”

    It should read, “These things being to fell natural, and eventually becomes a big part of our lives.” (add an s at the end of “becomes”, and take out “both”, it flows better).


  2. some grammar errors: pg 14. “I thought ot watch her back, watching her content and happy self, was enought for me.”

    This one was a bit tricky, but I think you are trying to say “I thought back then that watching over her, watching over her content and happiness, was enough for me.”


  3. or a bit shorter version: “I thought back then that watching over her, watching her content and her happiness, was enough for me.”


  4. Thank you 🙂

    I think I really need someone to do the QC for the longer doujinshi I edit.
    Fixed the mistakes and the link is now updated.
    The only thing I didn't change was adding an “s” to “become” on page 3, since it refers to “These things”.


  5. Thank you 🙂

    If you wanna help, feel free to write me. You can do so by using the “Contact me” function on the right side of my blog.
    But as I just noticed, you already have your own releases to work on so I hope this won't be too much for you.


  6. For a minute there, I thought this was another YumiKuri doujin. There ARE other lovely couples out there besides YumiKuri. Ah well, they are the IT couple this year it would seem, like MadoHomu were in 2011.


  7. They really look a lot like YumiKuri, especially on the cover.

    And it sure seems like it, but I think that this is pretty great. I love them very much even though I'm also a little afraid of how things could end with those two.


  8. People eat drama up like a sack of potatoes. Then again, I'm currently eating Hibiki X Miku 2 as well so who am I to talk?
    Anyway, I'll check out Yumikuri after the anime ends next month.


  9. Let me just give you a warning. Most YumiKuri doujinshi contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the manga, you should probably be a little careful with what you read.


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