Manga Review: Love Flag Girls!!

Lucia (left), Eliana (right)

Author: Itsumi Takahashi
Length: 1 Volume with 8 Chapters
Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Adult, Yuri
Scanlation Group: Lililicious
Story 7/10 and Characters 8/10:
In the beginning we have the cute princess Lucia, who is willing to do everything in order to console her mother, queen Beatrice, who has been crying for the loss of her beloved treasure for way too long now. It is said, that this treasure, a crucifix, is probably more valuable than their whole kingdom and it was apparently stolen by the infamous pirate queen Maria. Fortunately her pirate ship is laying at the harbor of queen Beatrice’s kingdom right now, so Lucia decides to go on a little adventure to get the crucifix back. 
But things turn out a little different than expected. So not only does the queen of this group of pirates seem not to be around, Lucia is also quickly dragged into becoming a crew member by Maria’s daughter Eliana, who is quite eager to “get to know” Lucia a little better.
From the beginning of this manga it is quite obvious that this isn’t a story you should take very seriously. So despite the fact that this is a manga about pirates, love and well at least a little bit of fighting, it is all displayed in such a cute, funny and ridiculous way, that you will find yourself laughing even during some life-or-death situations.

When it comes to the characters, I loved Eliana the most. She can be a little too pushy at times but mostly, she’s really cute and takes care of Lucia in the most adorable way possible. Also she’s probably the perfect captain for a crew like this. And with that I mean, that she’s like the biggest lesbian on board, ruling over a female crew who all love her as both the captain and also as a woman. So yeah, expect quite a lot of yuri in this one.
So in the end, I think the actual story is not that important and at least I had a hunch of how things might eventually turn out from the very beginning. But I think it’s not really the plot of this manga that makes you wanna read it, it’s rather the cute characters, the comedy and of course the smut.
Art 7/10:
The art style is cute and nice to look at but I had some problems with it.On the one hand, I often mistook Lucia for Eliana because they both look very alike, especially during the sex scenes. Also I think, and please note that this is just my opinion, that most character’s eyes were maybe a little too big. Of course this is manga and the eyes are supposed to be big, but I still think that at times, they really looked ridiculously huge.

huuuuuge eyes

Yuri 10/10:
If I remember correctly, then there is not even a single character in this manga, that doesn’t have lesbian tendencies. I mean, we have a pirate ship full of lesbians with the cutest yet also gayest captain ever and in addition to that we have a lesbian princess and her lesbian mother. And of course since we have so many yuri characters in an adult manga, you can be sure to find some nice, not that explicit sex scene every now and then, or more like in each and every chapter.

click to enlarge

Total Enjoyment 7/10:
At times I thought that this must be the most stupid and ridiculous manga I’ve read in a long time, but then again, Love Flag Girls really captured me and I read the whole thing in one go. So even though it is pretty ridiculous, it’s still quite entertaining and probably the perfect read after a more serious manga.
Also a few months ago, Love Flag Girls was released by the German publisher Egmont Manga, so if you’re a German fan and want to get it, click here.

4 thoughts on “Manga Review: Love Flag Girls!!

  1. This manga is very entertaining for those who like to see naughty stuff.
    I liked it because of that sense of unpretentiousness. The plot make an enough effort to deliver a story but at the same time do not take it seriously. Not very dramatic or sad. I would say it's full of silliness and sex, but in a way that the reader wants to read it to the end.


  2. I agree with everything you said, but at least in my opinion I found the smut in this one at times a little too ridiculous as well.
    But that's probably because I read it in German, everything in Manga sounds stupid when I read it in German, it's really horrible…


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