Artist Review: Niratama [Sekihara Kaina]

Do not read this if you’re under 18.
Works 8/10:
Niratama is a (female?) doujin artist focusing on the depiction of mostly NSFW yuri doujinshi, based on the following series/pairings:

  • Love Life (MakixNiko) 
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (KyoukoxSayaka) 
  • Suite Precure (HibikixKanade) 
  • Smile Precure (NaoxReika)
  • Vocaloid (MikuxRin) and (MikuxLuka)
Most of her works focus on the romance between the main characters, while some are just simple fluff (or smut) without a real plot and others have some drama and angst involved as well. Either way they all involve sex at some point. In fact I think I have so far never read or even seen a doujin by Niratama that didn’t involve sex which takes up about 50% of the whole doujin itself. But then again she portrays sex in such a nice way that I can honestly say that I even prefer it that way. 
Miku x Luka is probably the pairing that Niratama draws about the most and lately the plot in these doujinshi have been somewhat similar: A seemingly straight Miku falls in love with a guy that doesn’t treat her very well and ends up either breaking up with him or being cheated on. And this usually leads Luka (or in one case Rin) to take things into her own hands.

As simple as this might look and as mean as this might sound for all the guys that get downgraded to being jerks in these, I pretty much loved them. This theme of “If guys treat you so badly, why not try being with a girl?” has been used in yuri manga and doujinshi quite often already, but I’m still not fed up with it and I would even say that I enjoy stories like this quite a lot.
Furthermore I think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve never really been into Vocaloid all that much, neither when it comes to the music, nor when it comes to the characters. But ever since I read my first MikuxLuka doujin by Niratama, I’ve been in love with them. 
I think if an artist manages to make you fall in love with a pairing you didn’t even like at first, it hints to the simple conclusion that this must be a really great artist. And Niratama definitely is, even if we disregard all of her Vocaloid doujinshi.
Finally, if I had to name the works I enjoyed the most, I would most likely go with “Trap Box” and “Egoist Box” since they are both visually stunning, with a cute Miku and sexy Luka and they both deliver a nice story with just the right amount of smut.
Art 7/10:
I love Niratama’s art, it looks like it’s a little more on the simple side but it’s also very cute. Still at times it bothers me that most of the characters look rather young, which is especially inappropriate during sex scenes. 
Well it’s not like her art style makes the characters look like children. In most cases I believe that the original characters are not even adults in the first place, but it’s still a little unpleasant at times. Nonetheless, especially her Luka x Miku doujinshi score when it comes to the depiction of the two main characters. I have seriously never seen a sexier and more mature-looking Luka, and I’ve already seen a lot of fanart. But look for yourself:

Click to enlarge

Yuri 9/10:
As already mentioned, all of her works come with a certain (high) amount of NSFW material. In most cases it’s just happy sex between lovers, but some works are a little more serious and in a few of them, the sex is even meant to look funny and awkward, which is also nice at times. So what I’m trying to say is that Niratama’s doujinshis are packed with yuri content and yuri sex on top of that. But the thing is, the content of her doujinshi and especially the H-scenes are kind of repetitive. 
Well it’s not like I see this as a bad thing since if you like something, the more there is, the better, but for some people things might get boring pretty quickly.

Total Enjoyment 8/10:
I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I quite love Niratama and basically all of her works. And since I’m covering all my favorite artists with these artist reviews, you can be sure that Niratama scores within my Top 10 as well.
So finally, if you haven’t read her doujinshi yet, I suggest you to just try out one of them. As I said above, most of her works feel very similar, so it will be easy to find out whether the rest of her works are also worth giving a shot.
As a side note: If you, like me, can’t get enough of Niratama’s doujinshi, check out her pixiv. Every now and then she posts completed doujinshi and most of them haven’t been translated yet.

8 thoughts on “Artist Review: Niratama [Sekihara Kaina]

  1. I couldn't agree more. I read some Luka x Miku doujin before, it was by Nanzaki Iku, but i didn't like the pairing as much.
    I absolutly love how Luka is portrayed in Niratama's works, so sexy, so mature but at the same time so lonely, so needy… unf, i feel like rereading Egoist Box right now! I like her (?) HibiKana doujins too, but as a NSFW lover, Luka x Miku are her best works (at least, for me).

    Btw, “… usually leads Luka (or in one case Rin)” THAT NTR, hnnnghh.


  2. Ah the ones by Nanzaki Iku are great as well, but in her works I keep seeing Shizuru (Mai Hime) instead of Luka, since the first doujinshi I read by her were her “Doropanda Tours”.
    And just like you, I also like Niratama's works more, especially Egoist Box, this one was just great~


  3. Maybe you concentrate automatically on the “Shizu” names and characters? =)
    Loved Egoist Box, the drawings are kind of simple but still lovely and eye catching, a very nice combination for me to enjoy the work.
    By other way, I do not like Vocaloid music at all, but the related Yuri doujinshi is awesome. As usual, your have a very good eye, thanks for that !!!!


  4. Shizuru, Shizuku, Shizuma… hey you're right! 😛
    Talking about Vocaloid music, I think I can recommend you something that you might not come to like for the music, but definitely for the lyrics.
    It's called “Magnet” by Luka and Miku, the text is making things quite obvious 😉
    But I'm also not sure if the original version was done by them or other characters, well either way it's pretty nice.


  5. Thanks for the info, the lyrics are really nice.
    I searched a bit, it is a song made for the second PSP game, also the in-game video for the song gives an soft Yuri moment, but the vocals destroy it quickly :s


  6. Haha that's true, the voices really destroy the song, but there are also versions of this out by real singers, which makes it like 100 times better, at least!
    One of my favorite versions would be by Nayuta and Yumo~


  7. I hope you also read the 3 “new” ones. Well, new just means that they just got translated.
    If you haven't read them already, check the Dynasty Reader 😉


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