Visual Novel Status Update: Sono Hanabira – Snow White’s Knight

Do not read this of you’re under 18.

Over the last few weeks, quite a lot of information about this Visual Novel has been piling up, so let’s make a short status update~

First of all, YurinYurin released a promotional video for “Snow White’s Knight” just today.
                                                      Click here to watch it

Sayuki (left), Rikka (right)

Also, since I didn’t cover this in my last post about this game, here’s the character information on the two main characters Rikka and Sayuki:

篠崎 六夏
Shinozaki Rikka
A first-year student at Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls who was admitted from outside the school system.  An athletic girl who became a celebrity overnight after setting a new national record in the 100 meter dash shortly after her enrollment.  On top of all that, her personality is such that she can’t help but intervene whenever she sees someone in trouble, which has made her extremely popular.  Serving as Vice Class Representative, she and Class Representative Sayuki were voted as a Best Couple, and due to her dependable nature she’s come to be known as “Snow White’s Knight.”  But it seems she has some sort of relationship with Risa…?
白河 沙雪
Shirakawa Sayuki
Rikka’s fellow classmate.  Both beautiful and brilliant, she’s a talented scholar and athlete who was selected to serve on the Environmental Preservation Committee.  Holding such a resounding reputation since middle school, she’s being hailed as the first “Ultimate Lady” since the days of alumna Houraisen Rena.  Her grandfather is descended from samurai who are rumored to have owned a castle, so owing to her name, she’s earned the moniker “Snow White.”  In the wake of the… scandal? involving Rikka and Risa, will she become the center of even greater attention…?


Since this will feature all previous SonoHana couples as well, here’s the Official Sono Hanabira Relationship Chart, which is quite helpful for those of you who are new to this series:

click to enlarge

As mentioned in my last entry about Snow White’s Knight, the release date is set for 20 December 2013.

For more information about the characters as well as the game in general, please visit or the games’ official website.

And here you have some more pictures~


13 thoughts on “Visual Novel Status Update: Sono Hanabira – Snow White’s Knight

  1. Haha I really can't wait to see more Shizuku x Erisu, they are just the best SonoHana couple there is 😉
    But it seems that these two might not have that much screen time in this one and probably also no H-scene together.


  2. Thanks for humouring me :p
    You are right, probably the in-scene time in this game will be short for them, with no H.
    The game designers surely doesn't want to overuse the characters, as the couple has two whole games for themselves.
    I haven't played all the games, but I feel that the Shizuku X Eris couple is a bit more mature than the other pairings, is like they do not fit with the other girls. What do you think? Is my mind working overtime?


  3. Oh I don't think that is the case. Up until now all the characters in this game series have their own two games, except of course the new couple.
    I read that Shizuku and Eris as well as Takako and Runa are “no longer focal characters”, but I don't really see why they would choose these two couples…
    And yes, Shizuku and Eris are the oldest couple, well at least if we disregard Takako's age, but I don't think that they don't fit in only because of their age.
    In fact, I don't really like the idea of playing a H-game with underage characters, so I felt most comfortable with Eris and Shizuku.


  4. If I remember correctly, the translation is about 70% done, but I think it will take quite some time until they'll release the patch since this is a lot of work.


  5. Ich glaube, wir müssen mal telefonieren haha. Ich blick einfach nie durch wie man an solche games kommt und wie der ganze Spaß genau funktioniert. Ich habe zwar deine Guide-site gesehen, aber das klingt alles so kompliziert x.x Ich glaube, dass muss man mir schritt für schritt erklären bis ich es am ende fertig habe… :D'


  6. Wenn du möchtest helf ich dir gern weiter, aber nicht unbedingt gleich telefonisch 😛
    Da ich glaube, dass du nicht unbedingt deine Mailadresse hier lassen willst, benutz einfach die “Contact me Funktion” an der Seite 🙂

    Schreib mir dann einfach, was du genau spielen möchtest und was du denn nicht verstehst und ich guck dann was ich machen kann 😉


  7. Cool, gerne. Mache ich mal, wenn ich etwas mehr Zeit habe. Momentan ist Anmeldestress für Staatsexamensklausuren und Arbeit Arbeit.. 😀

    P.S. aber am Telefon ist immer alles viel leichter 😛 Nein, ich verstehe deine bedenken xD Mir kam nur in den Sinn, dass man mit ner Flatrate ja sogar UMSONST telefonieren könnte hehe.


  8. Lass dir ruhig Zeit, die Spiele rennen dir ja nicht weg, es werden mit der Zeit nur immer mehr 😛

    Mails sind auch umsonst 😉 Aber klar, geht das schneller, nur bin ich eher “scheu”, fürs erste muss also schreiben reichen, nur wenn du wirklich nicht durchblickst, muss ich wohl drastischere Maßnahmen ergreifen 😛


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