Anime Review: Strike Witches

Spoiler warning!

Author: Humikane Shimada

Genre: Ecchi, Action, Magic, Military, Comedy
Story 5/10 and Characters 9/10:
The story takes place during the Second World War, while the nations are not fighting against each other, but join forces to fight against an unknown enemy from outta space, called the Neuroi.
The enemy is strong, unpredictable and has already destroyed and occupied numerous countries and cities all around the world, which is why humanity needs a strong weapon to defend themselves. This secret weapon is called the Strike Witches. They are young girls capable of using different types of magic, who joined forces with the military in order to defend earth. To do so, they use special engines called “Striker Units”, which enable them to fly and fight in the skies, where most Neuroi appear in. 
Yoshika Miyafuji, the daughter of the great Ichiro Miyafuji who invented the Striker Units and thus saved thousands of lives, is just a normal school girl with healing powers that has been passed along in her family for ages now. She is said to have great magical potential, but since she hates war, she only agrees to come to the front line in order to get some information about her father, who is currently missing (or dead but I sure as hell don’t believe that). However on the way to the front line in Britannia, Yoshika experiences the ferocity of this war first hand and thus realizes that she can use her powers to help out too.
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So first of all, the story in this one is totally shallow and feels way too simple. But this is no surprise, since the one thing this anime focuses on is the characters, their origins and of course their interactions. The plot is simply secondary, which is why I can’t take anything of what happened all that seriously. For example, up until now, it is not said where the enemy comes from, what they want, why they are attacking earth and in general who they are. They just appear, destroy stuff and get defeated. It’s kind of frustrating to see 2 seasons and a movie about this and don’t even know what they are fighting against for the whole time. So the closest we get to finding out what the Neuroi are, is at the end of season one, but the mission failed and ever since that time, there has been no process at all… Great.

But let’s get back to something this anime did a way better job with and that would be its characters. Our main group is made up of 11 girls, all of which come with different and sometimes cliché personalities, different bust sizes and of course different colored panties. Yup this is quite important to know in this one.
In each and every episode one or more enemies attack, the rest of the episode usually revolves around the characters, how they interact with each other or what instances lead to them dropping even more pieces of clothing. Not like they are properly dressed anyway. I mean most of them run around in a shirt and panties, sometimes even less and on special occasions they are completely naked. I think I’ve never seen a SFW anime with more nudity than this one. But anyway, this show is pretty entertaining since the choice of characters is very VERY good. It’s probably even the best thing of the whole show. I won’t go into detail with all the characters, but trust me, everyone will find at least one character to their liking or maybe you are like me and just love them all.
Art 8/10:
It’s an ecchi show, so of course the animation looks good, or at least that’s what I would expect from a show like this. The fighting looks really stunning and the physics of the boobs is also pretty… um how to put it… detailed? But there is one thing that made me roll my eyes sooo many times. 
I mean I got it, an ecchi show about young girls who run around half naked needs some panty shots, but really that many? All this zooming in on the panties and in general just all the times in which this anime showed a panty shot was just too much.
Seriously pause this anime at a random time and you’ll still get a panty shot… mostly

Music 9/10:

Ah just how much do I love the openings? Especially the second one “Egao no Mahou” is so damn great! Same goes for the voice acting, it’s simply perfect. The only thing that bothered me a little is the fact that they replaced Mio’s voice actress in the second season. But that’s just my personal preference since I really love Natsuki Chiba Saeko.
Yuri 7/10:
There is not one character who I can’t see in a relationship with anyone else of the group. 
Them being 11 makes things a little difficult, so I guess Minna and Perrine can share Mio with each other.
But seriously there is so much yuri subtext going on that I would almost go so far as to say that this is a yuri show. Well there is no kissing or stuff like that going on (except for one that happened while one part was intoxicated), but some characters make it pretty obvious what they are feeling even though they don’t say it out aloud.
Most peoples’ favorite pairing is probably Eila and Sanya and I can’t deny that they are my favorite pairing as well, but I’m so disappointed that they had so little screen time… This is probably part of the reason why their one episode in season 2 felt so great, but still I demand more! 

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Total Enjoyment 7.5/10:

I should actually hate this anime, it’s unnecessarily ecchi, has a shallow story and there is just too much random fighting going on. But for some reason, I’m loving it and I can’t even explain why. Maybe my taste is changing and I’m now into the real shitty shows, but that just can’t be it. So let’s just say that this show, even though it doesn’t look like it at first, is strangely intriguing and will make you come back for more. I, for one, am patiently waiting for another season, and I’m pretty sure it won’t take that long until we will get it.
And just as I’m done writing my review, I find the information that there really will be another season of Strike Witches soon. And not only that, there’s also going to be an OVA. That’s great news! 
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17 thoughts on “Anime Review: Strike Witches

  1. If the wait for Strike Witches 3 will be as long as Saki 2, I am going to cry. I don't think you have any idea how much I have to endure waiting for Saki 2 to premiere. Do you know what nearly 5 years of waiting can do to a person?

    In any case, Strike Witches 3, come to us ASAP!

    Do not fear the ecchi Kunoichi-chan, embrace it. It's all part of the job.

    Also, what a surprise. Your fav couple is the same as that of everyone else.
    -I wonder how Eila X Sanya 3 will be able to top their two previous outings?
    -Will Mio and Minna finally kiss?
    -Will Rambo Miyafuji be forced to choose between Michiko's flat bust and Lynette's superior melons? I currently do not consider Shizuka a contender for Rambo's heart yet.
    -Will the mystery of the Neuroi be further explored or will the continue being the same old “we want to wipe out humanity and claim the Earth for ourselves” invaders? I wouldn't mind too much if that were the case.
    -Will Lucchini ever find love, or is she still too young to understand what it's like to be with another woman in bed?


  2. Kind of makes me happy that I'm not a big Saki fan and that reminds me that I still have to finish the last few episodes of season 1….

    I have a feeling that there will be so many more characters introduced, that we will see even less of Sanya and Eila, especially considering that fact that they didn't even have that much screen time in the previous seasons.
    Also I think I don't really care who does the kissing, I just want to see some kissing in general, preferably a kiss that we can actually take seriously.

    Somehow I have high hopes that they will explain a little more who the Neuroi are, even though I fear that this explanation will not make much sense.
    And doesn't Lucchini already have Charlotte? I wouldn't like to see her with anyone else and since Charlotte has the biggest melons, Lucchini sure as hell won't cheat on her.


  3. It's cool. I like lesbian mahjong players as much as magical alien killing lesbians.

    Now you understand why I'm so hyped for Sakura Trick and canon kisses. Alcohol kisses are fine but a certain redhead needs a REAL kiss to put her mind at ease. That kiss clearly wasn't good enough.

    Eila and Sanya's love is a special one and the writers knew that their time in the spotlight must be used sparingly. If they find a similar couple in SW 3, I wouldn't mind their screen time to be short. Like you said, almost ALL the pilots are gay for each another.

    I don't see much chemistry between Charlotte and Luchhini. They're more like sisters than potential lovers in my eyes. I'm not against them hooking up at all mind you, I just need more evidence to see them as more than pals.


  4. As good as Mio X Minna and Eila X Sanya are, I personally want Rambo and Lynette to take it to the next level. That couple hits me right where it counts, my “SQUUE” sensors. Do you know what it's like to “SQUUE!” Kunoichi-chan, or are you more of a “KYAA!” person?


  5. Squee or Kyaa? Hmm I think I'm more of an “Awwww” person, if that makes sense? 😉
    So you'd like to see Lynette and Yoshika take it a step further? I think I wanna see that too, even if I preferred some more action between other pairings such as Minna and Mio. But when really it would be nice if this new season turned out to be ultra yuri-ish, whit all the couples coming clean about their feelings.
    Not gonna happen I know, but still I can hope…

    Oh you're right, Lucchini and Charlotte are more like sisters than lovers, still I think I can't imagine Lucchini being with anyone other than Charlotte and the latter surely also needs some love.

    Maybe the new characters will also bring in some yuri action? Wouldn't mind that at all 😉


  6. “normal school girl with healing powers” what
    I love all the girls, really, i think i endured the anime thanks to them and of course, all the bewb…i mean, the yuri.
    I loved Mio since the very beginning. I love when she's laughing outloud like a crazy bitch and the beach thing… oh my god, that was amazing!
    “Them being 11 makes things a little difficult, so I guess Minna and Perrine can share Mio with each other.” no way, MinnaxMio OTP ): i don't like threesomes
    I watched this show seeking all the cuteness EilaxSanya were promising and i ended up enjoying even more the MinnaxMio and the MiyafujixBisshop moments.
    Finally, i can't say i'm looking forward to the new characters. I'm so bad at dealing with names but i already learned all the girls names! I want moar but i don't want other names. Life's unfair, really…


  7. If it wasn't for the characters, I would have never come to love this anime so much.
    The fighting is random and the story is shallow, but the characters are just so great, all of them!
    I'm also not looking forward to the new characters, simply because I love the “old” ones so much, but I just hope they won't steal away that much screen time, so I can enjoy my EilaxSanya a little more 😉


  8. Sakamoto sannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! *.*
    Elia x Sanya= KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. But Perrine was my favorite 🙂 Gorgeous lady!! and tsundere XD
    i barely can wait for “brave witches” on october!!


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