Let’s Talk About Yuri Visual Novels [List of Yuri Visual Novels]

When it comes to Visual Novels, my knowledge is pretty limited, since I have just not spent that much time on playing many. Of course, part of the reason why I haven’t done so is the fact that there are simply not that many translated Visual Novels available that trigger my interest, so my knowledge is almost solely limited to Yuri VNs.

In this post, I decided to write about my experiences with Yuri Visual Novels, tell you which ones I liked the most, and also name some yuri titles for you that are either already translated or that are being worked on right now. And finally, I would also like to list just a few of the most interesting looking Yuri Visual Novels that still no translation group has picked up yet.

Please note that by clicking the titles, you’ll get redirected to either the game’s VNDB entry or in some cases, my own review of the game.

1. First of all, which more or less popular yuri titles have already been fully translated?

sono hanabira visual novels

I have already reviewed numerous SonoHana titles, played all of the translated ones, as well as (attempted to play) some of the still untranslated ones. To not make this too long, let me just tell you this much: This series deserves all its popularity, and it is without a doubt the most popular Visual Novel series of this genre. With great characters, sweet and romantic stories, and an art style that will just blow you away, I can definitely understand why people love these games so much. Oh, and let’s also not forget about the fact that these are H-games. Pretty damn great ones at that.

If you’re a yuri fan of legal age and haven’t played these yet, you should definitely catch up on that as soon as possible. Seriously, you’re missing out!

katahane visual novel

Katahane is not a pure yuri title like all the SonoHana games are, but since the two (or four) yuri characters also happen to be the main characters, you can pretty much call this a Yuri Visual Novel.

So how much did I like this? A lot!

It’s not just a carefree game in which you only experience a short romance. This one comes with a huge story, a lot of different characters, and even two story arcs that are intertwined. As mentioned above, I haven’t played all that many Visual Novels, but this one feels far more like a game than the SonoHana ones do, since in this one you can actually interact with the story, and even change the outcome and perspectives.

kindred spirits on the roof yuri visual novel

Finally, as 2016 moves along, we’re getting showered with new, official Visual Novel releases, with this one being my absolute favorite. It’s pure Yuri, it’s cute, it’s heartwarming, it’s funny, and it even has sex involved. Basically, it can’t get any better. Now if we add in just the right kind of characters, numerous adorable yuri pairings, and an amazingly fitting art style as well as soundtrack, what do you think we end up with? That’s right, the perfect Yuri Visual Novel. I seriously have no other words for this one.

sono hanabira remembering how we met

A Sono Hanabira game without sex? Is that even possible? Oh yes, it is!

This is the first officially translated SonoHana title, focusing fully on Miya and Risa’s story. It’s slightly different from the usual SonoHana games, though it’s just as great. I guess the missing sex can be an issue for some of us, but bear with it. It’s still cute and entertaining beyond belief~

flowers yuri visual novel

This Visual Novel was going to be released on March 21st, 2016; but it was delayed. This one is highly anticipated, since it’s one of the most hyped and beautiful-looking Visual Novels that will finally be released in English.

I can’t say that much about the game yet, but I am already pretty damn hyped~

lonely yuri visual novel

Short and bittersweet are probably the two most fitting words to characterize this short Visual Novel. It’s very simple and feels rather like a short story, in which some sound effects were added, as well as a few pictures, but don’t be fooled. As simple as this Visual Novel looks, it’s still great.

I think I’ve never been drawn into a story like Lonely Yuri drew me in. I seriously lost track of time when playing this one, and even though it only comes with roughly 2 hours of play time, these 2 hours went by in what seemed to be only minutes.

sacrament no juunikyuu

Yet another Visual Novel which got an official English release in 2016. It sure seems as if Yuri VN fans are getting it all this year, which is amazing.

In case of this VN, I still haven’t played it, but I will very soon.

aoishiro yuri visual novel

I have unfortunately still not finished this one, which is no real surprise, since all the errors that keep popping up whenever I try to play the game for longer than just a few minutes just annoy me (no worries, this is just a problem I have to deal with).

But what I’ve seen so far feels like a mix of amazement about the quality of this game and, unfortunately, boredom.

I’ve played around 1 or 2 hours, and up until now, nothing that interesting has happened, and I just keep waiting for either some nice yuri moments or some more action to happen. I’ve also read that the yuri in this one is not that heavy, which is a pity, since I believed this game would be totally heading into this direction. Ah well, let’s just see how things will continue on.

amaranto yuri visual novel

I have not played this game yet, but plan to do so, whenever I feel like it.

ikazuchi no senshi raidy

Also haven’t played these yet, but themes such as “sexual slavery”, “BDSM”, and “yuri rape” somehow make me not want to play these at all, but let’s see.

sugars delight yuri visual novel

I have mixed feelings when it comes to this one. It was neither bad, nor was it good. It just felt like a stringing together of sex scenes with just a tiny bit of a plot involved. Still, this Visual Novel was pretty entertaining, for the short while it lasted.

escalatino yukkuri panic

I started playing both of the games and completely stopped after only a few minutes. So needless to say, I didn’t like them, or at least the few things I got to see, but maybe it would have gotten better if I just played a little more? Either way, I won’t find out. But that doesn’t mean that these are bad games, just take a look for yourself.

anaheim girls love story

dejection an ode yuri visual novel

starlight vega yuri visual novel

lilium x triangle yuri visual novel

highway blossoms yuri visual novel

sound of drop fall into poison visual novel

Waiting for Steam Greenlight:

atom grrrl yuri visual novel

catch canvas yuri visual novel

the stargazers yuri visual novel

reach for the stars yuri visual novel

So out of all the mentioned Visual Novels, which is my favorite?

Most, if not all of the titles I listed are Eroge, and when it comes to this, I think I’m quite picky. The art has to be at least enjoyable to a certain degree. If there is voice acting, the voices need to fit the characters, but most importantly, I just can’t stand violence, or even worse, rape. If a Visual Novel comes with rape, I just can’t play it, or I would at least skip these scenes. But if we now add in some other themes, such as sex toys or H-scenes that involve more than only two people, then I’ll just completely lose interest.

With this in mind, I’d like to show you how YurinYurin answers the question “What is Sono Hanabira”:

Harems of female protagonists, sex toys, simulating male genitals, dick-girl transformations, gender bending, and entanglements with males, to say nothing of grotesque depictions of bodily fluids or depressing plot developments, are all completely absent. (http://petalsgarden.axypb.net)

And this little quote here sums up many of the things that I just don’t want to see, which is why Sono Hanabira is such a great Visual Novel series in my eyes.

Needless to say, one of the games of this series happens to be my favorite and to not drag this out for any longer, let’s just name it:

It’s Sono Hanabira 8: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, closely followed by Kindred Spirits on the Roof, and Katahane in third place.

But other than the already translated Visual Novels, there are far more pure yuri ones. So before listing them, let’s just split them into two categories….

2. Visual Novels that are either being translated right now or that will surely get a translation one day:

Sono Hanabira 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and pretty much all that will follow.

sono hanabira yuri visual novels

Judging from the YuriProject Wiki, the translation for some of the games hasn’t started yet, but I have high hopes that they’ll all receive a translation one day.

Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari Hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~ plus its sequel, Sengoku no Kuroyuri~Futanari Hime to Tekikoku no Himegimi~

sengoku no kuroyuri yuri visual novel

The translation for the first one has already started, but is currently on hold. Unfortunately, I can’t reach the translation group, which is why I have no idea how far they got or whether they are still working on it.

limit panic yuri visual novel

And another project that no one knows whether anyone is really working on it….

On the YuriProject Wiki it says that there is no translation progress yet, but a while ago, I also announced that another translation group has picked this one up. But other than that, I can’t really get my hands on any more information, which is pretty unfortunate.

sapphism no gensou yuri visual novel

hakusei renai shoukougun yuri visual novel

This is one of the titles that I’m looking forward to the most. Just look at the cover, and you already know that it will be great~

akai ito yuri visual novel

Maybe someone can help me with this one. Somewhere, I’ve read that it already has a translation, but I can neither find the translation, nor can I find where I got that information from again….

white robe love addiction yuri visual novel

The CGs that are already released look gorgeous. It’s rare to find better looking CGs than this game has to offer, and it’s even a pure yuri VN, so I’m even more hyped.

I highly recommend you to take a look at this game. It looks soooo good~

kimihane yuri visual novel

And now, let’s come to the still untranslated Visual Novels.

In this category, I’m pretty sure that I won’t even be able to name half of the yuri titles that should be mentioned here, since there are really a lot of different ones. So here you have some of the titles that I either came across recently or that I’m eagerly waiting to be picked up by a translation group or licensing company.

3. Still untranslated yuri Visual Novels:

tsuki to mori to anata to watashi yuri visual novel

otome crisis yuri visual novel

seisai no resonance yuri visual novel

class zenin maji de yuri visual novel

kanojo to kanojo to watashi no nanoka

negai no kakera to hakugin no agreement


koi iro crescendo princess diva of convallaria

alptraum no kurochou

kamitsure 7 no nijou fushigi

koi to guitar to aoi sora

les filles terribles yuri visual novel

sakura fantasy yuri visual novel

tsui yuri visual novel

lilicyle rainbow stage yuri visual novel

yuricycle sono hanabira yuri visual novel

If you have additions to make, feel free to tell me, so I can add some more titles to the list.


308 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Yuri Visual Novels [List of Yuri Visual Novels]

  1. Have you played Okujou no Yurirei-san? The Chinese translation of it was just released recently. http://vndb.org/r30145
    Many yuri fans have been waiting for it for a long time…… One of them said that she had already established a folder and clean up her hard disk space only for the game a long time before and by then she could finally enjoy the game….

    There's another one VN named Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~. I've not finished it yet. It's not a pure yuri VN either. Well I don't know how to express this….. Some say that it's not a VN for everyone, as the comments which said the game is a masterpiece and which said that the game is a rubbish are almost equal. But I think the game is good in the mass. Maybe some words of this VN is quite difficult to understand, since it often cite some classical philosophical quotes. But that can also be interesting. The plot is quite complicated and the elements of it is variable (the tags). The progress of English translation is about 75% now.

    Sono Hana series are also wonderful, and it's they that let me know Yuri.

    After finishing the translation of Yurirei-san, the translation group is going to translate Akai Ito and Aoi Shiro. It seems that I still have to wait for years (It took the group 4 years to translate Katahane into chs), although there's an English verson of Aoi Shiro but obviously I'm not good at reading English….

    It seems that most yuri fans are not fond of reading yuri VNs because VNs are usually so long. But I like it. It's just like the difference between novels and films. Novels let you imagine but films give you everything.


  2. I have unfortunately never played Okujou no Yurirei-san, but I would love to do so. My Japanese is far from being good enough to try this one and I also can't understand Chinese.
    Really, consider yourself lucky, this VN looks great and you can now play it, while all the other yuri fans have to wait for the English translation that will surely not happen for a long while from now on.

    I didn't know the second one you named. Just googled it, but I can't find information on the yuri content. It seems there is none, or such a little amount that it's not even mentioned.
    The description only says it has some futanari, but I guess that won't make me play it. Also it seems the English translation is already done for this one.

    And you say, your English is not good enough to play an English VN? From what I can see, your English is pretty good, so why not give it a try? Katahane for example isn’t hard to follow at all 😉

    I don’t really know if many yuri fans like Visual Novels. Personally I love them, but I’m also a big fan of fanfictions, so VNs feel like more advanced fanfictions to me. Also I like the fact that many of them are a little longer, if the story is great, the longer the better.


  3. Actually, Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ is a long story with 7 chapters, and 3 endings of them are yuri.
    I've heard that Aoi Shiro has a lot of Bad Endings. Exactly I prefer bad endings, even though some people say that I must be an “extreme M”. I do think that an downstream (particularly after an H scene) BE can be very impressive that one can't forget it for years. The ending of Kurohane, for example, is probably one of the reason why I like Katahane.
    And I gotta thank you. If you, a yuri fan like me, could understand my sayings, it would mean that the English I have been learning is not going to waste.


  4. By the way, have you watched Blue Drop, a yuri anime presented in 2007? I'm now watching it. Its ending is considered as the most tragic among the yuri animate (神無月の巫女 has a good ending). I'm sure that that I will like it. But unfortunately, just like Katahane, it's not well-known among yuri fans. Katahane, Blue Drop, are similar that themselves are just like its plots full of tragedy-color, not known by most people, and become the sediment of the river of time, silently.


  5. Oh it has 3 yuri endings? Hm, maybe I should give it a try 😉
    And people call you a masochist because you like bad endings? 😛
    Haha that is strange, but you see, I can understand why you would say that.
    The ending of Kurohana, just like you mentioned, was just overwhelming and it left a bigger impression on me than a normal happy ending would have 😉 So it’s no surprise that people like bad endings as well.

    I haven't watched Blue Drop yet, I've been putting it off for years now and I don't even know why… This has been on my to-watch-list since forever, so maybe I should finally try and watch it?
    You're right, it's not a very popular yuri anime, in fact I haven't heard anything at all about this one, which is part of the reason why I'm not that excited about it.


  6. Be careful, that VN does cotains BGH and BLH.
    Blue Drop is a yuri anime with the theme of SF. My rate of process is about 6/13, but now I have to hold it on for a week, since I'll have a big exam from this Thursday to Saturday…. Well my brain is full of those scenes… @_@
    I find that I've been more busier then before. I have less time to watch those yuri anime which I desire to watch…. I've already held on Strawberry Panic and Candy Boy, and Lonely Yuri (VN).
    And about 神無月の巫女, I've got something to say. See you next week.


  7. I don't really know what BGH and BLH stand for, but if it has anything do to with boyslove maybe, then I'm totally fine with it.
    Take your time with these glorious anime and don't rush through them. Especially take your time with Strawberry Panic, this was such a great yuri anime.
    Oh and good luck with your exam 😉


  8. I hope somebody translates Limit Panic someday.
    I know it isn't exactly the greatest of visual novels, but it's still pretty good.


  9. Yup I know what you mean, it's different from most yuri VNs we already know, but it looks interesting and I'd love to play it
    In this case I think it's just a matter of time, so we'll patiently wait for a translation~


  10. Two pieces of news:
    1. The Chinese translation of Akai Ito was released last Sunday, one year earlier then I've expected.
    2. 5 years after the bankrupt of Tarte, the stuff group of Katahane recently regrouped and declare to publish new yuri VNs “Hitori no Kuoria” and “Futari no Kuoria” (website: http://www.10mile.co.jp/main.html), which is expected to remain the same painting style, the same story style just like a fairy tale, and the same beautiful plot as Katahane. It was originally said that they were going to publish on Aug 30th, but now, however, it's delayed.

    When I heard those news I was really surprised! Akai Ito is finally finished translating, and the regroup of the Katahane staff is definitely inspiring!


  11. BG means Boys and Girls, BL means Boyslove, and H just means Ecchi.
    Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~'s mainline is actually not yuri.
    I think that Blue Drop is really worth watching. The music is good.

    About Kannazuki no Miko. It's the second one yuri anime I've watched. And the most weird thing happened to me is that…. I felt nothing after finishing…. just nothing.. Really weird. I know it's a tragedy, but I couldn't get into it…. So for a long time, I was seriously thinking about whether I loved yuri truly or not, since I'm a male……. Really weird. Other fans are very fond of it. Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic and Mariasama Gamiteru are regarded as the tops of yuri anime. I don't know why I felt nothing about Kannazuki no Miko. And now I realize that it's because I watched it too fast. Just as you said, “don't rush through them”. Before I loved yuri I watch anime very rapidly. I finished Code Geass (50 eps) in 3 days. Whereas that, I watch yuri anime very slowly now.


  12. I'm jealous, you can play Akai Ito and even Yurirei-san, two really great looking yuri titles and I'll have to wait for at least a few more years.
    I hope you'll enjoy them 😉

    Oh and thank you for the information, I didn't know about the 2 new games and I'm really looking forward to them. If they'll be at least a little like Katahane, I'm sure that I'll come to like them as well 🙂


  13. Hm now that is really weird. I remember when I watched Kannazuki no Miko I was so hooked that I finished it within 2 days and I even cried at the end.
    But you know, sometimes there are little things that can ruin a whole show for you.

    Maybe you are not so much into all the mecha action or maybe you just didn't like Chikane and/or Himeko all that much?
    The same thing also happened to me when I finally decided to watch Marimite.
    I had high expectations when first watching it and I ended up being quite disappointed with it because I just couldn't get used to the two main characters…


  14. Marimite is a bit difficult to understand. It is too smooth. Because of this I've not watch that yet. (I heard that there's an live action movie of Marimite, isn't it?)
    Perhaps that “little thing” is Ogami Soma, maybe…. I forgot most plot of that show, and there are many things I feel confused.


  15. And about Blue Drop, I've seen your review about Kuttsukiboshi, in which you used the expression “weird” very often. I think that when I meet something which you may think is “weird” I usually ignore them. So in your eyes Blue Drop might be “weird”, too.


  16. Yup there is a live action movie of Marimite, but seriously, don't watch it.
    I've seen some parts of it and it was just not good and the acting felt so very awkward that I couldn't stand watching this for more than only a few minutes.

    Kuttsukiboshi is an anime I just can't take seriously because it was too ridiculous and stupid. Blue Drop on the other hand comes with a real plot and as far as I can see, some characters that I can actually take seriously.
    I have only watched one episode of Blue Drop so far, but it looks promising 😉


  17. I have just finished Blue Drop the day before yesterday. It's a good story, although it seems that many confusions are not explained well yet. Maybe you can write a review of that show as well.


  18. That happens so often in anime that I'm kind of used to it already…
    And I'll surely write a review about it too, well if I'll really finish it and not drop it halfway through that is 😛


  19. I've already seen some pictures of what will happen later on and it looks promising, but it seems there are no real feelings involved.
    Well I'll finish this one either way, but I want romance and not only some blood sucking.


  20. Good question, I haven't been playing the game for months now, so I have no idea what part of the story I'm playing.
    If I remember correctly they were just running around the beach and cooking when I last played.


  21. Ah. You'll soon be given a choice between doing Nami or Yasumi's route. I highly recomend doing Nami's,since I personally find yasumi incrediably annoying, while nami is very cute and her route well-written. Like I said, you have to get through the first hour or so, and it starts slow . And its a long game (5 eight or ten hour long routes, along with 56 endings.) But I view it as one if not the best yuri visual novels. The story is so good. Lol it helps that its production value is so high.


  22. Since you're praising it so much, I'm really getting interested again 😛
    I think I have played more than an hour already, but I don't remember choosing a route.
    For me the choice will be a little harder, since the only character I find annoying so far would be Momoko, so Yasumi is just fine, but Nami seems far more interesting right now.

    Hopefully the game will finally work after re-installing it…


  23. I didn't buy the game, which might be part of the problem.
    So first problem, I can only play the game when the game folder is on my desktop, I have no idea why but otherwise I can't even start the game.
    Other than that, it often happens that the game just freezes, especially at time I try to save, which is just…. argh so annoying.


  24. Oh thank you for the link, but I'm afraid I can't download it since I don't use torrent. But I already tried downloading the game again when I first noticed the problems I had.
    Needless to say, it didn't change anything, but I'm having problems with Katahane and Sono Hanabira as well.
    I don't really know whether I'm doing something wrong or if I'm just having bad luck with this stuff.


  25. Ah, you use the “Multi Rar file” method? You should consider getting U-torrent, and download torrents, THERE MUCH less of a hassle. If your having problems with all those games, then I think you aren't installing the rar files properly into your folder.


  26. There were so many times, I wished I could use torrent, but well I think staying away from that will probably be saver.
    I actually believe that Windows 8 just can't properly play the games. But then again I've been having so many problems with Windows 8 that I'm usually blaming it for almost everything 😛


  27. Are you using Windows 8? Well that's the problem I think. There are so many people with these problem when they're running a VN. Maybe you should run Applocale to load the exe file in Japnese environment, and use the “compatibility mode”.


  28. Yup I use Windows 8, but I plan on getting Windows 7 soon, because these are not the only problems I have with it.
    And I guess I'll google “Applocale” later, so maybe this program (?) will come in handy when I attempt to play Aoi Shiro next time.


  29. LOL, I use translation software to read untranslated visual novels. I speak a little Japanese, so that helps.

    To be really honest, it depends on you play on how rape-ish nacha is(On a scale you can play neutral to complete monster.) And as I said, the H-scenes are usually very graphic. (The writing is excellent though, if very tragic, and really dark) The music is some of the best i've heard, and Hatsune Hirasaka is one of my favourite characters in Yuri. It's certainly not Sona Hanabira (The Yuri is really disturbing, though the relationship between Hatsune and Kanako is really heartwarming, in a way.) The length is good too.

    Shoukougun is really great, with it being quite long, and being incredibly cute. Also, Sayaka Miki's voice actress is in it, so the voice acting is generally really high quality, along with the music. And you seem to be in like, since an English patch is in the work.


  30. I've played some VNs with the help of translation programs, yet I think, I should only play stuff like Sono Hanabira and in general stuff that doesn't come with a complicated plot, since it's just too hard to fully understand everything.
    I've started learning Japanese as well, yet I'm not very far and need a lot more practice especially when it comes to understanding Kanjis.

    Ah well, you said the translation for Shoukougun is in progress, but I think it will take a long time until the translation and everything will be done, but looking at the CGs makes me wanna pay it right away…


  31. NP. LOL, when you do play Aoi Shiro, I recommend you play all the paths (There five, six if you count grand, which is actually in my opinion another route for Nami.) (Each of them usually fill up an important piece to the mystery. And the best part is even if you dont do a person's route, they still have very important roles in the other routes. And each one is completely unique, usually not repeating content.)


  32. Thanks again for telling me about it 🙂
    But no need for a link. As long as I can't properly understand Japanese, I'm not going to play a VN like this, even though I would like to do so so badly…
    I assume you played it already? Which makes me wonder whether you can speak Japanese.


  33. No problem.
    Actually, I haven't. I have played none of those you listed in your topic anw, except lonely yuri 'cause it's so short. It's too long & it make me feel so lazy… Since this is visual novel we're talking about, all you do is read and select option, right? I did played visual novel game in the past but it had more features than just read and select and I mostly play rpg games so I need some times to get used to simple stuff and lengthy stories. When I have lots of freetime, I'll play.
    For your 2nd question, no. I'm not a japanese, I'm Vietnamese. This make me want to ask you another question but I'll ask you later, don't want to get off the topic
    Again, I remembered a vn yuri fan made game, it's about vocaloid. But I'm using a phone right now, so tomorrow, 'kay? 😀


  34. I actually view Visual Novels as something like “Advanced Books”, since you don't just read, but also hear and see what is going on, while occasionally deciding how the story will continue.
    Putting it that way, basically means that I don't see it as lost time or something that makes me feel like I'm lazy, but I guess that's just me 😉

    Haha you tell me about a question you have, but don't ask it right away? 😛

    Oh and I know the VN you're talking about, but I don't remember the name. I think it was about Miku and Luka, well at least primarily.


  35. Well I know the VN Hourai Yamashiro just listed, because it has a Chinese-traslated verson. Soon after I fell in love with Yuri, I thought that Yuri is so “not popular” that I've never heard about yuri animes before, but I have seen VNs. So by then, I searched many “Yuri galgames”, though I've not played most of them yet.
    And by the way, have you finished Blue Drop?


  36. Well, that's just the way I think, nothing too important here.
    It's actually the question about vietnamese people ' w'
    The game's name is Koicre (I think?), the main char is Rin who has a crush on Miku. Luka is a teacher and there is a Gumi x Miku route (bad ending). That's all I know.


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