Artist Review: Amano Shuninta

Genre: Romance, Adult Relationships, Adult, Yuri

Works 10/10:
Amano Shuninta is a female mangaka mostly known for works like “Yukemuri Sanctury”, “Sweet Guilty Love Bites” and her most recent manga “The Feelings We All Must Endure”. In addition to that she has already released a number of one-shots, most of which including ecchi or NSFW material. 
I would say that these 18+ works are probably her most famous ones, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s one of those artists that can draw sex without making it look weird, over the top or in general just too intense. Personally I prefer it like that, which is precisely why I enjoy her adult works so much. In my opinion, I would even say that she’s one of the most talented artists when it comes to the depiction of sex, so some of these scenes are presented to you in such an unusual and sometimes even funny way, that I find myself re-reading her works all over again, without ever getting bored.
But let’s not only focus on her adult manga and view all of her works in general.
One of the greatest things about Amano Shuninta, is the fact that she always comes up with new stories, using different genres and themes while not sticking to the same pattern all the time. Asagi Ryuu for example, is an artist who almost always uses the same themes and you basically know what to expect from his works, because it’s always the same or at least similar. Of course it’s not bad to stick with the themes you’re familiar with and good at, but it gets boring pretty quickly, which is why I prefer mangaka like Amano Shuninta over those like Asagi Ryuu. 
Her works are varied to the point of sometimes even being ridiculous and she almost always adds in something new, something that makes all of her works so very enjoyable and so highly readable.
If I had to name my favorite works by Amano Shuninta, I would go with “Sweet Guilty Love Bites” and her one-shot “Dream at Dawn”. Both of which are fun and interesting to read and have (as always) very well done sex scenes involved.
 If you’re a fan of her adult works, just wait for her newest one-shot “Encore!!!!” to pop up. I’ve only read the RAWs, but I believe that it’s really worth waiting for.

I also pretty much enjoyed the comedy in her works

Yuri 9/10:
I think I’ve never read or even seen a non-yuri manga by Amano Shuninta, so it’s safe to assume that she’s releasing yuri stories only.
Most of her works show an adult relationship and even those that have high school girls as the main characters, come with a plot that is not all that typical for school manga. What I’m trying to say here is that the presented relationships don’t feel like the typical school girl x school girl romance that is so often picked up in this genre. 
These stories feel far more grown up, the romance comes with more mature problems and the sex is usually not as innocent as it is mostly (definitely not always) presented between young girls.

And did I mention she did a yuri catxdog one-shot as well?

Art 8/10:
While I was writing about how the stories she comes up with feel far more mature than what I usually read, her art style also helps amplify this. 
It’s funny how characters in (yuri) manga are only rarely drawn to really look their age. Some artists even prefer to draw grown up characters to look like little children, which of course many people like, but personally, I prefer love stories with characters that don’t look like they are 14 or even younger. So needless to say, Amano Shuninta draws her characters to actually look their age, which I pretty much prefer, especially when sex is involved.
Her artwork in general looks a lot more mature, with characters that just don’t come with the typical big round faces and adorable huge eyes. You could even say, her characters have more of a mature beauty to them than the typical childlike cuteness that we see so often. 
I for one really enjoy this artwork, but as always, look for yourself. 

art example, click to enlarge

Total Enjoyment 9/10:
There is just something about her manga, that make me re-read her works over and over again without getting bored. Maybe it’s the great art, maybe it’s the unique stories or maybe it’s just the great presentation of more mature relationships. In the end it’s probably a combination of all of the above and trust me, if you are a fan of more mature yuri manga, read her works and thank me later. 
Click here to read her manga online on the Dynasty Reader.
Furthermore here you have her Website, Twitter and Pixiv.


12 thoughts on “Artist Review: Amano Shuninta

  1. Indeed, she is one of my favorite authors. Her works are remarkable, actually i have the urge to re-read yukemuri sanctuary right now, the sex and couples in there are just too hot ♥
    I love her one-shots, they're so different and fresh, i quite enjoy it whenever there's an update from her, my favorites are 'backshot' and 'not for sale', but they're all so great
    However, i don't quite understand that well her last work, 'the feelings we all must endure'. It's bad for me, there's several main characters so i can't tell who is who, and the release pace is so slow i tend to forget what the manga's about… so for this one i'm waiting for the first volume to be completed.
    Her art is just so nice and there's seriously good lines as well, so yeah, i quite agree with you. Amano Shuninta sure is a yuri goddess too ~


  2. I have to agree, “The Feelings we all must endure” can be a little confusing with all the different characters, but if you were to read the first volume in one go, I think you wouldn't have any problem distinguishing the characters from one another.
    I've recently bought volume two of it and I think there is even a third one coming, so there is hopefully enough time for this one to get even better 😉

    And there's also her new one-shot “Encore!!!!” that we should patiently wait for~


  3. I'm looking forward to it. I would love to see the 'backshot' continuation (i read in dynasty there's an 'after shot' somewhere in the yamibo forums, but i can't understand japanese so i need to wait and see if someone is willing to translate it, life's so unfair…)


  4. What a great surprise to see you talking about Amano Shuninta.
    I absolutely love her work. The way she can always present yuri stories that you haven't already read or like the sex she portrays is not idealized, (it looks like she knows what she's talking about).
    I personally enjoy this more mature yuri, and I'm glad that there is someone so good at doing it as Amano Shuninta.
    As always, great post.


  5. Thanks 🙂
    For me, it feels like 95% of all yuri manga take place in school, which is why more adult stories like almost all of Amano Shuninta's works, really stand out, in a good way of course~


  6. her work is amazing. i read my irritated wife a while back and it became one of my favorite and yes, her art style is really nice and i love how the characters look mature. She's one of the best artists.


  7. Ahhh, I was thrilled to find this review, I loved her works but I didn't know much about her,although I always suspected it had to be a female mangaka, I think I've read all of her works,except “The feelings we all must endure” I love the humor and how she depicts sex and yes,themes are always very fresh and original 😀


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