Some Minor Updates

Let’s make this quick, I’ve just updated some of my blog entries.
So if you’re interested, you can find the updated posts right here:

1. Yuri Scanlation Groups
I constantly update this post, because lately more and more scanlation groups keep popping up. So here’s the updated list. If you know some more groups that I haven’t listed yet, feel free to let me know about them.

2. Yuri Awards
I know, I just posted this list a while ago, but the more I think about stuff like this, the more possible awards come to mind. So here are some more, enjoy~

3. Yuri Anime Legends
And last but not least, I made a bigger update for this list as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to update it again very soon, since next year will surely bring us some great yuri shows.


3 thoughts on “Some Minor Updates

  1. It's nice to go back and see a lot of the stuff I missed before I knew of this place. 🙂

    You should've added another category to the Yuri Awards post: Best Yuri Blog. I would vote nonstop to make sure you win, even though I'm sure you would win even if I didn't do that. 😉


  2. You know, there once was a voting that had my blog involved too, but it wasn't about the best yuri blog.
    I don't even know what it was for in the first place, but I surely didn't score much 😀


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