Manga Review: Seiten no Hekigan [The Blue-Eyed Material]

Author: Takishima Asaka

Length: 10 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Translation Group: [CXC] Scans
Genre: School Life, Drama, Supernatural, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Story 8/10 (so far) and Characters 9/10:
Description: Even after one month of transferring to a new school, Natsuki keeps her distance from her classmates. Her childhood friend Haruka always tries to push her to be more sociable, but Natsuki just pushes her away. One day, while Natsuki was skipping class and eating lunch on the school balcony, a slime-like substance drops right on top of her. The slime slowly forms itself into… a human girl? An odd relationship between Natsuki and her new alien(?) sister begins.
I’m pretty sure most of you don’t know about this manga, since it’s neither listed on the Dynasty Reader, not did any of the typical yuri scanlation groups work on this one.
Still some of you might know the author. Takishima Asaka or +legacy is mostly known for their yuri Touhou doujinshi and even though I’m not sure, I assume that “Seiten no Hekigan” is their first original manga. 

As mentioned above, this is a story in which Natsuki, a seemingly antisocial high school student comes across the rare encounter of meeting a real alien from outta space.
Their first meeting is anything but pleasant for Natsuki. She only wanted to enjoy her lunch alone, when some weird blue slime suddenly drips onto her face from out of nowhere, grows bigger and bigger and threatens to swallow her as a whole. Just a moment later, the substance is gone, but instead a naked girl is sitting on top of her her, kissing her.
Sounds like a great start, huh?
I have to admit, I especially enjoyed the way the two girls (or one girl, one alien) first met, as well as the first days the two of them spent together trying to understand what the other is all about.
As it turns out, Aoi, the alien girl was sent to earth as punishment for committing a yet unknown crime on her home planet. Natsuki of course doesn’t know how to deal with a situation like this, but goes along with anything Aoi wants. So in the end, Aoi ends up living with Natsuki, and thanks to the alien powers she receives from the former, Natsuki effortlessly succeeds in convincing everyone, even her own parents, that Aoi is her sister that needed medical treatment overseas because of some illness.
All in all, even though aliens have invaded or visited earth many times in manga and anime already, this story feels very unique and fresh to me, which is why I read all the translated chapters in one go. And now I’m patiently waiting for more~

Also there’s animal abuse. Ok well, not really 😛

Art: 7.5/10
Don’t let yourself be fooled by the cover of this manga. Just like in Citrus’ case, the art style on the cover doesn’t even come close to the quality of the art style inside.

I don’t really understand why Takashima Aaska decided to go with this as the cover, but whatever…

Well, the art is not outstandingly great, but it’s definitely nice to look at. I think I said something similar when reviewing “The Flower and the Star”, but this manga as well has some panels and sometimes even whole pages that simply stand out, while others are just ‘meh’.
Yuri: 4/10
This author is mostly known for his/her yuri doujinshi, so one would expect that this will also be a theme in this manga.
However, even though I always have my yuri goggles on, even I couldn’t make out much subtext in this one. Don’t get me wrong, this whole manga basically started out with a yuri kiss, but from that point on, there isn’t more or I just can’t see it?
Well, there are only 10 translated chapters out so far, so there is hopefully enough room left, to establish a yuri relationship. Personally, I would love to see a romance between Aoi and Natsuki because they really do make a great couple~
Total Enojoyment: 8/10
Basically I made this little review to point this manga out to some yuri fans that don’t know about it yet.
Also, I think it was a great read so far, even though the yuri content is pretty low. So if you have time, why don’t you just check it out to see whether you’ll also come to like it?
In any case, it’s worth taking a look at, so here’s a link so you can read it online:
Also special thanks to Hourai Yamashiro, who pointed this manga out to me~


12 thoughts on “Manga Review: Seiten no Hekigan [The Blue-Eyed Material]

  1. Have you ever read ロクロイチ and フィダンツァートのためいき and ひみつ? They have serializd in Yuri Hime expect ひみつ. And…. they seemed to be 18x? I have just bought the tankobons of them on the internet shop. Only one tankobon for each, so short. Well, if only I would enjoy them.


  2. Hm, the first thing you listed is Rokuroichi, which is a mangaka and not a manga itself. The second one is new to me, I don't think there is a translation out yet and the third one is a title that I can't find since the name alone is not enough to find it on google.
    Seems it's also not one by Rokuroichi, so I guess I can't say much here.

    Oh but, if we're talking about Rokuroichi, I think this artist only releases 18+ works, some very good, others not so much.


  3. i agree with you, i couldn't detect any yuri this far. well there was a kiss once but just that *sob* i enjoyed this manga though, the story is really good so far (i still hope for more yuri XD).
    i think the art quality of this manga is far better than “the flower and the star” i can even say that this manga artstyle is better than “Notes from the garden of lilies”, i like “note from the garden of lilies” but i don't really enjoy the flower and the star.


  4. I was just told that this manga was cancelled, so chapter 11 will be the last one.
    I haven't checked whether this is true, but I do believe it is.
    It's quite a pity actually…


  5. This is probably the only manga that isn't on the Dynasty Reader (if that is where you usually get your yuri manga from), so I believe that will be the only surprise 😉

    Also I don't think there will be more of this manga, which really is a pity…


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