Yuri Manga Legends

As promised, here’s the list of my personal Yuri Manga Legends. In this one I’m going to name those manga characters that either left a big impression on me or that simply need to be listed here because of their huge popularity in our yuri community.

However I’ll try to refrain myself from naming characters from manga with anime adaptations, because I already listed them in my Yuri Anime Legends List.
In other words, you won’t find characters from series like Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, Kannazuki no Miko etc in here.
Other than that I don’t have much more to say, so enjoy the list~
Akko and Mari (Girl Friends)
First off, I of course have to name the two most popular yuri manga characters, Akko and Mari. Probably every yuri fan knows them and I’m pretty sure most of you also love them just as much as I do. And let’s be honest here, these two really match each other perfectly and I would love to see an Anime version of Girl Friends so badly. But even though that probably won’t ever happen, we still got a Drama CD, which is great as well.

Yuzu (Citrus)
Citrus is recently one of the most popular yuri manga out there and Yuzu is probably everyone’s favorite character from the series. She might be a little dense at times, but she’s a great mix between cute and gorgeous and the fact that she’s head over heels in love with Mei makes her even more likable, especially for us yuri fans~
Yamada and Kase (Kase-san and Morning Glory)
Despite the nice romance that takes place in Kase-san and Morning Glory, the most enjoyable thing for me was probably watching Yamada’s many different and totally awesome facial expressions. They are really hilarious and she is in general a very funny and cute character, especially when she’s around her crush Kase.
Setsuko (Octave)
Between the the two main characters, I came to like Setsuko the most. I guess just like to read about more serious and mature characters at times as well, especially if they look as good as Setsuko. But to be honest, I was often annoyed by Yukino, so it was pretty easy deciding which Octave character I should go with here.
Megumi and Hikaru (Prism)
Haaa… thinking back on Prism always gives me mixed feelings. It was such a great manga, which is why it’s so unfortunate that it’ll probably never be continued or even finished. Nonetheless, finished or not, I view this manga as one of the greatest yuri manga out there and both Hikaru and Megumi can simply not be missing in this list.
Who did I like better? I guess I like them both equally, since they just make a very cute and fun couple, which is also why I’ll just name them both~
Morishita (Manga no Tsukurikata)
It’s been so long since I last read this manga and I highly doubt I’m actually up to date with the translated chapters. Is this even still continuing? I seriously don’t know.
When I was reading this manga some years ago, there was just one character that really interested me and that was Morishita.
She sure had a hard time dealing with her feelings for her senpai (yes I don’t even remember the name of the main character anymore) and at times I really pitied her. Poor Morishita, I hope she’s doing better in the more recent chapters.
Misuzu (Blue Friend)
In the beginning of the manga I was both annoyed about her behavior and also a little creeped out, and even in the end, after her back-story was explained, I still couldn’t get myself to like her. Don’t get me wrong, I was feeling with her, but somehow I just couldn’t fully understand her, which is why I ended up only liking Ayumu more. Still Misuzu left a way bigger impression on me, which is why I think she deserves a place in this list a little more than Ayumu does. 
Mika (Fragments of Love)
Mika is simply awesome.
There is nothing more I need to say, other than the fact that she really makes one of the greatest yuri characters in manga. I really love her. 
Chiaki (Candy)
Ah, how much I loved this manga… and now I’m wondering, was it really that popular? It felt strangely similar to Prism, but I think it didn’t even get half the attention Prism got when it was still ongoing. Anyway, in this one as well I loved both main characters, but Chiaki was definitely cuter. Yes I know, I’m really superficial when choosing the characters for my list, but I can’t help it. When thinking back on Candy, she’s the first character that pops up in my head.
Eliana (Love Flag Girls)
The award for the best pirate captain definitely goes to Eliana. Even though she’s often the most random, perverted and useless person on board, she’s still awesome. Also it’s worthy to mention that she’s pretty good at seducing girls and with a crew like that, they couldn’t ask for a better captain than her. As a girl I would practically want to end up as a hostage on her ship, seriously she’s just a great captain.
Nano (Pure Water Adolescence)
I think that’s the first real tsundere character in this list, which makes me wonder whether there are just not that many tsundere characters in yuri anime and manga anyway… Well, Nano might also not be the best example of a Tsundere, since she’s both embarrassed of showing her feelings, but at the same time she’s quite open when she’s alone with Matsumoto. Hm what is she really I wonder. For now let’s just say, she’s one of the greatest yuri characters out there~
Yuri (Notes from the Garden of Lilies)

And just after claiming that there are too few tsundere characters in yuri manga, I find her, an especially great example of this rare race.

I guess it’s partly Misono’s fault for bringing out all of Yuri’s worst (or greatest depending on what you prefer) character traits, which of course include her acting like a total tsundere. But still, no matter how you look at it, it’s damn funny!

Chizuru (Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange)
 Rokuroichi usually releases some great yuri manga and one-shots, but Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange surely wasn’t her best work or was it? So in this case I’m not naming Chizuru because she’s a great character, but rather because she’s the opposite. The manga itself wasn’t all that bad, but this character… urgh, I kind of hated her. I usually love these kind of shy and cute characters, but she somehow really creeped me out with her weird obsession over Kanae…

Shinozaki Akira (Don’t Become an Otaku, Shinozaki!)

Shinozaki just can’t decide whether she loves or hates anime and all anime-related goods. She’s obviously hooked on some shows, but at the same time she hates all otaku with a burning passion. And as if this wouldn’t be hilarious enough, she also has a big crush on her female friend, who happens to be one of the biggest otaku around. 

Sora and part of her Harem (Shitsurakuen)
We should also not forget about Sora, one of the rare characters with a yuri harem. I guess I’m usually not the biggest fan of harems, but a yuri harem… that’s kind of great! Also Sora really deserves to be loved by everyone. She’s strong, reliable and cares for everyone equally. In short, she really does fit the image of the perfect knight, and since she’s doing such a great job, her harem should be even bigger 😉 
Haru (The Flower and the Star)
Haru sure was a weird yet very cute characters and probably also my favorite character of the whole manga. If you have already read my review of The Flower and the Star, then you most likely know that I’m not all that fond of the actual pairing Haru x Hanai. And even now, I’m still kind of disappointed that she didn’t choose her childhood friend Chika, who deserved her love so much more than Hanai…
But my whining won’t change a thing about the outcome of the manga and I guess no matter who Haru finally decided to be with, she’s still a very cute and fun character.

Kina and Sumi (Wife and Wife)

These two are inseparable, so I just need to list them together.
 I’ve rarely come across characters as flirty and hilarious as Kina and Sumi. It was seriously such bliss reading about them~

Please keep in mind that this is not a finished list.


Mel (Pulse by Ratana Satis)

What I liked best about lady killer Mel is not only her awesome looks and great player skills, but rather the way her transformation worked out.
Starting with this kind of “sex only” and “no love needed” attitude, we can see how she gradually opens up enough to let someone else help her see that love might not be something so bad.
And by the end of it, we just see Mel as a completely changed woman; caring endlessly about her girlfriend, proud to have someone like that by her side and simply the sweetest and most loving girlfriend you could wish for~

Nanami (Bloom Into You)

Mysterious, charismatic and scarred by her past. She carries quite a few dark secrets and a heavy weight that no one can take away from her. But with the arrival of Yuu, the first person that she can finally open up to, reveal her true self to and simply fall in love with, she might finally get the help needed to deal with all the hardship and expectations.
 wei wei

Wei Wei (Beloved)

It’s already hard enough being a doctor, but adding the fact that you’re still having a hard time getting over a past lover, plus waking up next to a minor that you took home with you last night and had sex with, let’s just say it doesn’t help your already shitty situation.
Now having said one-night-stand actually wanting to stay with you, might either end up the worst possible thing to happen, or the best.
In her case, I think it’s clear what the right answer to question is and even if she can’t accept it right away, seeing her open up and accept her feelings is just the greatest thing to see~

As I continue reading yuri manga, I’ll add new characters every now and then.
Compared to anime, there are so many more series to check in order to make this list and I’m now almost 100% sure that I forgot some important names.
So feel free to recommend me stuff or tell me if you feel like I forgot someone.

14 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Legends

  1. It's a great list, reading it made it all came back to my mind… there's so many extraordinary characters in manga <3 you even named some of my all time favorites here.
    For starters, i can suggest some Julia x Ran awesomeness (strawberry shake sweet, and maybe the gurl from ZLAY?), Yae and Chitose are great as well, the gorgeous couple from Aqua Blue Cinema, Satsuki and her sempai from Kimochi no Katachi… i don't know why am only suggesting couples, sorry xD.


  2. Thanks for the additions 🙂
    I was thinking about Yae and Chitose but decided against either of them, since I didn't like the manga that much and wasn't sure how popular it was in general. But a character from Aqua Blue Cinema will definitely be added in my next update 😉
    After re-reding Strawberry Shake Sweet I'll probably also add one or more characters from this one.


  3. I should check out that “Orange” manga again. I don't remember it being bad…I don't really remember it at all. Ah well.
    As for the rest of the list, most of the girls are already in my hall of fame so we have similar tastes in greatness.
    Setsuko #1, always!


  4. Setsuko sure was a great character~
    About Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange, I don't think it was really that bad, but definitely nothing I would score higher than 6/10, especially with Chizuru as the main character…


  5. I really do like Manga no Tsukurikata, I have almost cried out loud when i know that you like the series too. And even I love the manga, I only remember Morishita's name, Just like you. ))) weird huh.
    And Prism is a really really good yuri manga though, I love the art and more. So sad it's droped – by the artist (


  6. Actually I thing he wont. Prism had been stopped because of some kind of trade mark problem so the author got fired, I dont think there will be any publisher will hire him, some kind of bad truth, huh. ))
    But anyway, the series is good itself so an proper end is not quite necessary (though I love it if it have).

    I tried some of your suggestion and all those are very good, thank you. ))


  7. Did he really got fired?
    I just read that he still released other manga after Prism stopped, so I don't think that's the case. On the other hand I really don't know how things work when something like that happens.

    Oh and I'm happy the list was helpful to you 🙂


  8. Oh, guess what, He did release other manga after Prism, and furthermore, it's a Hentai manga.
    (it's look like Prism's girls doing it with many other guys, this totally broke my heart *snif* )
    Somehow I'm glad that Prism was canceled. '___'


  9. Haha in fact he released some loli Hentai ones I don't really care about. But just like you said, I've looked through one hentai manga he released and it really looked like one of the Prism characters having sex with a random guy, so no thank you 😛

    But why are you glad it was cancelled?


  10. You know, things are as good as it has to be. What is going on in your head is much more better than what the author would do. *plus he is a hentai artist, I dont know what kind of ending he would make. Scary somehow, cuz one of my friend is some kind of a hentai artist, trust me, there's nothing pure in his head*

    A good series ended, so all the fans should do is hope for more other good series, dont you think hehe.


  11. Hm but simply because he's a hentai artist doesn't mean he would have gone full hentai mode in Prism.
    In fact, I highly doubt anything like that would have happened.
    It was a cute and a little ecchi yuri manga from the beginning and that's what the fans loved about it.


  12. Don't know if you know this already, but Manga no Tsukurikata ended earlier this year. someone might have mentioned this already…
    The ending wasn't very satisfying… and the bonus story for the last volume wasn;t yuri at all….I think.
    What do you dislike about the yuri incest type?Or is it that cliche incest hating feeling that is instilled into some youths at young? Personally, as an accepter of darkness and all, I accept all forms of lov,


  13. No, I really didn't know this, but I wasn't really up to date with the manga anyway.
    And now that I know that it won't even end in a nice (yuriish) way, I probably won't continue reading it anymore.

    Incest sometimes leaves me with a quite unpleasant feeling, but I mostly have these kinds of cliche hentai images in my head.
    Like a guy and his little sister who calls him nii-san…

    Yuri incest is fine for me. Well, only as long as it's not rape, but that goes for every story for me.


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