2013 Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards

Before reading, please keep in mind that this is just my personal list, so don’t get angry when I’m not naming your own favorites in this entry.

Also I think this is a pretty random list, since I just posted something similar to this in my “My Personal Highlights of 2013” entry some time ago.
Still, even though I will repeat a lot of what has already been said, there are quite a few new aspects I want to name in this one as well.
I think I’ll do something similar to this at the end of every year from now on, but let’s just see about that. For now, enjoy the list~

Best Yuri Anime: Shinsekai Yori
I know, I know, Shinsekai Yori is not a real yuri anime, but I guess we are kind of short on pure yuri shows this year, so I have no other choice.

I bet some people hate me right now for not going with other shows such as Vividred Operation or Symphogear G, but to be completely honest, I only watched a few episodes of both shows and then dropped them.  So what is really left? I could go with Psycho Pass, but the yuri was too little, or how about Yuyushiki or Love Lab, but there were no confirmed couples in these shows at all.
So in my eyes, the only show that really deserves this award is Shinsekai Yori. It had a great yuri couple and some stunning and beautiful yuri scenes. I know it didn’t have a yuri ending, quite the opposite actually, but that doesn’t change the fact that Maria and Saki made for some splendid yuri scenes~
Best Non-Yuri Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
What a surprise! It was surely totally unexpected that I chose Shingeki no Kyojin in this category…
Yes, I know, this was totally not unexpected at all.
But truth be told, I actually did consider going with Kill la Kill in this one. I just recently started watching it, but it got me pretty excited within just the first few episodes, which is awesome.
Still, I don’t think it can really cope with Shingeki no Kyojin’s awesomeness, but I want to at least tell you that I considered choosing it.
Best Yuri Manga: Citrus by Saburouta
And here comes another surprise…
I don’t even know what to say to this anymore, since I wrote about it so many times already. So let’s just say that some people love it, while others don’t. But let’s be honest here, those who don’t like it, either do so because they really think the story and characters are shitty, but many others simply don’t like it because they are annoyed with the people who do like it.
Sounds stupid, but it’s true. 
Needless to say I’m in love with Citrus, but I don’t need to tell you anymore, it’s a well known fact already 😉
Best Yuri Anime Character: Akane (Walkure Romanze)
I have absolutely no doubt that I made the right decision here. Akane is the perfect character in every way.
I think most of you will probably not even know the anime Walkure Romanze, which is understandable considering the fact that this is at best a mediocre show. But still, this anime managed to have one of the greatest characters in history. Well, at least in my opinion.
Anyway, if you don’t know Akane yet, I’d just recommend you to watch episode 7 of Walkure Romanze. It’s awesome!
Best Yuri Manga Character: Yuzu (Citrus)
I had 4 characters in mind when thinking about this category. There were Haru (The Flower and the Star), Yuri (Notes from the Garden of Lilies), Yamada (Kase-san and Moring Glory) and Yuzu. But even though all of the said characters come with exactly those character traits that I love, Yuzu is definitely the cutest and also the one that makes me squeal the most.
I know I said it about 100 times already, but one more time probably won’t hurt.
Yuzu is absolutely gorgeous and cute beyond believe, how can you not love her?!
Best Non-Yuri Character: Ryuko (Kill la Kill)
As mentioned above, I just watched Kill la Kill, a pretty weird yet totally awesome anime of the current anime season. Actually many of the characters of Kill la Kill are pretty damn great, but without doubt, the main character Ryuko is the greatest. She’s a total badass, who doesn’t fear anything, but she also has a super cute and easily embarrassed side to her. On top of that she also has one of the greatest voices of all time. Seriously, her voice actress is a genius!  
The only downside to her is probably her skimpy fighting outfit, but we can’t really make her responsible for that, so we can overlook it.
Best Yuri Visual Novel: Sono Hanabira – Atorie no Koibito-tachi
To be honest, “Atorie no Koibito-tachi” is probably the only Visual Novel of 2013 that I actually started playing. The problem here should be obvious. The translations for these games won’t just be done within a few months, so those of us who can’t speak Japanese have to wait for a bit longer to actually play these games. Nonetheless, since there is specific software available that at least helps us understand the games a little, it is possible to play them and that’s what I did.
I actually wanted to name “Michael no Otome-tachi”, since this one has a lot more to offer than “Atorie no Koibito-tachi”, but I just realized that it was released at the end of 2012, so I had to go with this one instead. Risa x Miya sure is a great couple, don’t you think?
Best Anime Opening: Fripside – Sister’s Noise
There is seriously not one opening of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun that I don’t love.
Also Fripside is simply awesome, so of course this makes one of my favorite openings of all time and my favorite opening of 2013.
Best Yuri Canon Pairing: Yayoi x Shion (Psycho Pass)

Yayoi (left), Shion (right) by

I really wish those two of them had a little more screen time. It was such a pity that whenever we saw them together, the scene was either too short or there was nothing going on between them. But rest assured, there will be a second seasons and I really hope we’ll see more of them.
I’m actually quite confident about that. The two of them are pretty popular already, so the creators hopefully noticed that as well and will put some special scenes in for us fans~
Best unofficial Yuri Pairing: Ymir and Christa (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Ymir (left), Christa (right) by NOTCH

2013 has yet again been a year full of great yuri Precure doujinshi, especially about the pairing ManaxRikka. Love Life as well has developed into quite the yuri goldmine with pairings such as NicoxMaki and ErixNozomi. Furthermore there’s Kantai Collection, a game that is quickly gaining more and more popularity and that has a lot of great yuri pairings to offer as well.
But despite the great amount of competition, I think Ymir and Christa deserve this award the most. Some people claim those two are already a canon pairing, and the manga sure gives me the same impression, but still, they are not confirmed yet and I sure hope they will survive long enough to actually make their relationship clear to us.
Go YumiKuri~

17 thoughts on “2013 Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards

  1. In Shinsekai Yori, i found out about the yuri from watching youtube yuri amv. what they did to each other…it looked really intense that i had to just start watching that episode without knowing what was happening from the start. it was super hawt and im' a guy and i got scared and excited. i then got disappointed when i found out this wasn't even about yuri. meh, at least some yuri action was shown.

    and thx for ur previous post on yuri manga legends. i just finished reading Girl Friends, which has now become my favorite manga of all time. since then, i've started playing less eroge stuff and look for something as deep as Girl Friends (preferably yuri based lol). seeing the bond that they shared has become obsessive and something i won't forget.


  2. You got scared and excited at the same time? Hehe Shinsekai Yori sure had some impact on you huh? Despite the non-yuri ending, I still think it's a great show and the yuri we got was very very satisfying 😉

    I'm always happy to hear something like this and Girl Friends sure is a great manga, I hope you'll find a lot more great ones 🙂


  3. Good list my adorable ninja gal pal. I thought I was the only person who discovered Walkure Romanze. Too bad I found out too late, which is why none of the three yurirific girls were nominated for anything. Oh well, the girls on the show are sexy enough to warrant my attention, even though the male lead, as is the case with most het harems, contributes nothing of value. I only look forward to bikini episodes in het harems now.

    Speaking of bikinis, nice find with the Yuzu pic. I at least admit Citrus' art is really good. The manga's still overrated though.

    Shion and Yayoi are definitely the hottest yuri couple of 2013.

    I'll have to look up your semi-translator post again because my patience for the patches has grown VERY thin. I want to pread the new Hanabira games so BADLY!


  4. I also just found out about Walkure Romanze recently and I blame it all on Twitter. That's also where I found the Yuzu pic, you should really consider getting an account too 😉

    Speaking of the SonoHana games and bikinis, today the newest game will be released and I think I'll try playing this one with the few tools I once listed as well.
    I'ts gonna be hard but I'm so excited about this game and the setting is sooooo promising~


  5. I'm currently thinking about getting a Twitter. I'll make a post about it because it's a difficult decision for me to make.

    I personally would have had Eris wearing Rena's bikini but Rena has the cougar factor so I guess I'll let it slide since we almost never get to see Rena show off her body.


  6. I'll be awaiting your decision then, I can only tell you that it can come in pretty handy sometimes 😉

    There are pictures of Rena in a bikini? I don't remember that, but I do remember that Shizuku is wearing a swimsuit rather than a bikini, which is also fine with me~


  7. The main page of the game has the character section where you can see all the girls in their school uniform, casual attire and swimsuits. Rena only has casual attire and her green cougar swimsuit from the looks of it.

    I'll post something Twitter related in a bit.


  8. i know its 2014 now but i have to agree with you that shinsekai yori is the best yuri anime of 2013 even though its not a yuri anime i literally just finished watching it and i loved it so much not just for the yuri scenes between saki and maria but also for the story i cried when maria left with mamoru because i really wanted saki and maria to be together because they are just so cute together either way the yuri moments in it where good while it lasted and i just loved this anime so much (also sorry for the huge comment i just wanted to state my opinion on this anime thats all)


  9. It was the same for me, I just didn't want to believe that Maria wasn't going to return and I also refused to believe that she died…
    I was hoping the whole time that she would at some point come back and be with Saki again, but that was just wishful thinking 😉


  10. ya me too i didnt want to believe that maria was dead because she was my favorite character out of the five and again like i said i cried a lot and it was also the same for me i was hoping maria would come back and be with saki again but sadly that didnt happen. i also think that saki still loved maria until the very end and same goes with maria, i really do think that they loved each other and i honestly think that saki would have went with maria if satoru didnt leave but like you said its just wishful thinking but either way saki and maria is definitely my favorite anime canon yuri couple even if it didnt last very long 🙂


  11. Well, their relationship lasted for quite a few episodes I think and we got some very beautiful yuri scenes thanks to them, so I think even if it turned out like this, it was still great~


  12. ya i agree they were so cute together i just loved their relationship so much and like i said they are definitely my favorite canon anime yuri couple ever also im reading the manga for shinsekai yori and it definitely shows a lot more fanservice than the anime does but i still love the anime for what it is just amazing


  13. i agree there where some scenes in the manga between saki and maria that i liked a lot actually i loved all of them even though it was very ecchi


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