Anime Review: Walkure Romanze

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Harem, School Setting

Story 5/10 and Characters 6.5/10:
In short Walkure Romanze is a harem anime with a male lead and a lot of ecchiness involved. Especially that last part doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering the fact that this anime is based on an adult Visual Novel.
So why is a yuri fan who doesn’t even like harem shows watching an anime like this? 
Because of the great yuri character of course!

But first things first, Walkure Romanze is a modern day romance series with some medieval inspired elements weirdly yet nicely mixed into the story. Our protagonist Takahiro Mizuno, as well as the handful of female students this anime focuses on, attends a special academy which takes pride in offering to teach jousting as the main sport. Due to an injury Takahiro himself doesn’t participate in jousting anymore, but his extraordinary skills still make him a great Begleiter (something like a knights’ helper). 
Since there is a big tournament coming up, many participants want him as their own Begleiter, but Takahiro always refuses offers because he just can’t decide what he really wants.

In my opinion Takahiro is a nice guy, but a boring protagonist. I mean I got it, he’s skillful and all, but almost the whole anime just focuses on the fact that he just can’t decide whether he wants to be a knight or a Begleiter, and at some point it really annoyed me that he just couldn’t make up his mind.


(from left to right) Lisa, Noel, Takahiro, Mio, Celia and Akane

The other characters (all girls of course) are a little more interesting, at least some of them. Let’s take Mio for example, she’s a genki girl, annoying at times, but still mostly someone I can at least tolerate and even like. The rest of the girls is also ok, I mean they are of course all nice to look at and all, but none of them really interested and even fascinated me as much as one of the side characters, Akane did.
You know, it’s rare to find someone you can call a perfect character, but in my case, I found one;
Akane somehow combines all the things that I want to see in a character. She’s adorable, gorgeous, funny, strong, reliable and best of all she’s into girls and has a huge crush on the sexy student council president Celia.
Can it get any better? Yes it can! 
She’s also carrying a Katana with her, which is already a big plus for me, and she every now and then has cute delusions about the girl she loves.
Haaaa…. How can such a perfect character only be part of such a mediocre anime… Ah well, I should stop fangirling and continue my review, but here’s one more picture of Akane before I do so 😉
She’s also the one with the most badass armor~
If we disregard Akane’s awesomeness, what’s left is a mediocre cast and a mediocre plot. Well, jousting in general doesn’t really sound like the most exciting theme for an anime, but it strangely worked and I think they really made the most of it.
It is probably also worthy to mention that for a harem anime, the amount of girls really falling for the main character or at least showing some romantic interest in him was surprisingly little, which is a good thing for me anyway.
Music 6/10 and Animation 9/10:
Ecchi show = good animation (in most cases anyway) 
I liked the designs of almost all the characters, even Takahiro, but still even for an ecchi show, they could have made the bust size of some characters at least a little smaller…
The opening and ending themes both passed me by without me even noticing them and the same goes for the background music.
Yuri: 4/10
There is usually not much yuri going on between the girls, but when there is, then the yuri action mostly takes place in Akane’s head alone, which is definitely not a bad thing.
I really enjoyed her cute delusions, especially in times she has it so bad that she either faints or starts muttering her crushe’s name over and over again. It’s really, really, REALLY adorable, but happens way too rarely if you ask me.
However, there is one episode that basically solely focuses on Akane and her crush on Celia and it’s just so awesome (yet totally stupid). If you only want to see the yuri moments in this show, just watch episode 7. That’s also how I got into the show, but I ended up falling in love with Akane, which is why I started watching this anime anyway.
by 東とら
Total Enjoyment 6/10:
I think Walkure Romanze is pretty much your typical ecchi harem anime, with girls with huge boobs and short skirts and of course with ridiculous encounters that lead to the girls losing even more of their already skimpy clothing.
Other than that, even though I mostly watched it for Akane only, this show was pretty entertaining and visually very nice.
I won’t recommend you to watch this show, especially not the yuri fans, but if you have some spare time, just take a look at episode 7, it’s stupid yet awesome~

8 thoughts on “Anime Review: Walkure Romanze

  1. Hello.
    I did not like this one, I watched two episodes and it fall off from my watch list.
    Probably the history and the excessive fan service helped.
    Did you watch any Yuri anime from this season? I took a look at almost anything around there but there was no luck for me.


  2. I've not watched much anime at all this season and I think Walkure Romanze is probably one of the only shows with at least a little subtext.
    But next season will be awesome, I'm sure of that~


  3. Hehe I'm not that experienced with Harem shows, but I already came across some characters with a harem that weren't completely useless and boring.
    But well they might still be indecisive 😛


  4. I kinda dropped the show due to the overload of ecchi as I prefer anime with more story. I agree, Akane is awesome,! Afterall her voice actor is Nabatame Hitomi, the same as Shizuma from Strawberry Panic!! XD (and not to mention, Kazusa Touma from White Album 2, I recommend watching it if you are into a pure romance plot with angst.)


  5. When I first heard her voice, I was desperately trying to figure out from what other shows I know her, but I actually had to look her up to find that Nabatame Hitomi voiced both Shizuma from Strawberry Panic and also one of the twins from Candy Boy.
    She really is a great voice actress~


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