Anime Review: Kill la Kill [First Half]

Yes I know, this is not exactly a yuri anime, actually this has no yuri at all. But similar to shows like Pretty Cure, the fans of this anime as well came up with some great yuri pairings.

So let’s just see this as justification to review a non-yuri anime, but in reality I just like the show and want to write about it.

Year: 2013
Length: 25 episodes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, School Setting
Story 6.5/10:
Kill la Kill is definitely not an anime you watch for its plot, so the only things you need to keep in mind when watching this, are the following;
Ryuko, the protagonist of this show tries to find the person who killed her father and she searches for the killer in Honnouji Academy, a school that is ruled by the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin and her minions. The rules in this school are very strict and depending on how strong you are, your social status is determined, which basically just means that the strongest are also the ones with the most money and influence.

In this world your own strength can be boosted by what they call “Goku Uniforms”, special uniforms that give the person wearing them superhuman powers.
Ryuko finds such an uniform in the leftovers of her old home, but in her case, she finds a very rare one that grants her more power than any other of those uniforms could give her. And with these new powers she is determined to take down the student council president Satsuki in order to get some information about her fathers’ death.
As motioned above you don’t watch this anime for its plot, you watch it for the action, the great characters and in general you just watch it to be entertained. And that’s exactly what it does, it entertains you and it does so well, that we can overlook its weak plot.
In my opinion, Kill l Kill feels like a mix between Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and any other anime with a lot of ecchiness and action involved.
Furthermore the fighting scenes make up like 70% of the whole anime and they are so over the top, so random and just so wacky that you just can’t take anything all that seriously. Still, despite the randomness, the fighting scenes are pretty damn great. They just look fantastic and the pure awesomeness of the characters mixed with the great display of these scenes make them beyond enjoyable.
Furthermore, if we put aside the action scenes, what is left is just an ecchi comedy anime, but a good one at that. For example, even though the main character Ryuko is pretty much half naked the whole time she’s in a fight, this ecchiness is often handled in a humorous way and Ryuko as well as many other characters actually do feel embarrassed about this skimpy outfit.
Characters 10/10:
The greatest aspect of this anime is without a doubt its characters. Ryuko makes one totally badass and awesome main character, while Mako, her friend, makes one of the cutest and most hilarious hyperactive genki girls of all time. Also I came to like many of the villains of the show, Satsuki of course being on top.
Like her or not, you still have to admit that she makes a great villain. I mean she seemingly built up all of what she has right now by herself. She reached the top with nothing more than her own strength, willpower and seemingly also charisma. Furthermore I really like the look of Ryuko vs Satsuki, they make a great set of enemies (that is also worthy to be shipped, just saying).
Oh and did I mention the sexual-harassment-shiny-nipples-guy?
 He’s pretty awesome as well, partly because of his glowing nipples
Animation 9/10:
As already mentioned, this anime feels strangely similar to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, especially the animation. But that doesn’t really come as a surprise since it was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, the same guy who also directed Gurren Lagann.
All in all I think the art style as well as the animation both look great, especially during these awesome yet totally over the top fighting scenes.
I would just say that everything about this anime looks too intense, over the top and even ridiculous, but combined with the great art style, even the most ridiculous scenes feel so damn epic!
Sound 9/10:
Personally, I think this anime has the best voice acting ever! Great voice actors are probably fundamental for a show that is so crazy, but even so I rarely drooled over the voices as much as I did in Kill la Kill. Especially Ryuko’s voice actress did a remarkably great job!
The soundtrack is really awesome as well, here’s a playlist for you to listen to it. It’s absolutely worth it!
Yuri 3/10:
Well, there is no yuri going on in this one, not even subtext, but there are quite a few pairings the fans came up with and I have to admit, if you put on your yuri goggles really tightly, you’ll also come to notice the slight yuri tension between the characters.
We have three pairings so far:
There is Satsuki x Ryuko, which is my favorite pairing right now even though I usually don’t go for the enemy pairings. Then there is Ryuko x Mako, which is probably most people’s famous pairing and we also have Satsuki x Nonon.
Here’s some fanart~
Total Enjoyment 9/10:
Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.
First try to shut off your brain while watching this, and second just get some popcorn and then enjoy the hell out of this anime!
The first step is probably crucial if you really want to enjoy it, so be sure to just not take this show too seriously.
That’s probably all. If you follow these simple steps, then you’ll most likely have a great time watching Kill la Kill.

Our review of the second half can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Anime Review: Kill la Kill [First Half]

  1. Something weird happened the first time I tried to comment. Take 2:
    Mako's a goddess. She is Ryuko's destined soul mate. Foeyay is overrated because it's all about the buddy system. If the writers are going the predictable “Gurren Lagann” 2nd half route I hope they don't overdo it.


  2. You mean them getting too powerful and doing something ridiculous like throwing planets or even galaxies at each other?
    Because I don't think anything similar to that will actually happen. Ryuko will probably become even more powerful, but I don't think it will go into that direction.


  3. Actually that part I'd be okay with. I just don't want the serious part of the plot to be…too serious. I would not want to have to go through that a third time. Keep the serious part like the rest of the show, basic.


  4. I totally forgot about that part of the anime. I have to admit I might have skipped a few scenes, maybe even episodes because I just found it unfitting.
    So yeah, I agree with you.


  5. No yuri et all? Huehehehehe…. you're in for a surprise come the second half of this anime. What i really like about Kill La Kill, it takes your typical magical girl genre to over the extreme hijinks. Plus, all of those fanservice-y. It went both ways.


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