Artist Review: Minase Ruruu

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Circle name: GracheGrache
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Ecchi

Works 9/10:
Minase Ruruu is a female manga artist mostly known for her ecchi yuri one-shots. There are unfortunately not that many translated works out yet, but simply because I like love her already released works so much, I just have to write a review about her.
So far there are only 4 translated one-shots out:
Your Fragrance
A Passing Shower
A Cold and After That
This is a Great Hug Pillow
Up until now, Minase Ruruu has released a lot other yuri one-shots as well as doujinshi, and as far as I know, Yuri-ism is translating some more works for us to enjoy right now.
Furthermore, despite the 4 one-shots mentioned above, I’ve “read” 2 other works by her and it seems they are all pretty similar;
The stories usually focus on a fast-paced romance between two high school/college girls.
And despite the fact that the characters are usually making out quite a lot in these works, explicit sex is never shown, while it usually still is quite ecchi.
I pretty much like this about her works, they tease us while never showing too much.
Now, what’s my favorite work so far?
Actually it’s the first time for me to say this, but I can’t really tell you which one I enjoyed the most, since I enjoyed all of them so much and they all feel pretty similar to me anyway.
Did I already mention that the characters always look gorgeous?
I just recently had a talk with a friend who read “A Passing Shower” and she really hated it for the simple fact that something like this is very unlikely to happen to anyone. And I agree, this or even what happened in “This is a Great Hug Pillow” is very unrealistic, but for me that’s part of why I like this artist so much. It doesn’t always have to be realistic to be considered good and it’s just very interesting to read about such “unique” scenarios.
Art 9.5/10:
I simply love this art style. It’s cute, fluffy and the characters look lovely~
I don’t really know what else to say here, so have some pictures to see for yourself:

Yuri 10/10:

As already mentioned, most of her works focus on yuri relationships and everything that has already been translated is yuri anyway.
Also please keep the following in mind:
Minase Ruruu is like the master of great yuri make out scenes. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly makes these scenes look so great. It’s probably a mix between the great art and cute characters, but partly it’s also the fact that this artist can really draw some of the most beautiful looking kissing scenes.
Now combine this with some ecchiness, a lot of naked skin and delicious looking lips and what you get is the perfect make-out scene~
The fact that these stories never fully go NSFW is also a plus for me. It’s just the right mix between cuteness and sexiness, just like this:
click to enlarge
Total Enjoyment 9.5/10:
Even though I haven’t read all that many works by her, Minase Ruruu is already one of my favorite artists. I just love cute yuri stories with lots of kissing and that’s basically what you can expect in all of her works.
I’m already pretty hyped, knowing that Yuri-ism is working on some more one-shots by this artist. I really can’t wait~

6 thoughts on “Artist Review: Minase Ruruu

  1. Oh nice change, fixed the url in my blogroll~

    As far as I know Minase Ruruu has only released one-shots and some doujinshi, but I could be wrong.
    The only thing close to a full manga would most likely be “Girl's Talk”, but I think that's just a compilation of her older works.


  2. I don't know why but its painting style for school uniforms reminds me of Saki. And also I remember that I've mentioned Saki. Saki Zengokuhen (Saki Seson3) is on air this month. I'm watching Saki Zengokuhen and Sakura Trick on this winter season. Saki's style is rare to be seen since it contains all yuri, mahjong and hot-blood subject.


  3. It's probably just that the uniforms look similar.
    I've actually watched the first episode as well, but I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of characters that were introduced…


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