First Impression: Sakura Trick

I think I’ve never done anything like this before, but since this is the first pure yuri anime in a long time, I feel like I just have to make a post like this.

So for everyone who doesn’t know about this yet, the first episode of Sakura Trick aired just today and it was pretty great~

But first things first, I have to be honest and tell you that I had my doubts about this. I mean as hyped as I was, I was fearing that this anime might not turn out all that good.
As already said, it’s the first pure yuri show in a while and it really is quite heavy on the yuri content. In the first episode alone we saw a lot of kissing, some breast fondling and we also saw Haruka having cute delusions about Yuu. In short, even if we compare this to other yuri shows like Sasameki Koto or Aoi Hana, the yuri content is way higher and the relationship is not just hinted at, but is made quite obvious.
Furthermore, while the manga for this one was quite good up until now (chapter 4), I don’t think that it’s anything special, which is why I was afraid of two things;
Firstly, since I feel like the manga is nothing special, I feared that the anime would give me the same feeling, but oh was I wrong. It seems there is a great difference between seeing girls flirting and making out in manga and seeing the same thing in anime, it’s just better, that’s a fact.
And secondly, I was also fearing that the anime would actually turn out to be too different from the manga. Again, I was proven wrong, but I was actually worried that they might cut the yuri short. Luckily they actually tried to stick to the manga, which is a good thing.
So did I like it? Hell yeah I did!
We saw so many really great looking kissing scenes in just the first episode, that I would even go so far as to say that I’m satisfied with what I saw in this sole episode for the next year, but there is even more to come and that is simply awesome!
Well, I guess the animation is not thaaaat good, but I really don’t care since the important scenes (the yuri scenes) look fantastic anyway~
However, there was one thing I wasn’t really prepared for. Even though, the anime is exactly like the manga, the first episode was still unexpectedly ecchi. Well, I guess the art in the manga was just too cute for me to really take notice of this, but this show is actually pretty ecchi, in a very cute way though. Now I also understand why they would air the first episode literally in the middle of the night in Japan…
Anyway, to sum it up, the first episode of Sakura Trick was fun, cute and full of yuri action. In short, it was a great start~
However, despite the fact that I liked it, I’m still afraid that it might not get the attention I’d like it to get, but it’s probably too early to talk about that.
Finally, here are some screenshots~

Oh Yuu-chan, you pervert~

25 thoughts on “First Impression: Sakura Trick

  1. Yuru Yuri meets Himdamari Sketch animation style. The crossover of my dreams.
    I cried deep inside. I have been waiting for a show like this for such a long time.


  2. i finally got to watch it and omg it was so cute and i agree its pretty ecchi which i didnt expect but i loved it. haruka and yuu are so cute together!!! also i noticed that almost if not all the scenes where literally from the manga which imo was a pretty good idea on their part im glad they didnt change anything like some other companies do when it comes to anime adaptation off of mangas. i just cant wait for the next episode to come out


  3. My thoughts exactly! I thought this first episode was great. I was afraid they would go for too much ecchi and not much relationship depth, as to pander to the largest audience. But on the contrary, the followed the manga closely and I think they have found just the large balance and that it is truly a work directed to yuri's core-audience.

    Definitely one of the anime I'll follow this winter!


  4. This is without a doubt my favorite show of this season, I don't even have to look up the other ones to know that 😉
    But then again, there are a lot of good ones this time and I already found a few others with some yuri subtext or even some yuri lovemaking. However I can't really recommend that last one since it's borderline hentai.


  5. Lots of words for this crazy anime: Sakura Trick = Lucky Star + Yuru Yuri + Love Lab + Nichijou + Sonohanabira + K-on.

    The OP song is something I was like “O_O!” and the EP song, “SO CUTEEEE!”

    This year, we will have some Yuri anime aside Sakura Trick, and I hope for 2015, 2016, and 2017 for more Yuri show like this one xD. Just praying that Sakura Trick will have good sales in Japan.


  6. ya i can agree this is definitely one of my favorite animes of this season also are there any other yuri animes out this year besides akuma no riddle


  7. Since nobody mentioned it yet, I figured I'd point out the reason the animation is like Hidamari Sketch; the Director of Sakura Trick is/was the Assistant Director for Hidamari Sketch. So… yeah…

    As for my actual opinions of the show… It was ADORABLE! I read the manga earlier this year and I'm glad it's following so closely. I want to see more! I'm especially looking forward to what hasn't been translated in the manga, like the other couples… I'm glad this is being animated. So glad.


  8. I really quite liked the way they went with this, even if it is a little to service-y for my tastes. I'm certainly looking forward to the next episode. It's mellow, relaxing and oh, so cute. Sure, it could use some work in some areas, but overall, I think the anime was better than the manga.


  9. I don't think there will be more pure yuri shows other than Sakura Trick and Akuma no Riddle, at least until summer.
    But right now, how about you check out Saki, ImoCho and Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.
    ImoCho is a borderline hentai though, so you've been warned 😉


  10. Before watching the first episode, I saw the OP and I was kind of surprised. The only things I really noticed were bouncing boobs, shaking thighs and kissing girls.
    I really didn't expect it to either be this ecchi and to be this open about the yuri relationships. It's really great 😉


  11. I've never seen Hidamari Sketch, so I had no idea some parts looked so much like it, but I read that quite a few times already.

    I think I'm even happy about the fact that not that many manga chapters have been translated yet, it's nice since I don't know how things will continue.


  12. Yup, I think so too.
    It's just really nice to see some cute kissing scenes being animated and also voiced.
    It just makes the scene better, but I was still a little surprised that despite the fact that the kissing was cute, it was also a little erotic with their quiet moaning.
    Not that I mind though.


  13. There's always something about two girls kissing that makes me go “awww”. And while I agree that the kiss was erotic, I think that it just adds to the feel that they really did enjoy their kiss. And for that, I am more than happy enough.


  14. oh i know about saki im watching the nationals season right now and imocho ya ive seen it and yep i agree its definitely borderline hentai but ive never seen mikakunin yet so ill see how that is. thanx lena k for telling me 🙂


  15. I'm so hyped about the yuri anime releases for 2014, but I'm also afraid to become sorely disappointed. Of course it's too soon to determine whether or not Sakura Trick will turn out good. I've also expressed similar doubts about Sakura Trick to a friend of mine. I'm afraid that it'll become mostly fanservice, little plot progression, and little to no character development kind of like Love Lab. It really seems like it's headed in that direction right now, but I'll try to give it time to grow. God, I don't know how I watched Love Lab. Anyway, I want a legit storyline with good plot and good characters, not the typical slice of life anime like Lucky Star or K-ON! where nothing happened. Ever. Even the earth stopped spinning in those anime. As for the ecchi, I've seen yuri fanservice way worse than Sakura Trick. If anything, I thought it was pretty minimal. Then again, I've sat through both seasons Queen's Blade somehow.


  16. Hm, I fear that Sakura Trick might disappoint you, since I believe that the rest of the show will be just like the first 2 episodes.
    There will probably be no real plot, the episodes will just have the girls having fun/ the girls making out and of course the girls being cute.

    I have only read 6 chapters of the manga, but as it seems the anime sticks to it very closely and since the manga doesn't show any signs to head into another direction, I believe that's how the show will stay until the end.
    Still I could be wrong, but I for one wouldn't mind if it just stayed the way it is right now.


  17. It is great!!!!
    I have only watched the first two eps but I'm sure it will be the greatest yuri anime in 2014.
    There're really so many kisses!!!! Well I get so excited!!!!!
    I've never seen a first-episode that contains so many kisses as this! Really yurilicious haha ha!!!!
    But, there are some service….. a little ecchi. But it is ok…


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