ABC Award

Just recently the ABC Award (Awesome Blog Content Award) has been shared with me by the great Yuri Ambassador OG-Man over at YuriNation. I think this is just a little game to both tell your readers more about yourself and also to help promote other bloggers. And since it sounds fun, I’m also giving it a try.
Here are the rules:
1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.
Let’s go~

Art: Saying that I’m an art fan is probably not the correct way to put it. I’m a fan of digital art as well as traditional drawings as long as it focuses on Anime, Manga and games.
Boring: Even though many of my friends would probably disagree with this, I still think that I’m a pretty boring person. I don’t like clubbing, partying or drinking and I’d rather spend my evenings watching a movie or Anime, either with friends or alone, than going out with a lot of people. Well, does this really make me a boring person? I wonder about that as well.
Cats: I’m a catlover and I’d love to have some cats myself. I think as soon as I’m moving into my own apartment, I’m getting one or maybe even two.
Doujinshi: Well, I have a feeling most people already know about my obsession with doujinshi, but I can’t help it, fanworks can be sooo great~
EastNewSound: It’s the name of my favorite Band.
Fanfiction: As illiterate as this might make me look, I prefer fanfics over real books. I always have a hard time getting into the story of a book and also getting acquainted with the characters, so fanfics are way easier for me to enjoy right away.
Germany: I’m German, so yeah…
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: One of the greatest anime of all time.
Indecisive: Making decisions can be quite hard for me, so I often rely on the opinions of others.
Japanese: No, I’m not Japanese, but I’m currently learning the language. Well, I haven’t come that far, but I’m determined to study hard, so I can read and play all the Japanese stuff that I so far couldn’t!
Katana: I don’t have one myself and I’m not really interested in getting one or learning how to use it, I just think that it’s a very attractive weapon. And now I wonder whether it was ok to call a weapon attractive…
Lena: Um…
MokouKeine: Ever since I’ve started getting interested in yuri, these two have been my favorite pairing and I think they will stay on top for a little longer.
Nintendo: Most gamers will hate me for this, but I neither care for the Xbox nor do I care for the Playstaion. I’m a Nintendo fan and I’ve recently also bought a Wii U.
Ordinary: I don’t think I have any special traits or talents, so I guess that makes me a pretty ordinary person.
Pixiv: Since I love Anime art so much, this is pretty much the website I spend most time on when I’m in need for some more great pics.
Quiet: I’m a rather quiet person myself and I’m not very fond of overly loud people.
Ryuusouji Akane: In my opinion Akane is the greatest yuri character of 2013.
South of Nowhere: It’s an American TV show that aired some years ago. Back then I really loved this show and I still love it to this day.
Touhou: I’m not very interested in the game, but I’m very much interested in all the different characters as well as the fanmade doujinshi and music.
Unusual: I seriously couldn’t think of another word, so I’ll go with unusual as in weird. I actually think everyone is a little weird, but I for one am not trying to hide it 😉
Vivit Gray: My favorite artist of all time.
Weird phobias: I don’t really know whether this classifies as a phobia, but I have the problem that I can’t sleep in beds that don’t have perfectly smooth bed sheets and blankets. It totally grosses me out when the texture of those is rough or even when they have a certain pattern that I can feel when touching.
Zögerlich: Well, I’m pretty sure most of you don’t know that word. No surprise there, it’s German and means “hesitant”. I really didn’t know what other word to use.
And now, let me award some people I’d like to see doing this: have no idea whether you can actually make bigger entries on Tumblr)
Even if I didn’t name your blog, feel free to play this game as well.

6 thoughts on “ABC Award

  1. I have a friend who always makes fun of me for having a Wii instead of, as he puts it, “a real console” 😛
    Well, I don't mind this, but I think that's how many people view the Wii (U).


  2. Be proud of what console you have, care not what others say. Nintendo fans unite, poses begone. Wii-U may not be loved by the hardcore gamer crowd but Nintendo still reigns supreme as the ultimate joy bringer in the gaming world. I like the RPGs I own for the PS3 but it is time to go back to my roots and buy a Wii-U.

    As expected, your letters were most excellent.


  3. Oh yes, get one as well, how else will you play Super Smash Bros. when it comes out 😉
    Well, you can play it on the DS, but I think playing it on a bigger screen is more enjoyable.

    Also, thank you 🙂


  4. Die Liste könnte glatt von mir sein! Ich liebe Touhou und ganz besonders Vivit Gray…. nur manches ist soooo traurig! T___T
    Deine Liste hat echt gezeigt wie du so bist, außerhalb deines Blogges.
    Vielen Dank 😉


  5. Oh, jemand mit dem gleichen super tollen Geschmack wie ich? 😛
    Aber mal im Ernst, das ist sehr selten, gerade auch, dass du noch dazu Deutsch sprichst.

    Vivit Gray hat leider schon lange nichts mehr richtig Gutes rausgebracht. Liegt aber zum Teil wohl auch daran, dass nur noch selten was mit MokouxKeine kommt…


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