Artist Review: Ooshima Tomo

Don’t read this if you’re under 18
Associated Names: Sweet Pea, COCOA BREAK

Genre: Romance, Adult, Yuri, Comedy, Fantasy

Works: 9/10
Ooshima Tomo is a female doujin artist who’s just been around for seemingly two years, at least under these specific names. Within this short amount of time, she has already released quite a number of doujinshi based on anime like Doki Doki PreCure, Smile PreCure, Suite PreCure,Love Live! and lately also some works based on the Japanese online game Kantai Collection.
All of these works are yuri doujinshi, adult ones to be exact and if I may add, they are pretty good when it comes to that.
In these doujinshi, you will find the following pairings: (There are more, but some works are not translated yet)
  • ReikaxNao(xAkane) (Smile PreCure)
  • KanadexHibiki (Smile PreCure)
  • NicoxMaki (Love Live!)
  • ManaxRikka (DokiDoki PreCure)
  • ZuikakuxShoukaku, KumanoxSuzuya and one other KanColle pairing I unfortunately don’t know the names of yet.
Without a doubt, the most important theme of these doujinshi is sex. As already mentioned there’s not one without it and personally, I like it that way.
Ooshima Tomo is one of the few artists who can draw adult scenes without making it look over the top or too perverted, but rather cute without making it loose its erotic touch. It’s always a scene that’s based on mutual feelings, it doesn’t just lead to the sex all randomly and the whole thing is usually quite lovely. I say usually because there is one work that doesn’t really fit this depiction.
“Sweet Bath Time” shows a theme I’m not too fond of, and that is threesomes.
Well, even though the whole thing looks ok, I just don’t approve of scenes like this, so even though I don’t like it, you might actually enjoy it.
Art: 10/10
And here’s another artist who’s got the perfect score, but does it really surprise you? I mean look at this, her art style is just perfect~

I often compare specific artists with one another. For example, Ooshima Tomo and Kasumi’s works feel pretty similar to me, because they often show the same pairings.

I have already told you how much I enjoy Kasumi’s art style in my review about his works, and anyone who has already read a doujin by this artist will probably agree with me.
However, compared to Ooshima Tomo, especially when regarding the sex scenes, there is a huge difference in how the art style makes the whole scenes look and also feel.
In Kasumi’s case the sex is very explicit, very very wet and the characters tend to make what I like to call the “weird sex faces”. In short, it’s sometimes too intense.
Ooshima Tomo on the other hand shows some more gentle and tame sex scenes (at least compared to Kasumi). It just looks rather lovely, instead of intense, and that’s how I prefer it.
And yes, I know I should probably not compare such artists with each other, but I can’t help it.
Yuri: 10/10
I don’t have much to say here. What you will find in her works is just pure yuri sex with a cute and fun story, nothing more and nothing less.

click to enlarge

Total Enjoyment: 9,5/10
Well, Ooshima Tomo is already one of my favorite artists and it’s remarkable what short amount of time it took me to fall in love with her works.
As always, I can just tell you that you don’t necessarily need to know the original anime or game these doujinshi are based on to enjoy them. I have neither seen Love Live, nor do I have any knowledge of the individual KanColle characters, but even so, I’m totally addicted to Ooshima Tomo’s works.
Well, enough fangirling, if you are interested in her works, here are some links that might come in handy:

11 thoughts on “Artist Review: Ooshima Tomo

  1. aaaw, possibly my most beloved artist, and the reasons are already posted in your review.

    The most remarkable and I agree completely with you, is the feel that gives, it's just as you say, the sex scenes are full of love and cuteness, it's not just some random sex, and the same time always leaves you with the impression that the characters love each other something that not all the authors are capable of to accomplish.

    Are you sure that is a girl? all this time I thought it's a man, 'cause on the afterwords (calling itself man) or on the website (avatar pic is a man)


  2. Hm I'm not 100% sure whether Ooshima Tomo is a girl, but I usually trust this website here:, which is also where I got this specific information.

    I was actually also very surprised when I read that it's a girl, but I also thought Saburouta was a guy, so I guess I just can't really judge it that well 😛

    Regarding the picture she uses on her website; I think it's just a picture of a certain Precure character she once drew, but I might be wrong here.

    Maybe I should also go through the afterwords again, but I think it's hard to translate something like this, because the Japanese language often doesn't make this very clear.


  3. If I can read a fine sex scene with Yuri in it, I'll definitely go for Ooshima Tomo aka Sweet Pea. Also, I always thought Ooshima Tomo is a guy and Kasumi is a girl because of their names *cough cough*… Well, I guess when it has Yuri, gender is unnecessary :).


  4. I'm constantly wondering about some artists gender, but I usually get it wrong too 😛
    I was also quite surprised to find out that Saburouta is female, now I'm only waiting for Shinoasa's gender to be revealed~


  5. I would really love to believe you, but I can't since you already got one of them wrong.
    Kasumi is a guy. He confirmed his gender on Twitter.
    But where do you have your information from, maybe the rest is right at least 😛


  6. Maybe he/she thought it since “Kasumi” is really common as female name (I even looked up how common it was, I think around 70% as female), but yeah, this Kasumi is male 😉
    we'll see Shinoasa with our own eyes this year, so either Lena K. will faint of Lena K. will faint with nosebleed 😀


  7. Oh, or let him (ok, her) carry you away 😀 I'm a weak being 😛 ah, sorry, didn't mean to refer to your weight…ah maaan, I'm making it worse ;( sorry 😦
    but…I'll buy a Reimu (!!!) pillow and let you lie on it 😀
    why do I have the feeling that I always go off-topic with my comments…


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