Anime Review: Sekirei and Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Year: Season 1: 2008, Season 2: 2010
Length: Season 1: 12 Episodes, Season 2: 13 Episodes and 2 OVAs
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Harem

Story: 6/10 and Characters: 8/10

Minato Sahashi is in quite a bad situation. Even though he’s extremely intelligent, he failed his college exam twice due to his inability to deal with pressure. On top of that, the little apartment he’s living in is also not the best place to be. Also, as if things wouldn’t already be bad enough for him, he’s thrown into a fight between some girls with supernatural powers and gets dragged along with it, almost losing his life multiple times.

As it turns out, the three girls Minato encounters are not the only ones which such abilities. In fact, there are 108 of them, all of which are living in the same city, playing a game in which only one of them will survive in the end.

Well, the story does sound interesting, and despite the fact that there are already a ton of other anime in which people end up in a game of life and death, the setting of Sekirei feels quite interesting. It actually reminded me a bit of Mai-HiME, even though it lacks quite a few qualities of that specific show.

Anyway, let’s first discuss the core of this show, which is not the plot, but rather the characters. It’s (unfortunately) a harem show, and the main character, Minato, gets himself quite a number of girls, or in this case, Sekirei. There’s an airhead, a tsundere, a geek, a tomboy, an alcoholic, and a little kid. And those are only the main characters, so there are a lot more. Oh, and I almost forgot, there are lesbians as well, but we’ll come to that later.

So what I’m trying to say here is that there’s a lot of variety, which is of course essential for a harem show, but even though there are quite a lot of different characters around, you’ll get enough time to fall in love with at least some of them. This is not the case with all of them, of course, but I felt like they did a good job introducing the characters. Also, a background story for most of them was not really necessary, because they are Sekirei anyway, which in this case, simply means that they haven’t been around for too long.

However, what I absolutely hated about this show, was on the one hand, the ridiculous size of most of the girls’ breasts melons, and on the other hand, the fact that it’s a harem show. Well, Minato is nice and all, but he reminds me too much of probably every other harem protagonist. He’s boring, and I simply can’t see why they would all fall for him. It just doesn’t make much sense, at least not to me.

Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs….

Apropos making no sense, let’s come to the plot. Even though I praised the way the story feels just a few lines ago, it still doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t make much sense. Unfortunately, Sekirei is not a show like Kill la Kill, for example, in which you just don’t care whether it really makes sense or not. It’s probably just not ridiculous enough for that. Nevertheless, despite the fact that there are many times the story will just make you roll your eyes in annoyance, I for one still couldn’t stop watching. And not even the ridiculously big boobs, nor the huge harem could change that.

The further I got into the story, the more I wanted to see how it continues. It really felt like Sekirei started out as just a very ecchi anime about girls with superpowers fighting each other, but as it turns out, this also has a more or less serious plot as well. And even though its flaws are obvious, it’s still interesting.

Currently, there are two seasons and an OVA, but since the story is still incomplete, I’m pretty sure we’ll see another season of this soon. I’m looking forward to it!

Animation: 8/10

The animation is pretty good, at least as far as I can tell. Again, it’s an ecchi show, so of course the animation looks decent. But I really have to give this show some credit, the fighting scenes in both seasons look absolutely fantastic, and they are fighting a whole lot. The only thing that lessened my enjoyment was, as already mentioned, the girls’ body proportions and their ridiculously skimpy fighting outfits. I’m pretty sure none of them were wearing a bra at any time during this anime, and with cup sizes like this, you should definitely think about using one….

Music: 5.5/10

In this category, the first season ruins the rating a little. I didn’t like both the opening and the ending theme of season one. I even think both songs were pretty annoying, but this is, of course, only my personal opinion. Also, the background music was sometimes a little distracting. It was never out of place or anything like that, but there were some tracks they played during specific moments that sounded like someone was repeatedly knocking on my door, and it was driving me insane. The second season was much better, since both opening and ending theme were pretty good, especially the second ending of Pure Engagement~

Yuri: 5/10

It’s funny how I never found out about this anime, even though I repeatedly searched for yuri and yuri subtext anime within the last few years. This one never popped up, and I only found out about it thanks to a specific YouTube video. So since it never popped up during my searches for great yuri anime, I thought there couldn’t be much subtext, if any at all, but I watched it nevertheless.

Well, season one only left some more or less obvious hints, but the second season made it pretty clear what’s going on. The few moments Chiho and Uzume had together and even the one episode that was partly dedicated to them, was tragic, but absolutely sweet and lovely. Here’s a pic of the two of them:

sekirei yuri

Final Enjoyment: 7/10

I won’t recommend this to the yuri fans, simply because you’ll have to get through all of season one and half of season two to finally see some yuri. I’d also not recommend you to just watch the few scenes Uzume and Chiho had together, because it just won’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the full anime. Ah well, it might be a waste of time for some people, but if you’re looking for some satisfying yuri, even if it’s not much, then try Sekirei.

4 thoughts on “Anime Review: Sekirei and Sekirei: Pure Engagement

  1. This post should get a comment or two. 😦

    I was going around hoping to find a show with a subtitle so I can see how it looked on the post title. Found one, and it does look weird. 😛


  2. Sekirei: Pure Engagement. The “Pure Engagement” part being the subtitle.

    You thought subtitle as in the translated account of what someone is saying. Completely different from what I meant. 😛


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