Yuri Manga Review: Citrus by Saburouta [Volume 2]

Author: Saburouta
Length: 2 Volumes, 9 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
Genre: Yuri, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life

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This is the first time for me to actually review single volumes of a manga, and I’m pretty sure this won’t become a regular thing for me in the future. However, Citrus is so big right now and I love it so much that I just can’t not write about it.

Please note that this review will only cover the 4 chapters of volume 2, so if you’re interested in my first impression of Citrus, or namely the first 4 chapters of this manga, then click here: Review of Volume 1

Story: 7.5/10 & Characters: 8/10
In this volume, we finally find out the reasons behind Mei’s bitchy behavior, see Yuzu and Himeko fight over their crush, and we also witness what happens when Mei’s father finally returns home.

It doesn’t sound like that much, but within just the 4 chapters of this volume, there’s a whole lot going on. Citrus is not really that fast-paced, but it really feels like an emotional roller coaster in some parts. I guess this is something I quite love about this manga; there are no fillers, and every chapter simply delivers the plot you want to find after a 2 month wait. Also, there are no unnecessary sub-stories about the side characters. Citrus fully focuses on Yuzu and Mei, and that is a good thing.

citrus mei
What a rare sight….

The biggest mystery of this manga was probably the reason for Mei’s behavior, and with that I mean, why Mei always acted like a bitch. The answer to this question is not exactly what I expected it to be, but I’m kind of pleased with it, because I was really worried that it would turn out too stupid and shallow.

So as it turns out, Mei’s dad, or more precisely the person he became after more or less leaving his daughter behind, is what bothered Mei the most. Not only did he basically disappear on his own daughter, he also abandoned his duties as successor of Mei’s high school, which leaves her with a lot of responsibilities and basically no real family (By the way, what about Mei’s mother?). And even though she truly wishes to change her distanced relationship with her father, she can’t accept who he became and thus distances herself from him even more.

As already mentioned, I can live with this explanation, even though I feel like it really was overdramatized in some parts. Furthermore, it surely doesn’t justify the way Mei sometimes acted around Yuzu. In fact, I was often quite annoyed with the way Mei treated Yuzu. She handled her feelings in what seemed to be a very indecisive way, which often felt like she was only playing with Yuzu’s feelings. I mean, one moment she’s actually showing some affection for Yuzu, and the next moment, she already doesn’t care about Yuzu and basically anyone around her anymore.

Her actions were mostly justified by the fact that she had to shoulder a lot of stress and was basically put in a very weird position, thanks to Yuzu and Himeko’s rivalry. Still, in most cases, Yuzu obviously only tried to help her, so I was often annoyed with Mei. But it’s not only her. Yuzu as well, seems to be just as indecisive about her feelings, going back and forth between “I can’t control my feelings for Mei.” and “I’m such a bad sister for having such inappropriate feelings for my own sister and will leave her alone now.”.

It’s mostly believable for both characters to be that indecisive in a situation like that, but in many cases, I was just rolling my eyes because certain patterns just kept repeating. Furthermore, this is part of the reason why I was never able to tell where Yuzu and Mei are standing. There is some obvious character development going on on Mei’s part, mostly in chapter 8. But even now, I just don’t know whether I can now expect her to treat Yuzu better for longer than just a few panels. We’ll probably see in chapter 9….

I guess I’ve ranted quite a bit, but when really, this kind of relationship between Mei and Yuzu is what truly makes this manga feel so great. It makes me empathize with the characters, especially with Yuzu, and that’s why it always feels really overwhelming when Yuzu finally gets what she wants (which is basically just getting a little closer to Mei).

So just like the previous volume, this one also got me excited with each and every new chapter, simply because I enjoy the drama as well as the great make-out scenes that luckily keep going ever since chapter one.

citrus yuzu harumin
click to enlarge

It seems I always forget to mention Harumin, even though she’s such a great and fun character as well. Seriously, she’s awesome~

Art: 10/10
What can I say? The art neither improved, nor worsened since volume one. It’s just as gorgeous as ever~

But here, I’d like to add something a reader left in my review about volume one:
“The look in their eyes, the body language, the panels — they are all filled with rawness, innocence, confusion, and intensity. It’s just too honest. — utalapwrx

This doesn’t only sound nice, it’s exactly how the art feels, and it’s so rare that art in a manga leaves me with such feelings.

Yuri: 9/10
Just like in volume 1, what you can expect in each every new chapter is at least one kiss between Mei and Yuzu. Most of them still feel pretty random, but especially the kiss that happens in chapter 8 got me really excited, like REALLY excited.

citrus mei yuzu

It’s not only the first kiss that’s based on mutual feelings, it’s also the first one that shows Mei behaving so shy and even embarrassed. I can’t even put into words just how much I love and appreciate the way this scene was presented to us. In short, it carried a lot of feelings, and I love it when manga can make me feel this way, so way to go, Saburouta~

Total Enjoyment: 9.5/10
Who would have guessed that there will actually be more than just 2 volumes of this manga? Well, some of you probably expected this much, but for me this is a big surprise. As popular as Citrus seems to be right now, it’s still kind of rare for yuri manga to be that long, so seeing Citrus pass this mark is really great.

Still, as much as I love this manga, and even though it must sell quite well, I really hope Saburouta won’t drag out the story for too long. On the other hand, I feel like Mei and Yuzu need a little more time to figure out their relationship and hopefully get it to properly work out, so maybe volume 3 won’t even be the end of this manga either.


49 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Review: Citrus by Saburouta [Volume 2]

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!! Right now, I'm going crazy from waiting for chapter 9 to be released, yes, I know that the translators are trying their best to have the chapter released as quickly as possible, but sometimes you can just get extremely frustrated from waiting to long, right? But, um, while trying to find every scrap of information of citrus you could find, I decided to check your website for any new Yuri manga and stuff. You can not imagine my joy when I found out that you had written another review for citrus. So thank you so much!
    ~ Squiggles!~XD
    Oh and great review by the way! It was awesome and really accurate! It's to bad
    G-empire doesn't like citrus though… Oh well!


  2. Haha, no problem, I guess? 😛
    If I remember correctly someone online said, that the new chapter will be released sometime this week, and this is as always quite fast, considering the fact that Citrus was just released a few days ago, so I'm actually fine with the wait.
    Of course I wouldn't mind if we got a new chapter every month, or even better every week 😉


  3. The only thing thats missing is the translated chapter 9! :-/ I wish they would hurry, I need to know what happens next. The girl with the headphones is definitely trouble! 🙂
    – Anjelaoni


  4. The raw one is on the air for about a week, but no translation. I'm very glad they will release a print of this one, I'm gonna buy it for sure! 🙂
    – Anjelaoni
    PS: Great job doin' this blog girl! Keep it up! 😀


  5. Saburouta's obscure reputation makes me question, “WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS?!” But I must curse these bimonthly updates. ToT Love your reviews, by the way. Keep up the good work!


  6. oh my god, i just lowlifed all nine chapters and i can not take the ending chapter 9 left us with? ughhhhhhh Anyway i love your reviews and im eager to read what you have to say about the upcoming chapters


  7. Also did you hear that citrus is going to have Its first volume licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for a printed release in North America on December 16, 2014. I hope this series becomes popular enough for an anime adaption.


  8. I will just assume the two comments are done by the same person, I hope that's ok 😉

    Yup, I did hear that. I think this information has been around for a while already and it got me really excited.
    Citrus seems to be really, really popular, but I'm not so sure whether the popularity is the most important factor when it comes to a possible anime adaptation.
    Let's just all hope for the best~


  9. I am a huge fan of citrus and i can see that you are also a fan :p anyways the new chapter was really great i love the new character matsuri she is such a wow haha

    And hey do you know the “don't be an otaku shinozaki” its one of my favorite yuri manga its really funny and at the same time so many yuri scenes well in her imagination and by the way keep up the good work i love your reviews ❤


  10. I've already written a review about “Don't be an otaku Shinozaki” 😛
    It's a really hilarious manga, but it's still lacking when it comes to yuri.

    Also, thanks a lot 🙂


  11. i really loved this manga! i think it has the perfect mix of everything; humor, sexiness, angst, cuteness..just all of it. i'm wondering if you could recommend me a couple more (yuri) manga to read while i'm waiting for the next chapter.

    a (yuri) manga where one of the characters is hot and cold too; with jealousy scenes plus angst.


  12. If you want a manga with a cold, yet beautiful main character, then try Gokujou Drops, but be warned. It's 18+ I think.
    If that's not what you're looking for, check my recommendation posts, by clicking on Recommendations beneath my header.


  13. thanks. i enjoyed Gokujou Drops and it is indeed 18+.
    i already checked your recommendation posts, they do have good story lines however they are still ongoing. can you recommend something that is done/complete already? something that is not on your top 10 list since i've already read most of it as well.

    i've only read a few yuri and mostly by your recommendation. so if you have more to recommend, it will be greatly appreciated.


  14. Hm, something that I haven't wrote about yet and that is already finished.
    That's hard.
    Maybe Twin Cake, though I'd probably only give this a 6/10.
    But how about Kimi Koi Limit and Candy Boy?
    Those are both really good.


  15. Just saw the preview of chapter 10. Damn, its getting very wicked! 😀
    Oh, and I preordered the manga on amazon, just to show my support (release is middle december 2014). This is one hell of a yuri manga. EXCITING!!!!!!!!!1111einself!! 🙂
    – Anjelaoni


  16. Haha I just “read” chapter 10 as well and yet again, so much drama! 😛
    I didn't know you can already preorder it, but I'm probably not gonna get it anyway, since I already got both volumes in Japanese.


  17. i don't know if you're a fan of amvs or mmvs but i love them. I just found out that citrus had a few and some of them are really good. my favorite one is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P59PvINw4n8 or u can just type in [MMV] I lost who I am // Citrus (Saburo Uta) :). i highly recommend u watching it, if u haven't seen it already.


  18. I usually don't watch AMVs because for me, most of them art just random clips with some music.
    It needs to fit.
    And an AMV about a manga, that sounds like it's even more likely to be really bad, but this one… wow, not bad at all.
    The one who did that is seriously talented, thanks for showing me~


  19. I know that these chapters come out every two months but gosh…. I get so impatient…. I just want another chapter already!!!! I think I find Mei so interesting…. In the latest chapter she was acting different…. Like when she came home to a completely empty house she looked for Yuzu but couldn't find her… I am just excited to see what happens next especially with a new character that got introduced


  20. Hehe I know what you mean, the wait can be quite painful 😛
    But did you know, since the latest chapter came out 2 weeks ago, I'm pretty sure Yuri Project will release it soon.
    I also heard that there is already a translation by another group out, but I have neither read it, nor am I planing to do so.
    But if you really can't wait, maybe you should look for it 😉


  21. finally, about time chapter 10 got released in English. I freaking hate Matsuri and why did Mei kiss he? was it because she kissed Yuzu. Man, i feel like this is getting complicated for no reason. What the hell is going on, one second it's ok for them to kiss and get close and then all of a sudden they're against it. Stop being indecisive, but even after my rant i still love citris.


  22. I haven't read the English chapter yet, but I think Mei either kissed Matsuri because Matsuri used some dirty tricks to make her do it, or Mei just wanted to piss her off.
    Hopefully we'll see about that very soon~


  23. I started reading this manga yesterday and finished chapter 10 a few moments ago, and came here to see your opinion about it xD.
    I really love it, can't wait for the next chapter!
    love your work!


  24. It actually bothers me that almost all yuri manga are so short. I would love it if citrus made it to at least 35 chapters.


  25. do you hear that? the sound of all citrus fans screaming with anguish and despair. I hear it. chapter 11 made me want to jump off a cliff (pun intended) after ending with a cliffhanger. Adding fuel to the fire, it has to be a cliffhanger on het. i am disappointing in the typical heartless antagonist pulling crap to get you to hate her/him and then probably revealing a sad background story that makes you pity them. i just hate when stuff like this happens almost as much as i hate harems, love triangles, and basically any genre where the mc has conflicting love, i mean conflicting (emphasized). phew now that i'm done ranting, do you think citrus is going down the path most traveled even though it isn't right? i hope citrus can stay all lovey dovey and cute. so far this is my favorite yuri manga (take that “girl friends”) and i want it to maintain that spot. i am hoping for a miracle save even though some of you might find that cliche. i believe in citrus ch 12, i believe in the yuri.


  26. To be honest, I still haven't read the new chapters.
    I read a version of it with a horrible translation some weeks ago, but I still haven't read the Yuri Project version.

    I know that it's probably not going into the direction that most Citrus fans want it to go, but oh well, I still love it.
    I guess as long as Saburouta doesn't spontaneously decide to kill off one of the characters, I'm fine with it. Oh wait, she can actually kill Matsuri, I'd support that decision even 😛

    Oh and yes, Citrus is already going down that path, but I think it was from the beginning, so I'm fine with it 😛


  27. I love this manga! I especially love Mei because she seems to be exactly like grumpy cat! So grumpy, but so cute at the same time!


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