Anime Review: Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha

Year: 2014
Length: 10 Episodes
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Story: 7.5/10 & Characters: 8/10
Inari Fushimi is a pretty average middle-school girl. She isn’t very bright, looks quite average, and like many other girls, she also has a crush on her male classmate Tanbabashi. Since she cannot express her feelings very well, her crush seemingly didn’t notice her yet and even seems to be interested in another girl. Driven by jealousy and the wish to be someone else, she finds herself in the chambers of the deity Ukanomitama-no-kami, who grants her one special wish.

Despite the already mentioned characters, namely Inari, Tanbabashi, and Uka-sama, other deities and Inaris family as well as friends also play a big part. For example, we have Inari’s childhood friend Keiko, who’s pretty tomboy-ish, then there is also otaku Maru, and the most recent addition to their circle of friends, Sumizome.

Unfortunately, I think all three of them are somewhat more interesting than Inari, who is a very nice and even endearing character, but that’s unfortunately about it. Also, her crush on Tanbabashi often annoyed me, but it is one of the main themes of the whole anime, so I guess we have to deal with that….

inari konkon koi iroha
(from left to right) Keiko, Inari, Sumizome, Maru

The characters I probably enjoyed the most are Uka-sama, who is one of the most gorgeous characters I’ve seen in anime in a very long while, and on the other hand, there’s Sumizome, who is not only really cute, but also a surprise yuri character. How nice~

Coming back to the story, I can say that there is not that much going on. Inari gets her powers, uses them every now and then, sometimes gets into trouble, and sometimes saves the day. In the end, there’s fortunately a little more to the story than just that. So as it turns out, the more Inari uses these powers, the more divine power she drains from Uka-sama, which will eventually lead to Inari becoming a goddess and Uka-sama disappearing.

I really liked that twist and I enjoyed how their human/god relationship worked, in general. Also, even though it was clear from the very beginning that Uka-sama takes a motherly role for Inari, these two were nonetheless really adorable together, don’t you agree?

inari konkon koi iroha

In the end, even if the story wasn’t exactly thrilling, I don’t think that that’s really what this anime wanted to be in the first place. It was mostly a cute show with some drama here and there. Also, as already mentioned, the depiction of the interaction between humans and gods was quite interesting, even if it mostly only happened between Inari and Uka-sama.

Sound: 8/10 and Animation: 8/10
I loved both the opening and the ending theme, but no surprise there. May’n is just an awesome artist, and both songs were perfectly fitting for a show like this~

Also, I have to mention that I only started watching this anime because of how great the animation looked in the trailer I saw. It’s so bright and colorful, and the characters look so gorgeous and cute. In short, it’s just a feast for the eyes.

Yuri: 5/10
As already mentioned, I really like InarixUka, even though Inari is obviously in love with Tanbabashi and Uka-sama clearly has a crush on Inari’s older brother. Still, I’m shipping them…. But more importantly, this anime even has a real yuri character for us to enjoy. Sumizome seemingly immediately fell in love with Keiko the moment Keiko saved her from a guy that was following her, and from that point on, she doesn’t really try to hide her feelings. She even confesses her love for Keiko to Inari and Maru, getting their support in return.

inari konkon koi iroha sumizome keiko yuri
They look really great together, don’t you think?

Throughout the entire show, there are quite a few very cute SumizomexKeiko moments, but the real deal only happens in later chapters of the manga. So since Inari, KonKon was only 10 episodes long, all we can do now is hope for another season.

Total Enjoyment: 8/10
I only started watching this anime because I thought the animation looked great, but as a yuri fan, I must say, I was quite lucky I picked this one. Even though it’s not much, the show keeps that yuri tension that has been around ever since episode one and even hands out a really great yuri character. However, even if it’s not for the yuri in this show, Inari, KonKon was a quite a nice watch, and I’m already hoping for another season.

By the way, an OVA will air this year in June.


17 thoughts on “Anime Review: Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha

  1. I think I'm gonna check this one out. It helps that it's only 10 episodes. So if I don't like it, I'm blaming you, L. 😛


  2. It wasn't a waste of time at all. Yet another time you've hit it out of the park with a rec. 😉

    I scored it a 7, but if MAL allowed it, I would have given it a 7.5 or maybe even an 7.75.

    I was kinda hoping for Inari x Uka to become a thing, but was disappointed when it didn't happen. Uka has to be old considering she's a goddess and she remembers Touka from when he was a kid, so I can understand why that might not work out so great, among all the other reasons. I'm still hopeful something more will happen in the OVA though.


  3. Oh, you actually liked it? That's a big surprise 😛
    Here's also a surprise for you, I started watching Monster, just like you told me to, but I don't like it that much (yet) 😛

    Also, I'm kind of shocked, you're actually into the yuri pairing instead of the hetero one?! That's definitely a first 😉


  4. Eh. I got through this one because I had it all, but I don't think I'd have bothered if I'd had to tune in week after week. The entire premise really annoyed me. It essentially boiled down to Uka being so distraught over Inari not being able to see her that she'd rather disappear. Seriously? “If you can't see me I don't want to be here to be seen”? And it's not like Inari would *never* be able to see her. She got to see her twice before Uka ever gave her her power, so it's clearly not an inviolate rule. *Such* a stupid and weak excuse for annoying melodrama. Speaking of which, what was the deal with that endless sequence in the last episode of Inari rushing to be at Uka's side? The woman is disappearing! Give her her bloody power back! It would have served her right if she'd wasted all that time getting there only to discover that Uka had already disappeared. I liked the Sumizome/Keiko twist (definitely didn't see that one coming), Maru-chan had her entertaining moments, and I even quite warmed to Touka, but Inari was a very weak and boring lead character and Uka didn't help matters much. About the only time I could tolerate her was when she was playing off of Touka. At the end, I actually quite liked that, on returning her powers, Inari could not longer see Uka (I was afraid the producers would pull some stupid twist that would get them out of that). Then, of course, I read on wikipedia that apparently she gets her own powers and starts seeing the gods and spirits again, which just made me groan and shake my head. Ultimately, this one had beautiful character designs and gorgeous production values, but a thin plot and lead characters not nearly strong enough to make up for it.


  5. Well, while what you said is pretty much all true, I don't think that bothered me all that much.
    Maybe I'm just easy to please or maybe I'm not a hard judge, but while I can see the flaws and while I can also see what people might not like about it, it wasn't that bad for me.


  6. first i love all of your reviews manga or anime 😀
    sometimes before i watch an anime or read a manga i go here first to check some of your reviews 😀

    if you loved Inari konkon i suggest you try watching Gingitsune although theres no yuri in this one but its about shrines too and the animation is pleasing 😀


  7. Thank you 🙂

    I got so many suggestions lately that it's hard to follow all of them, but I will take a look at it, and if it looks promising I will watch it 😉


  8. your welcome 🙂

    similar to inari its not one of those anime not much to expect to it has a chilling vibe like ARIA something like that its a good anime adorable characters and creatures 🙂

    oh and i loved how you rate anime OST too good job on that looking forward on your future reviews i check your blog from time to time and i say it never failed me 🙂


  9. Thanks again for the nice comment 🙂

    I think I once started watching ARIA because it was rated so high on all kinds of different anime websites.
    But I only watched a few episodes and I don't even remember anything about the music.
    Maybe I should at least listen to the opening and ending theme again.


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