Yuri Anime Review: Sakura Trick

Year: 2014
Length: 12 Episodes
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Comedy, School Setting

Story: 7/10 & Characters: 9/10
2014 started in the most pleasant way possible. Not only did we finally get another pure yuri show after such a long time of waiting and only dealing with yuri subtext shows, it also surprised us with the sheer amount of yuri goodness that is packed into each and every episode of Sakura Trick. But wait, I think I’m already getting ahead of myself, so let’s start with the plot first.

The story starts with Haruka and Yuu getting ready for their first day of high school. They luckily end up in the same class, but Haruka fears that their relationship might start drifting apart, thanks to the many new friends the two already made on their first day. So since the two of them want to prove just how special their relationship is, they decide to share a kiss.

Other than Haruka and Yuu, there are a lot of other important characters, and among them, also quite a few more yuri ones. For example, there are Kotone and Shizuku, who recently started living together. I really wanted to see some more of them, since Kotone, who seems really carefree and fun, and Shizuku, who is really shy and quiet, make quite a cute couple.

Furthermore, there are Kaede and Yuzu, who are also in the same class as the 4 girls I’ve already mentioned. They are probably the only two characters in the show that don’t have any lesbian tendencies, and it’s quite amusing to see them, or more precisely Kaede, slowly finding out about Yuu and Haruka’s secret relationship, while Yuzu is totally oblivious to this obvious fact.

sakura trick characters
(from left to right) Yuu, Haruka, Kotone, Shizuku, Kaede and Yuzu

Last but not least, we also have Mitsuki, Yuu’s older sister, who’s a tsundere at heart, but also one of the cutest and most hilarious characters of the whole show. She’s also the main reason Sakura Trick eventually developed something like a real plot within the last few episodes. So since she catches Yuu and Haruka in a very suspicious pose together, she decides to observe the two, to make sure her precious little sister doesn’t go out with another girl. However, while observing them, she also develops feelings for Haruka, and thus causes some problems for both Yuu and Haruka, but also for herself.

sakura trick mitsuki
Too much YuuHaru is not good for you, Mitsuki….

If I had to name a favorite character, I’d probably go with Haruka, because she’s basically the perfect girlfriend and also one of the greatest yuri fangirls in yuri history. Yuu, on the other hand, was often a little annoying and even bossy, but she luckily also had her cute moment, and these sometimes just melted my heart~ All in all, I think the show was packed with great and lovable characters, and I basically loved them all.

The only thing that was really missing in my eyes is probably some more drama. The show tried sometimes and just threw in some random drama, for example when Kotone’s little sister tried to force Kotone to go along with the arranged marriage. But still, in the end, there was no real conclusion to that. But then again, the anime didn’t cover the whole manga, so I guess I should just wait for more chapters to be translated.

Yuri: 10/10
I think I don’t have to justify why I gave this anime the perfect score in this category. I mean, I have never, ever seen more yuri kisses in anime before. You’ll find a few kisses in each and every episode and almost every important character at least has some lesbian tendencies. Even Rina showed her yuri potential in the last episode….

Sakura Trick seriously delivered more yuri than all yuri or yuri-ish shows did altogether within the last few years. Also, what really surprised me in the most pleasant way possible is the fact that the yuri actions in the show, or more precisely the kisses between the characters kind of evolve. In the first episode, I was already pretty surprised, not only by the length of the first YuuHaru kiss, but also by the fact that you can hear them moaning. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but it gets even better. Not only do we find them in different locations and different poses in each and every episode, no, we also see how their kisses get more passionate. And with that, I mean the following:

sakura trick yuri kiss
When I first saw that tongue, my head literally exploded.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see such a glorious moment between Kotone and Shizuku, but I can’t really complain, the two of them got more screen time than I expected. And even though we only saw a few kisses between them, they were always soooo cute~

sakura trick kotone shizuku
click to enlarge

Sound: 8/10 & Animation: 6.5/10
I guess I’m not the only person who often finds herself humming the melody of the opening theme of Sakura Trick. I really didn’t expect the music to be that good, but both opening and ending theme literally made it in my favorite anime music list~

The background music was pretty nice as well. I haven’t gotten my hands on the OST yet, but there are already some tracks like the sexy saxophone theme that I will probably play over and over again.

Talking about the animation is a little more difficult in this case. It’s an ecchi show, so you already know which parts they put most effort into looking good. Also, the viewing angle might have switched to these specific body parts a little too frequently for my liking. In addition to that, most characters look really detailed, at least compared to the sometimes bland and dull-looking backgrounds.

I also often noticed that when you pause a scene and look at the characters in the background, they sometimes look kind of weird… like their faces look really odd. All in all, I don’t really think the animation was that great, but at times when I really wanted to see some fluid movements and great-looking animation, they did a great job. And with that I just want to say that the kisses look absolutely beautiful and stunning~

sakura trick kotone gif
Such quality….

Total Enjoyment: 9/10
I was so worried that this anime might turn out boring, stupid, and simply not appealing for most people, but I guess I was wrong. Not only did Sakura Trick receive a surprisingly high amount of attention, it also got licensed by Sentai Filmworks. How great is that?!

In the end, I guess I was worried over nothing. And even though Sakura Trick didn’t really have much of a serious plot—or a plot at all—it proved that pure yuri cuteness can be just as satisfying as any other show, and I sure hope that I’m not the only person who realized that. For the yuri fans, this is simply a must-watch. For everyone else, just take a look at the first episode and decide whether to keep watching after that. Finally, I think Sakura Trick is like a mix between Strawberry Panic and Yuru Yuri. Almost everyone is a lesbian, and there is no real drama, but instead a lot of random comedy. And for some reason, that’s a really nice mix~

31 thoughts on “Yuri Anime Review: Sakura Trick

  1. I'd argue Kaede definitely had feelings for Yuzu, and I bet that'll show up more when the next season happens (I really can't see this not getting another season.).
    “Sakura Trick is like a mix between Strawberry Panic and Yuru Yuri”
    I really need to get around to watching Strawberry Panic someday. i've already read the L/Ns (which were pretty great, but the first “book” was a bit dull), but from what I've seen the Anime and L/Ns are completely different.
    Comparing it to Yuru Yuri makes a a lot of sense really. Yuru Yuri's more comical, but in contrast the yuri's more subdued. Though it is very much so a yuri show/manga.

    Really excited for when Sentai releases this one! Sentai's really been on a roll with acquisitions for a while now!

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  2. I wasn't so sure whether there was something going on between Kaede and Yuzu either, but since nothing really obvious happened between them, I think it's safe to say that they are not (yet) into each other 😛

    Strawberry Panic is still one of my all time favorite yuri anime, it's really that good.
    I have only read the first light novel and the manga, but those are pretty different from the anime, which is a good thing in my opinion, since I didn't like the light novel that much.
    It wasn't bad though, I just like the anime better.


  3. Well, the L/Ns are considerably more serious. In fact, “comedy” wasn't barely to be had. And, the first “book' I found to be none all too enjoyable. But the second book on were really great. So, try and give the rest of it a chance if you can manage. And I'll get around to the anime one day! I would definitely like to see a more light hearted look at the setting.

    Yeah, it's just a matter of waiting, Haruka will cupid those two by the end of the series for sure!

    I'm just really happy that Mitsuki finally got someone for her. I always felt really bad that she was so into someone she had zero chance for, when she was such a great character.


  4. Haha I have a feeling like Haruka could actually do that.
    Now I wonder how the chances are for a second season.
    Somehow I can see it happen and somehow I can't.

    Mitsuki would maybe get together with Rina then, they really make a nice couple I think 😉


  5. I agree with Cirno-san that Kaede had feelings for Yuzu.
    I mean, hey, remember Kaede's reason to become a class representative?

    Overall, this show was great. Totally enjoyed it :3


  6. Hm, that's right, but overall we can't be so sure.
    Unfortunately the translation for the manga is also not going that fast, so we probably won't find out anytime soon.


  7. I'm gonna miss this show- these girls really grew on me. I also admire how the director managed to make the animation work despite their low budget. Tachi must be really happy with how they added in so many thigh shots.


  8. i loved the anime so much it was just so cute. i love haruka and yuu they are just so cute same goes for kotone and shizuku. also haruka is also my favorite character. but right now im still waiting on new chapters for the manga and im hoping that sakura trick gets a second season if that does happen i will be happy


  9. ya i doubt it too but i enjoyed watching it and if it doesnt happen then i will rewatch it for all the cute moments and i will be patient for more chapters of the manga to be translated. also i can still get my yuri fix since akuma no riddle and inugami-san to nekoyama-san is out next month. but im still gonna have hope that sakura trick will get a second season 🙂


  10. That's right, I'm also patiently waiting for some more manga chapters 🙂
    I already found Akuma no Riddle online even though it should actually air in 2 days.
    Well, the quality is not that good and it's not subbed yet, so I guess we'll have to wait a little more.


  11. I don't think I need to explain in detail how I feel about this show. In short, it made me very, very, VERY HAPPY! TEAM HARUPOPO MUST RETURN TO THE ANIMATED WORLD!


  12. did i miss something? the sakura trick manga goes from chapter 8 volume 1 to chapter 28 volume 3 at dynasty scan. is volume 2 not going to be translated? the release dated do not make sense, how do they publish 18 chapters in 14 days?


  13. I think they might have just left out all the chapters that were already cover in the anime.
    But I'm also not completely sure about this. I found chapter 28 a few days ago and I was wondering where the rest is as well.


  14. I am wondering if this is true;i heard sakura trick had horrible blue ray and dvd sales and a season 2 is highly unlikely.


  15. I didn't hear anything about this, so I have no idea whether this is true.
    Also, I can't really believe this, since the show was doing just fine when it was airing.


  16. Excellent review, also the new review list is an awesome addition.

    So I was hoping you would answer a couple three questions about this series for me.
    First, where would you suggest watching the anime? I am still relatively new to the manga/anime world and while I have discovered Dynasty-Scans, thanks to you, I do not know of any reliable and safe websites for anime.
    Second, does the anime cover the chapters that are missing from Dynasty-Scans, and do you have any suggestions for other websites that might have the full manga?

    As I said I am still unfamiliar with where to find manga and anime and it seemed to me that instead of scouring the internet for what I am looking for it would be more efficient to ask a trusted source such as yourself. Thanks in advance for your help and thanks especially for your awesome blog.


  17. Thanks 🙂

    1. I'm not sure whether you wanna watch the anime or read the manga, so I'll give you suggestions for both.
    For the anime, kissanime is a great website, you can stream it in HD, which is awesome.
    In case of the manga, always use the Dynasty Reader, it's the most reliable source.

    1. The manga hasn't been fully translated yet and if you can't find it on the Dynasty Reader, you probably won't find it anywhere else.
    The anime and the manga are mostly the same, so whatever you've read in the manga, will also happen in the anime, though the manga already surpassed the 12 anime episodes, so you won't find everything in there.

    I hope that helped~


  18. Helped out a lot. In fact I am impressed, I can barely make out what I was asking for in that mess. I was pretty tired when I wrote it and looking at it now is pretty funny. I was trying to ask about both anime and manga so thank you very much your answer is perfect. Next time I have a question I will try to make sure I am actually lucid.

    On a side note I just want to say this blog is awesome. I can not count how many stories I would not otherwise have given a chance if not for your recommendation, Sakura Trick being one of them. I also can not count how many stories I regret reading only to read your review afterwords and see the warning you tried to give. “Mare” by Morinaga Milk is a good example. I thought, “I like her stuff I'll try this.” Horrible idea, and unlike you I was not smart enough to stop after the first chapter. Well that ended up longer than I wanted but hopefully it actually made sense this time, and if not at least know you answered my question and helped a lot. Thanks again.


  19. Thanks a lot 🙂

    I had to laugh when reading about your “Mare experience”, sometimes reading the tags can help a lot 😛
    Though, I'm usually the one who simply starts reading anything that looks decent, I mostly ignore the tags as well 😛


  20. sakura trick is going to be rebroadcast at an earlier time.
    The listing reveals that the Angel Beats! anime will return on Tokyo MX on Wednesdays from the 8th of January from 11:00pm JST till 11:30pm JST. The listing also reveals that Sakura Trick will also be rebroadcast in the timeslot earlier from 10:30pm till 11:00pm on Wednesdays.


  21. well for sure it was great yuri show . i liked it very much . i am reading manga right now but still i want season 2 . i hope its gonna happen soon . yes dvd sales were bad but still this fool hopes for season two .


  22. Your going to want to strangle me for saying this. But I prefer sakura trick over girl friends. Don’t get me wrong I think girl friends is a very heartwarming manga. But I prefer ST for a number of reasons
    1) more likable characters, the entire main cast are some of the most lovable characters ill ever see in a yuri anime. Theres only one character I hate and thats mitsuki (she fucking annoys me)
    but girl friends does almost the opposite. Because akko & mari ARE THE ONLY GOOD CHARACTERS IN THE MANGA seriously every other character is either going on and on about boyfriends or just getting drunk at the mixer.
    2) There was never a moment of sakura trick I absolutely hated. But with girl friends on the other hand……chapter 12 page 16 made cringe a lot every time I read it. Its one of the reasons I don’t want to read girl friends again despite it being a really good series. (and yes I know its revealed later on that there were miscommunications but seriously wtf)
    3) original character designs. Yes I know haruka & yuu’s character designs were inspired by madoka and homora (sorry if I spelled her name wrong) but there still really good(the handkerchief in haruka’s hair tells you that she kind of the dominate one in the relationship but still very innocent). But with girl friends the black short hairstyle has been done to death. The same goes to the long haired blonde hairstyle.
    4) soooooo much more cuteness. Girl friends is sweet manga that any yuri fan will enjoy, but in my opinion It can’t compete with sakura trick. Sakura trick is 4 things ,cute,heartwarming,sweet and beautiful. Where girl friends is just cute and heartwarming. Every episode of sakura trick is jam packed with yuri, while girl friends is slow in the yuri (not that slow romance is bad, I just prefer fast romance)

    So this is why Sakura trick is my favorite yuri and why I think its better then girl friends
    – Zion.W
    (Oh boy I’m gonna get so much hate I might have to leave the internet, but I guess thats what I get for posting my opinion to the internet :P)


    • Aw, no one is going to hate you for actually putting up your own opinion that you wrote down without completely destroying or hating on any of the said manga.

      I mean, you listed some pretty believable reasons that I’m sure quite a few people can relate to and agree on. I mean even I, as a diehard Girl Friends fan, can relate to some of it…. to some extend 😛

      Well, I still prefer GF over Sakura Trick, simply because I feel like Sakura Trick doesn’t really have that much of a story (and I don’t enjoy 4-Koma too much). Though, they are both great yuri manga~


  23. This anime is the reason because i have so high expectation on all series labeled as “Yuri”. Unfortunately, i have had a lot of disappointments (and i know i’m not the only one). However, i’m still waiting that someone dare to compete with STUDIO DEEN but i guess they will continue being the #1 so far.

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